jean really looks distressed

hey, shoes anon here! the pic came out a little bright but yeah I found these while thrifting and I was wondering how you would style them, bc for me the pattern/colors make it kinda hard.. thanks for taking the time to open your submit and everything! <3

oh yeah, these are cute! i definitely think that these lend themselves to a kind of grungey/athletic type of style, and i whipped up a few different coords showing how i might style them myself! 

here’s my first take…(explanation and more coords under the cut!)

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5 - Fashion Trends: 90s Look

The 90s look is officially making a comeback this season, and I’m not surprised. I’ve noticed how much the 90s look is coming back in style all over social media platforms, so I am dedicating this week’s blog on the essential pieces and trends in order to achieve the 90s look.


Though this trend is dialing down, you can still try giving this trend a go. Layering fishnet socks or tights with a pair of distressed mom, boyfriend, or skinny jeans spices up any look. It adds that extra something instead of just wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans. Though they look really cool underneath a good pair of distressed jeans, they are sometimes a pain to put on. But, if you really want to achieve this look, the extra time it takes to put on the tights is worth it. If you don’t have the patience, you can also look into purchasing fishnet socks.


Thanks to Cher from Clueless for rocking her iconic look of wearing a yellow plaid two piece, plaid flannels and skirts are back in style. Well, it always has been for her at least. By incorporating a piece of clothing that has the plaid print, it instantly makes your look go back to the past. Something about the look of plaid makes an outfit more vintage and suits the new season well.  

Crop Tops

Crop tops are an essential and basic piece to have in your closet, but this trend has been around longer than you would expect. This clothing piece rose during the 90s and is still around in stores. From Forever 21 to Urban Outfitters, any teen fashion clothing stores probably carry and sell crop tops. If you want to join this trend, it isn’t hard to do because you will have no trouble in finding crop tops that suit your style.


This is such a staple accessory that helps add an extra something to someone’s outfit. There are such a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs and finding one that suits your style wouldn’t be as difficult. A few stores that carry a range of different styles are Forever 21, Pacsun, and Urban Outfitters. If you want a choker on the more cheaper side, go to Forever 21. You can never go wrong with their selection.


This is one of my favorite 90s trends that is becoming more popular. Overalls may be on the more pricer side, but you can easily go to your local thrift store to pick up a pair. If you do end up finding a pair of overalls at a thrift store, they may even be vintage and give those vibes in order to spice up any outfit. I personally love wearing overalls and think they look good on. They make an outfit ten times cuter instead of wearing a pair of regular jeans.

Baggy Windbreakers

Due to the fact that fall is now here and the weather is starting to cool down, layering a baggy windbreaker is your best bet to achieving the 90s look on a chilly day. An easy 90s outfit is a graphic or band t-shirt, a pair of distressed or mom jeans, and a baggy windbreaker. This look is rising all over the internet and is one of the easier trends to follow on the daily. Windbreakers make a look, look effortless, but also have dimension to your outfit.

Old Skool Vans

If you walk down the halls of your school or even to your local shopping center, you will spot someone wearing Old Skool Vans or even the checkered slip-ons. Either way, these shoes have been in demand ever since back to school season started. There is no surprise why these shoes are such a big hit. They literally go with every single outfit and are comfy, too.

How many of these 90s looks would you give a try? Don’t be afraid to experiment with any of these trends because you never know what piece you’ll like the most. Stay tuned for next week’s blog, where I may write a little on costumes to help prepare for halloween. Bye loves!