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Vali Myers (2 August 1930 – 12 February 2003) was an Australian visionary artist, dancer, bohemian and muse of the 1950s and 1960s in Europe and the United States. Photographer, Ed van der Elsken, made Vali the main subject of a series of photographs documenting bohemian life in postwar Paris published in the book ‘Love on the Left Bank’ in 1956. She was acquainted with many celebrities and creatives including Tennessee Williams, Salvador Dalí, Django Reinhardt, Jean Cocteau, Patti Smith, Jean Genet, Sam Shepard and many others.

Opposite Personalities( Male!S/O Version & Female for Tracer)

Here it only includes Tracer and Reaper hope you all enjoy it.

☆No one would had expected someone like you all bubbky and sunshine to be around someone who became a gloomy person.

☆As much as he loves you, he still doesn’t get why you fell for him

☆Though you are rather younger than him and didn’t exactly had a childhood to enjoy so perhaps it had to do with liking everything you could find

☆Sometimes when he wakes up late at night, he would look over at you as you would wear some of his dark colored clothing. Seeing you like that reminds him that just because you both are different doesn’t mean you can’t love each other.

☆When he found out you avoided drinking any coffee, he always wondered why, he once saw you refuse polite a cup of coffee as he was drinking his black coffee

Gabriel Reyes walked in the cafeteria for his daily morning and night caffeine. He stirred his black coffee as he saw you walk in. Despise all the color you usually wear, you sometimes tone it down to just simple color this time wearing yellow with black jeans/leggings. Though Reinhardt had accidentally made too much coffee and offered you some as you passed by. Though you politely declined as Gabe took a sip of his coffee. The black caffeine waking his body even more.

☆He later found out that you could probably become Tracer if you had too much coffee.

☆He once saw you drink coffee, not just one mug, twenty mugs as you had to pull off an all nighter over reports that were dropped on you.

☆He had to stay up to watch you.

☆He can’t believe so much caffeine in you makes you so fast

☆He usually knows your schedule but you didn’t pass out until it came to the time you usually woke up 6am.

☆You passed out as you were hugging him because you were happy you finished work.

☆He’s never letting you drink that much coffee again.

☆But after that, he found put you liked cinnamon tea/black tea.

☆He never tried tea so when he did he realized it could work better than you drinking twenty damn mugs of coffee.

☆There are times when you are in such a rush. That you forget that you don’t live alone anymore and grab the first thing you find and rush out of the house

☆Once you grabbed one of his most darkest shirt(with a dark quote) and some jogging pants of his and rushed out. Later when you came home, your face was red as your eyes were puffy from embarrassment. He didn’t know what was wrong until you fully made your way to him and hugged him.

☆You were embarrassed that everyone thought you were going through something hard just like most people did. But you just were in a rush for waking up late.



☆Being energetic was not your thing.

☆For the first date you two couldn’t agree on somehing so you both when to two options a carnival then to the movies

☆You usually can’t keep up with her

☆She likes your effort though. Always keeping up with her isn’t expected to her

☆She usually gets everything you need. Need a menstruation pack? She’s getting it, want chocolat? Ice cream? Cuddles? Teas? Coffee? Candy? Say no more this girl has you covered.

☆When you two met, you were helping Wiston fix Athena.

☆Sometimes she finds you and Wiston eating separate peanut butter bottles

☆Once you were making lunch for both of you since you had different jobs, and accidentally misplaced your peanut butter sandwich on her bag and her fruit salad on yours.

☆She still teases you for it. But she loved it so she also on purposes mixes your meals up

☆Now you triple check things

☆In the summer playing with water guns is a big Do in your relationship

wanda django maximoff + who she was named after

WENDY DARLING – Heroine in J. M. Barrie’s 1904 play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, his 1911 book Peter and Wendy, and most subsequent adaptations.

JEAN “DJANGO” REINHARDT – Manouche Romani musician born in Belgium in 1910. After losing the use of two fingers on his left hand in a fire at age 18, he retaught himself to play guitar and became the most influential European jazz musician of all time.

MATÉO MAXIMOFF – Novelist and Evangelical pastor born to a Kalderash father and Manouche mother in Barcelona, Spain in 1917. Most of his published works were written in French, but he also wrote some stories in and translated the New Testament into his first language, the Kalderash dialect of Romani.