jean chibi


I’m in so deep with these characters. I love them all so much.

They’re now for sale on my RedBubble account if you’d like to purchase stickers of them!!

I plan to sell prints of these guys soon too, so stay tuned for that<3

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“thank you!!”

something to celebrate 2k+ followers on instagram <3 I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all your support, love and encouragement ;v;;; it’s always extremely heartwarming whenever I get a message, comment, like, reblog, follow or anything really ;7;; thank you guys so much adsfjkl; ////A//// <3

Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend of mine: @pinkhiddlesgal!!! I was so disappointed that walgreens didn’t have my print available on time ugh but maybe tomorrow I will try to print it out! But yea I drew her all her faves from JoJo hehe~ Your party was filled with so much fun as usual Jenny I love you and thank you for always being there for me and I hope you had a great day today~

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