jean manuel moreau

- OMG MUM!!! Can’t believe it!! One Direction’s concert in Paris! I HAVE 2 GO! I’m so in LUV!! XOXO

- OMG DARLING!!! Can’t believe it!! Orazio Luciano’s trunk show at jeanmanuelmoreau!! I HAVE 2 GO! I’m so in LUV!! XOXO

Beside the joke, their is really a trunk show of @pinoluciano at jeanmanuelmoreau hosted by parisiangentleman and dirnelli on December 12th and 13th. More informations on theirs own blogs.

anonymous asked:

Hi Adriano! I'm 20 years old from Germany and am moving to Paris within the next few months. I've formerly tried some shirtmakers during my time in London, e.g Turnbull & Asser, Emma Willis, Hawes & Curtis, etc. I was most happy with my Turnbull & Asser white stretch shirt, as I'm very tall and slim, and it was a newly launched slim fit stretch version. Have you any hints for a shirt in Paris? I thought about ordering one at Charvet or Courtot. Have you ever heard anything about Anna Matuozzo?

Matuozzo is good.

Offers in Paris that have caught my attention:

Jean-Manuel Moreau (one line with Mazarelli, another line with 100Hands)
Swann & Oscar (their Italian handmade line)
Cotton Society (for a low budget solution)
Kalgati (in collaboration with Pierre Duboin)
Scavini (in collaboration with 100Hands)

I may have forgotten a few, but that ought to get you started.

“This is a smile !”

From our friend Khaled, all by Jean-Manuel Moreau.

California tuxedo style for Gilles.

By Jean-Manuel Moreau - Paris.