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Polnareff, speedwagon and joseph's reaction to their s/o dressing in their clothes and acting like them?

w,hoa,, I really like these kind of things,, one of my fave tropes,, Also I didn’t know if you wanted old Joseph or young, so I just went with young, because he has a cooler outfit-

~ Polnareff: He gets all blushy at first, with that whole ‘Wow my s/o is in my outfit, and looks really fucking cute’ mentality, but it quickly changes as they act like him. And all he can think is, ‘Wow.. Are my flirting skills really that awful?’ 

~ Speedwagon: He gets like really shy and embarrassed about it, especially when his s/o is acting like him. It’s so weird, almost surreal. And then, his clothes are awkwardly long on his s/o, which only makes HIM feel awkward. It’s awkward. But also cute.

~ Joseph: He ends up getting a little pissy with how his s/o portrays him- He’s not THAT annoying! And he does NOT walk like that! If you’re going to act like him, at least get it right, you have to do it like THIS-