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When your supposed to be working but you start to think about your OTP....

_David Gilmour, Rick Wright, Nick Mason, Ginger Gilmour, Juliette Gale and/e Lindy Mason; Pink Floyd; France/França; Marseille/Marselha; November 1972/Novembro de 1972.

_Photo/Foto: Jean Claude Deutsch.

You know what I really want? I want the team not to realize how southern Bitty really is.  Like they know he’s from the south, he has the southern drawl, makes pie, drinks sweet tea, and calls his grandma Moo Maw.  And then they find out that he has family all over the south, and that some of them are even more aggressively more southern than he is. For example, 

  • He has family members named Betty Jean, Dixie, Montana, Johnny, Gale, and probably a Helen.
  • Someone in his family was probably a moonshiner.  Or at least one of his cousin’s probably brews his own wine and beer.  
  • Knows all the words to ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and almost every Lynyrd Skynyrd song. 
  • He doesn’t even blink when he finds out he has relatives that he’s never even heard of because he has so many cousins
  • He has gone: cow tipping, worm grunting, and goes to pick his own peaches/pecans in their respective seasons.
  • His family calls people Yankees, they probably call Jack a Yankee when he goes down to Georgia.
  • If the team asks if he’s ever played any other sport, Bitty will tell them that he was an awesome tailgater.
  • Lots of ‘yes ma’am’s and ‘yes sir’s.
  • The only thing his family does on Sunday’s is stay home, watch football, and spend time with family.  Mostly because Sunday is God’s day, but also because the entire town shuts down. 
  • At family reunions, some of his relatives (usually when drunk) will get the bright idea to cook up some roadkill.

There’s so much more but I just really love this idea

Just Like a Blinding Dream: Part Two

This is the second (and last) half of the fic formerly known as Tropefest, wherein I try and work every goddamn fanfic cliche possible into one fic.  Part One, if you missed it.

Rated M because that’s the point.

His arm was still around her when she woke up the next morning, pleasantly surprised at how well she’d slept considering the circumstances.  Gale was still asleep, his breath fanning against her neck.  There was something else she could feel too, of course.  Madge had shared enough beds with men to know that it wasn’t about her and that it would have happened if he woke up alone out on the pullout, but that didn’t stop a tiny smile creeping across her face.

Gale cleared his throat and discreetly readjusted himself away from her.  “Sleep okay, princess?” 

Madge smiled at his nickname for her.  She liked the teasing lilt in his voice, she realized.  “Mmmhmm,” she agreed and rolled off the edge of the bed.  She had slept well, even though the bed was small and cramped.  There was something about being tucked under his arm that was comforting and made sleeping in the tiny bed far easier than it should have been.

It turned out that Octavia and Venia had snuck out before anyone was awake, and Delly apologized profusely for their antics as everyone bundled up and headed to the cars—everyone except Madge, of course, who was staying behind for some much needed peace and quiet.  She’d been looking forward to an entire day in front of the fireplace with a few new books on her kindle.


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