Eren and Levi: *kiss*

Squad: *collective ooooh*

Levi: Would you shut up!

Jean: Man guys, get a room!

Connie: Yeah, nobody wants to see that!

Eren: You guys are awful.

Levi: I`m going to kill them.

I love the idea of them being total kids about Eren and Levi`s relationship XD

  • <p><b>Connie:</b> THE TITANS ARE DEAD! LETS CELEBRATE BY PLAYING NEVER HAVE I EVER!<p/><b>Jean:</b> Okay then, Eren's first since he wanted these things dead.<p/><b>Eren:</b> *snickers* Never have I ever been in love with my best friend.<p/><b>Jean:</b> Never have I ever heard about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.<p/><b>Eren:</b> But Jean, wasn't Marco your future husba-<p/><b>Jean:</b> I said.Never.Have.I.Fucking.Heard.About.Our.Lord.And.Savior.Jesus.Christ.<p/><b>Eren:</b> But Marco is Jesus. A freckled one!<p/><b>Jean:</b> FOR FUCKS SAKES EREN JAEGER! GO KISS LEVI OR SOMETHING!<p/></p>

🌊 || 03.30.2016 || happy birthday eren!