jean paul moreau

In his first book, “Jungle Fever,” published in 1982, [Jean-Paul Goude] referred to his passions in candid terms that some found offensive. “I expressed myself in a clumsy way,” he said, adding that in trying to be cute, he used the “n” word “all the time — I thought that since Grace [Jones] was the mother of my first son, I was entitled.”

Apparently not. Several black students at the University of California, Berkeley, wrote to him, angry over his comments, he said. He even alienated some of his former fans in fashion. “I got a letter from André Leon Talley calling me a racist pig,” he said, referring to the Vogue editor, who is African-American.


A Mask? Smmmokin!, The New York Times 

Can I just say how happy I am to know that Andre Leon Talley wrote a letter to Jean Paul Goude calling him out on his racism? Just another reason to be proud of him other than the fact that he went to my high school back in the day.