jean horton


The night I met him, he said ‘gal, old Hank’s gonna marry you.’ I said ‘ no, you ain’t. I’m not getting married, I ain’t ready to get married.’ And I said ‘ You don’t even know me, and I don’t know you.’ ‘ Well that’s alright, Old Hank’s gonna marry you.’  - Billie Jean Horton.

An extended bonus
When Faron Young first moved to Nashville, Billie Jean was his girlfriend. One night, they went out clubbing, and Hank joined them. They went to the men’s room, and Hank pulled out a gun on Faron, and told him “Boy, this is gonna be my girlfriend from now on.

Maggie Smith as Jean Horton - Quartet (2012)

Maggie Smith gives one of her finest grande dame performances. Her pride here, however, does not reside in her social per-eminence, as it does in Downton Abbey, and her vulnerability arises from an awareness that the gifts that underpin her stature are not a life tenure but a lease that is running out. - Philip French