jean bousquet

Name: Domaine Jean Bousquet
Year: 2009
Country: Argentina
First Sipped: The Woods
Grape: Malbec
LCBO List Price: $11.55
Paired with: Humpty Dumpty Party Mix

Impressions: J

Nicely done on this account, a wine that hit me like a kick in the face on a pig farm.

Sharp, bitey and with a hint of spice, this wine was a great little treat after a dinner of BBQ steak and potatoes while we sat around the table with visitors, chatting about nonsense.

There was a hint of fruit in this bottle, and I think I’m starting to understand that a bit better now… It’s not so much like ‘juice’ fruit, but tangy, fermenty fruit… and all around domination in a subtle fashion.

For under $12, you could do worse than this bottle - it was fresh in taste and rather enjoyable.  Definitely a do-again affair.

Solid 3 corks out of 5