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The "Rick is obsessed with flannels" thing has hit me really hard and I don't know what to do about it. I was going to say: Imagine Risen swapping clothes for a week, so Kieren has to wear Rick's shirts, Rick has to wear Simon's jumpers and Simon has to wear Kieren's spiked leather jackets and ripped jeans, but like... that'd be a bit of a tight fit on Simon's end, Kieren would look lie he's wearing pyjamas all the time and Rick would be complaining non-stop about the itchiness of the jumpers??


Simon in Kieren’s punk clothes is perfect because they’re both embarrassed. Kieren is so embarrassed over his punk phase… the thing is he’s still a little punk bambi rebel but he denies it now. He still has his stuff tho but he was hoping it would never have to resurface but suddenly Simon is in his spiked leather jackets and ripped jeans and they are both suffering because Simon + leather and spikes and ripped jeans is so ridiculous and he has trouble even fitting into them and Kieren has to relive his teenage years.

Then there’s Rick in Simon’s jumpers oh my g o   d. He literally just complains 24/7. He’s so itchy and they’re too big on him and he looks so funny and cute and the truth is they aren’t actually that uncomfy, he actually really likes falling asleep in them because they’re huge and soft and comforting (and smell like and feel like Simon xx) but he has to complain because he wouldn’t be Rick Macy if he didn’t complain about having to wear Simon’s giant ugly jumpers.

And honestly Kier is so used to wearing Rick’s clothing tbh he isn’t even fazed by it but Simon and Rick cannot get over how cute their beautiful angel boyfriend looks in Rick’s big flannels like he always looks cute but he looks especially cute in flannels that are too big for him and when they aren’t teasing/brutally insulting each other Si and Rick spend most of the week staring and talking amongst themselves about their precious boy.

Bonus: They go to the store like that and Gary gets offended. He doesn’t even have a good reason for being offended he’s just offended.

which american idol contestant will win: the white man with a short spiked up haircut, grey v neck, skinny jeans, and black pleather jacket or the white man with the short spiked up haircut, grey v neck, skinny jeans, and black pleather jacket


Bom dia só no carão Hahahaha! O frio aumentou aqui em SP e eu tava com uma saudade dos meus chapéus! #ootd #look #lookdodia #boots #fashion #fastfashion #jeans #jacket #leather #hat #spikes

A blond Mohawk

Black and white Converse, skin tight black jeans, spiked belt with massive spikes on, black leather jacket with zips everywhere and a black and white cravat - eyeliner optional.

Same colour double denim

A Hard Fi bright yellow t shirt

Just some of the fashions of mine ages 16-20