jean michel moreau

Portrait of Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France (1755 - 1793)
A la Reine

Noël Le Mire, French, 1724 - 1801. After a drawing by Jean Michel Moreau le Jeune, French, 1741 - 1814.


Etching and engraving Philadelphia Museum of Art

The buttery textures of these French socialites’ gowns glisten with finery and riches. The woman in the middle, pregnant with her first, listens to the calming advice of her friends. 

Part of a series, this drawing reflects ideals of social and moral behavior in the upper classes of the 1700s. Dressed in the finest clothing with the most contemporary of hairstyles, these women chat and lounge in a perfect domestic setting.

Ahhh, the life.

“Have No Fear, My Good Friend,” 1775, Jean-Michel Moreau le jeune. J. Paul Getty Museum.