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I see a lot of men turning abusive, pedophilic relationships relative saying that "some girls are naughty and skanky" and that "children are getting sexual these days" and "she was asking for it". Your response? (really, I need a reference... I must shut these meatheads up)

Children aren’t sexual they are hypersexualized. You could check out Gail Dines, Jean Killbourne, or even the APA. Children who do act out often act out in response to trauma. I think Judith Herman’s work on trauma speaks about this. Anyone who uses “she was asking for it” needs to check themselves for why they think girls are responsible for others (especially adults!) behavior. I’m at a loss for resources on basis human decency. Anyone?

When boys and girls were asked in a recent study to write an essay on what it would be like to be the other gender, many boys wrote they would rather be dead. Girls had no trouble writing essays about activities, power, freedom, but boys were often stuck, could think of nothing.
—  Jean Killbourne “‘Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt’: Advertising and Violence”

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Do you think it's justified to get angry when someone says something like "Women suffer from severe self-consciousness about their bodies" and then someone (usually male) will jump in and say something like "And guys too!" I don't doubt that some men feel self-conscious to the extent women do, but I just feel like it takes away attention and awareness from where it is needed the most, like someone will always insist on adding men into issues that primarily effect women. Idk it annoys me :/

yes! You are completely right in your anger/ We live in a male supremacist society that produces a male supremacist media and male supremacist socialization…women are Othered, conditioned to internalize the male gaze and internalized misogyny. The power dynamics are completely in favor of men. Just because individual men may have body image issues, for examples, doesn’t mean that men as a class suffer in an amount comparable to that of women as a class. Just looking at statistics of mental illness and eating disorders, you’ll see that women are more likely to develop them and it’s linked to our socialization/media/self-objectification. And it’s DELIBERATE. because this is part of our subjugation; they’ve made the beauty and diet industry rich off of it, and instead of healthy, happy, REVOLUTIONARY women, we’re constantly fixated on living up to the male standard of, well, everything. This is part of our dehumanization.

Jean Killbourne has made many documentaries about this, you can watch them on youtube for greater insight. Also a recommended read is Beauty & Misogyny by Sheila Jeffreys.