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Signs As My Favourite Style Icons

Aries - Joan Jett
Taurus - Jane Birkin
Gemini - Jean Seberg
Cancer -Pattie Boyd
Leo - Marilyn Monroe
Virgo - Brigitte Bardot
Libra - Ann-Margret
Scorpio -Anna Karina
Sagittarius - Claudia Cardinale
Capricorn - Bianca Jagger
Aquarius - Edie Sedgwick
Pisces - Priscilla Presley (60s)

Things LES MIS and THE GREATEST SHOWMAN have in common

  • Hugh Jackman
  • It’s a musical
  • The main character steals bread
  • The main character saves the costar carrying him into his arms to return him to his girlfriend

  • The main character was born poor
  • Around the same years
  • Fighting for freedom (in different ways ofc)
  • Autorities don’t particularly like what the main character does
  • Great cast
  • “This is a factory not a circus”
  • Costars very, VERY, beautiful

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Photographies habillées Nan Goldin With Martin Margiela, Jean Colonna, Ann Demeulemeester, Jose Levy, Agnes B at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie 25 Sept 1996 @rarebooksparis