jean lopes

My @tfcfansgive commission for @cabeswaterlovesthem. The prompt was “Jean and Jeremy get stuck in a closet while their teammates look for the key.” Enjoy and follow the read more for the rest!

“For the last time, Alvarez, the supply closet is not haunted!” Jeremy insisted. It was a Trojan urban legend, where supposedly if you went in the extra closet behind Coach’s office, you would hear strange clattering noises and feel sick. Jeremy thought it was bullshit, and that it could all be chalked up to the fact that it was, y’know, a supply closet. Things fell.

“Jeremy, the temperature drops like ten degrees when you step in there. How do you explain that?”

“It’s concrete, Sara.”

Alvarez pouted. “So is the rest of the locker room.”

He sighed, about to counter her point, when he saw Jean loping his way over to them from across the court. “Jean!” he greeted, “help me settle a debate: concrete is cold, yes?”

“I…yes?” Jean answered confusedly.

“That is a misleading question, Jeremy!” Alvarez yelled, “We’re discussing how the extra supply closet is one hundred percent haunted. Thoughts?”

“There’s no such thing as ghosts,” Jean scoffed.

Jeremy whooped in triumph while Alvarez raised an eyebrow and said, “Now that’s just tempting fate.”

Jean answered, “Humans are unkind enough. I don’t have time to worry about the supernatural.”

Jeremy frowned. “Well, I didn’t tell you to make it sad…”

Alvarez moved to ruffle his hair. “Oh, come on. Moreau has always been our resident rain cloud, did you really expect him to change now?”

Jeremy pouted and Jean rolled his eyes. In the wake of the their frustration, Alvarez’s eyes lit up. “I have an idea!”

Jean regarded her warily. “Oh, do tell.”

She swatted in his direction and said, “If you two are so sure it isn’t haunted, Why don’t you go check it out yourselves?”

Jeremy raised an eyebrow and smiled. “And get to prove you’re totally wrong? Bring it on!”

Jean looked unamused, but Alvarez figured that was just his face. “I’ll make sure Jeremy doesn’t get killed,” he said helpfully.

Alvarez grinned as Jeremy glared. “That’s the spirit!”

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