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Jean Chrétien says Stephen Harper 'has shamed Canada'
“I am sad to see that in fewer than 10 years, the Harper government has tarnished almost 60 years of Canada’s reputation as a builder of peace and progress,” writes Jean Chrétien.

Listen to this man. Boot Harper from office. Even if you don’t usually vote - make an exception - vote for the party you hate the least if you must. Do not permit Harper to be re-elected.
Stephen Harper accepts World Statesman of the Year award
Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in New York City Thursday night to receive an impressively named award — the World Statesman of the Year — bestowed by a U.S.-based inter-faith group.

Wonder what former canadian prime minister Jean Chrétien thinks of this. A couple of days ago, Chrétien said that He was ashamed for what Stephen Harper was doing to the canadian reputation around the world.

What actually happens during Canada Day

The capital city, Ottawa, comes together for the festivities, everything from the Market to Rideau shut down. Everything is silent. Citizens stand shoulder to shoulder, holding makeshift weapons of sharpened icicles and lacrosse sticks. 

The Queen of England, Elizabeth herself, stands on the steps of Parliament. The hockey teams stand at attention, her guards and escorts.  

“CANADA DAY HAS BEGUN.” she screams in her shrilly 90-something year old voice through a loud-speaker.

“Let the games begin.” Harper says as he watches from the monitors of his cushy  office, guarded by the hell dog Cerberus, smiling manically, obviously having been driven insane long ago. Some say it was performing The Beatles live. Others say Mulcair slipped him something during the festivities the previous year. 

No matter what it was, the annual blood-bath begins. Unsurprisingly, it is Jean Chrétien who makes the first move by throwing a sharpened hockey stick into Paul Martin’s face.

Quand tu demandes au scénariste de ta série préférée si ton OTP va devenir canon :

Quand il te dit “spoilers ;) ;) ;) ;) vous verrez bien dans le season finale ;) ;) ;) je ne peux pas en dire plus ;) ;) ;)”

Quand à la fin de la saison, il ne s’est rien passé de significatif pour ton OTP :


Jean Chrétienand Rick Mercer shooting the shit over a couple burgs, then, y'know, doing parliamentary things.


Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, now 81, water skiing - on one ski.