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issue 3

Hey Everyone!

Just trying to up my production of color pages in the week. Thanks to all those that purchased issues in the past week! I live for this momentum!! FYI, for those purchasing from the link above, please know that there are only black and white copies available until this current online project is complete. Above, we are now entering Chapter 3!!

Thanks again for reading! And I’d also like to thank friends for letting me feature them in my comics. :D

The Pushover Comic Links have arrived!

I would like to take a pause in the grand scheme of life and just be thankful.  Miracles do happen when you work for them and have conviction in yourself. In a month, I was able to finish my 36 page comic. Pencil. Ink. Edit. Color. Paginate. Print. A long process done alone. The very first time around it took about 6 months to pull myself together. So I am learning to really love my craft and really appreciate the people who support my craft. If you have read my comics, beginning to read them, or just toying with the idea of reading them, I thank you! An audience in this busy life we live is a luxury that can’t be bought. Everyone who dropped by our booth and gave me a big fat hug, I hope you felt pure joy in arms! Everyone who couldn’t make it out and sent me supportive energy, it was felt through and through.

Above this website, I made available the two issues for purchase. Just click the picture of the one you want! Easy peasy! And I will gladly stand in that post office and endure the line! :)

Here are a few shots of yesterday.

Partied hard on Halloween night and woke up just to grab a copy. <3

Got to meet Ken Lamug through my long time comic friend Daniel Blodgett.

My wonderful brother who sucked it up and wore spandex to help me promote my Total Cosplay Fitness class on Thursday nights in January 2015. He stayed up late making a villain shield and we walked around having people come kick it with us! More info on this website about it soon!

Last but not least, I am a proud member of Hungry Creators. My friends bought me breakfast that morning and we discussed our progress, our dreams, and our pride in each other. They are more than the potential bathroom breaks you get at these kinds of events. They know you and respect what you do. And when you’re away from your booth scarfing down your sandwich on that small lunch break, they are repping you in a way that only real friends can.

Green Machine Comix updates!

Where the hell have I been? Rest assure, I am still making comics! Issue 2 of PUSHOVER is still under way and being worked on for the release at the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival on November 1!

A few new things about where Green Machine has been for the summer of 2014!

Designing Vegan Wafflehouse TIABI chalk art

Designing sushi joint SAKANA chalk art

Becoming a certified for National Federation of Professional Trainers. Gonna set up some fitness classes soon in the fall. Also making a new friend, Liz to the left.

Learning self defense/muay thai with my brother from a cool teacher Jose Garcia.

Helping out with my family reunion as an official Munson member. Father-in-law in both pictures!

Ran away to Disneyland after quitting both my jobs at the bakeries. And by the miracle of God, getting in for FREE.

And still doing art that matters!! Also all of issue 1 is currently sold out. Will reprint more in the next couple of weeks or so. ;)

Thanks for catching up and please continue to stay tuned!!! I will not disappoint.

Yes, I am wearing a Sailor Moon shirt.

Also, I wanted to share what a great find that I didn’t get on a kindle! Hahahah. I found some old first copies of Peanuts, Archie Comics, and Beetle Bailey at Maximum Comics. Initially, I was there just to peruse around on a break from a computer and then I saw these tiny, dusty, but unbroken spine FIRST FUNNY-AS-HELL COPIES. I almost bought the whole shelf if it weren’t for my measly wallet. These comics printed in the 1960’s are just great to page through because you really grasp the beginning of these famous cartoonists. The panels are not always perfect or the page alignment that so many of us cartoonists pull our hair over in photoshop and indesign.

So I thank and give a shout out to Maximum Comics (Henderson, NV) for allowing to give me such a great deal for the classic comics and letting me laugh my head off in the corner of their store reading them.