jean lau chin


Black Power, Yellow Power, and the Making of Revolutionary Identities - Rychetta Watkins 

A Companion to Asian American Studies - Kent A. Ono

East Main Street: Asian American Popular Culture - Shilpa Davé, LeiLani Nishime, and Tasha G. Oren 

Koreans in the Hood: Conflict with African Americans - Kwang Chung Kim 

Relationships Among Asian American Women - Jean Lau Chin 

War Against the Panthers - Huey P. Newton 

Asian American Political Action - James S. Lai 

Rethinking the Asian American Movement - Daryl J. Maeda 

Yellow - Frank Wu 

Resources for mental health in Chinese/Asian American communities

I’ve recently been interested in this subject myself after seeing that my school offers a course on it and the ask spurred me to do some research. Not sure if this is what the asker is looking for but here’s some resources I’ve found for mental health in Asian American communities from my school’s As Am Studies department but have not read myself: “Readings in Asian American Psychology” by Nolan Zane and Bryan Kim (2005) & “Handbook on Asian American Psychology” by Lee C. Lee and Nolan Zane (1998) (there’s also a 2nd ed by diff authors but wasn’t listed for reasons idk) and also you can check out work by Jean Lau Chin (personally not familiar w but has written about the topic a lot). And also if those texts aren’t accessible (pricey) then I’ve also found: Chinese Culture and Mental Health by Wen-Shing Tseng and David YH Wu (1989) - most of it is available to read on Google Books. Psychiatry and Chinese Culture by Tsung-Yi Lin (free pdf from NCBI website, study is in Canada but I’m sure it’s applicable to the U.S.), Help-Seeking among Asian and Pacific Americans: A Multiperspective Analysis by Greg Yamashiro and Jon K Matsuoka (free pdf on Jstor), Social Determinants of Health and Mental Health Among Asian Americans in the United States by Isok Kim, Juan Chen, Michael S Spencer (free pdf on Jstor). There’s also some free articles from the Asian American Journal of Psychology available at the American Psychological Association website! If you’re having trouble finding the texts I can submit links. Hope this helps!