jean phillipe


Civil War II: X-Men #3 (Variant Cover)

Art by: Mike Mayhew



Painting: Jan de Vliegher San Marco Terrace (2010)

Photograph: Dimitrios Harissiadis Syntagma Square (1956)

There is this sort of questionnaire thing: What do you prefer? Tea or coffee, dogs or cats, Pasternak or Mandelstam? Introverts supposedly say: cats, coffee, Mandelstam.

Y. E. Lesin quoting A. A. Akhmatova in his article “Cats, coffee, Mandelstam” (translated by Colouringreflections)

Music: Guillaume Lekeu Sonata for Cello and Piano in F major – completed by Vincent d’Indy (Suggested interpretation: Cello: Alain Meunier and Jean-Paul Dessy; Piano: Phillipe Guilon-Herbert and Boyan Vodenitcharov)


“I’m pregnant.”

In which one is trying to pretend giffing Adam Driver as Phillip Altman in a “poignant” moment in This Is Where I Leave You (2014) is something other than pure, gratuitous arm porn.

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