jean roque raltique

I'm trekking along, chicken-wings

She glances at the sandy-haired geek, as he twists the wrench in a frenzy, stopping only to wipe his brow and look up. She quickly averts her eyes and continues walking, expecting judgement in his eyes, only to see awe and friendliness in a hue of blue that caused her to blush.
As she reads one of her favorite books in private, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, she notices the same boy walking in her direction. She quickly shoves the book under her backpack.
“What do you want?” She snaps quickly, unwilling to show weakness. He starts at her tone, but doesn’t back down.
“U-um,” he begins. “Do you like adventure stories?”
She lays on his bed, tapping on her leg as she stares at the ceiling.
“Say, Nadia?”
“Yeah?” She responds, glancing over to his hunched form and the robot parts scattered around his feet.
“Do you know anyone who has a cat?” She sits up quickly, eyes wide.
“N-no! I haven’t seen a cat in ages! Why?!” He looks up, startled.
“I just wanted a model for my robot. I thought you’d know since you like animals so much.”
“Oh.” She relaxes, watching how his eyes only meet her frame for the briefest of instances. She frowns, annoyed that he dared check her out, yet at the same time somewhat pleased.
“Jean?” She creeps into his room, backpack held in two hands.
“Oui?” He turns from the computer as she kicks the door closed behind her.
“Um, I heard you needed a cat, and uh, I found one.” He jerks back in surprise as Nadia zips open the pack. A grey head pops out with a semi-annoyed ‘Nyah’.