jean anthelme brillat savarin

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hi,wanna hear ur comment,tgre 50,kijima mention cheese,actually tg36,shuu also talk about cheese...

Shuu was speaking about the Gourmet book “The Physiology of Taste” by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (love the one-eye reference- this was before Shuu even knew Kaneki was a one-eyed ghoul).

Kijima says “Say!- Cheese..” (perhaps like when you take a picture and smile?) and “I want cheese”.

I don’t think cheese is a very symbolic food, as far as I know. The only thing I can think of that could remotely have any meaning is that to make cheese, you ferment milk then split the cheese curd from the whey. Kijima’s head was split in 2 like cheese D: (sorry if anyone was just eating it haha)

The reference of cheese and ‘one-eye’ together will probably interest those who think Furuta is a one-eyed ghoul! :P It could also just be a reference to how Kijima has the weird skin patch over one eye. 

But I think it’s most likely just Kijima spouting nonsense (his brain was just mangled with a chainsaw after all) and Ishida took the chance to make a subtle nod towards the Gourmet arc that this chapter seems to parallel most.

Sorry I can’t give any brilliant insight, I also thought it was weird that he wanted cheese at such a moment but then I remember how much I love cheese and it doesn’t seem so silly as a dying wish :’D

This dorky Trashlord is important...THIS is Important

When Tsukiyama talked to Kaneki about books he said this

“In my opinion,literature allows the reader’s consciousness to get closer to the author’s, giving them the ability to appreciate the work more deeply. And so,we are able to move freely in the world of the story from the point of view of its author. it’s only when you immerse yourself in the world of a book that you are able to forget who you are.”

“Books are what have supported me through the painful and difficult times”

Now to really understand how important what he says is you have to keep in mind that:

As a gourmet, it’s in his aesthetic to try every kind of aroma, taste, and texture. A gourmet is a person who is really passionate about eating something new and experiencing a lot of taste. BUT as a ghoul the only thing he can eat is human flesh. And even if the taste might differ from a human to an other, he might have been really sad to not be able to know the taste of other things. He is condamned to see human enjoying food he finds icky because of his ghoul’s tastebuds. This is his “painful and difficult times”. And then he read “La physiologie du gout” (The physiologie of the taste) a book written by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a human gourmet, in which the author described the taste of multiple delicacies. By reading his work, Tsukiyama could grasp the taste these meal could have “he was able to move freely in the world of the story from the point of view of the author”. He could imagine the taste of cheese, pastry, wine, and other treats he craves to know about. He really loves books because he was able to forget the ghoul he is.

“Dessert without cheese is like a beauty with only one eye”
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 

The pie was cooling on a wire rack on the stove.  That heady scent of spiced apples, brown sugar and browned pastry crust hung in the air and Kris hummed as he prepped the coffee maker.  On the counter were pairs of plates, coffee mugs, spoons and forks with paper napkins.  And a small cutting board draped with a clean dishcloth to let the cheese come up to room temperature.  

He measured the grounds into the filter basket.  Four…five…six.  He’d picked up the coffee fresh today from that same cafe they’d gone to yesterday.  Same roast that Steve had liked so well.  That cafe, that blissful little hour had been amazing, having The Man all to himself and…his cheeks burned to remember the way they’d teased and flirted along with all the easy chatter.  It had been a long time since he’d last been able to relax and just show interest in anyone.  

He glanced around the galley kitchen and nodded a bit to himself.  The place was clean, mostly neat and everything was ready.  He was showered and in track pants and a clean tee since he’d been to the gym after his shift.  Now to wait for Steve’s arrival…which could be any time now.