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Headcanons of the 104th guys ofhow they act in an argument with their s/o and how (and how long it takes) they forgive.

argument prompts are my fav the angst is real I hope this is what you had in mind fam


•Eren can get pretty vigorous when he’s angry, we all know that, so things get pretty heated. There’s a lot of yelling and harsh words. He’s not going to yield very easily, so if his s/o has the same perseverance as him, it’ll go on forever

•It may take Eren a little while to get over it, he has to have time to simmer the anger down, especially if it was really intense. It can take from a few hours to a few days to talk things out with his s/o depending on how mild or severe the fight was, but he has a habit of always remembering what was said during an argument, which definitely stands as a root for future arguments


•Armin tries to be as logical as possible while arguing, and will stay true to his beliefs no matter what. He won’t yell too much but he gets pretty assertive if he’s trying to make a point. He’s more likely to end the argument himself, or even agree to disagree with his s/o before things get too heated

•It’s not going to take Armin very long to get over the argument. He’d be quick to make reparations just to make sure that the fight didn’t put a dent in the relationship or anything like that. He’d apologize for any misunderstandings and tell his s/o that he understands where they were coming from, just for good measure


•He’s never going to admit that he’s wrong, even if he knows that he is, so arguments can be soooo frustrating. There’s going to be lots of yelling, and he’ll try to act as haughty as possible throughout the whole thing, sometimes just resorting to insults if he can’t think of anything else to say. The more his s/o proves him wrong, the angrier he’s going to get

•He may draw out the amount of time it takes to get over the argument just for the dramatic effect, and possibly to torment his s/o in hopes that they’ll come back to him and beg for forgiveness (which never happens so he gives up eventually)


•He’s going to try to keep things as mild as possible and make sure that it doesn’t get too intense. It takes a lot for Marco to get into an argument in the first place since he’s an easy going guy, so he likes to end them as quickly as they begin, even if that means conceding to what his s/o is debating

•Marco is very quick to get over the argument and make amends with his s/o, literally it could be five minutes after the fight and he’d be trying to reconcile. He’s not comfortable keeping things inharmonious for very long.


•He tries to be civil, but sometimes he has no chill, he gets very loud and aggressive if he’s exasperated and just trying to get his point across. He can actually get a little scary at times but that’s only if the argument is really really severe.

•It’s difficult for Reiner to stay mad at his s/o for very long, if anything, he may attempt to give them the silent treatment or something but it will never work, he’ll give in too easily. He’s a pretty rational guy for the most part so he’ll come to his senses relatively quickly


•Oh no the poor baby, he’ll be really hesitant to argue in the first place, probably choosing to listen to whatever his s/o has to say first without any intervention. He’ll only really blow up if he’s been restraining himself, he really lets loose and is not afraid to shout. It’s really discomforting to see Bertolt get so animated in the argument though, all of the pent up frustration comes out

•He can’t stay mad for long at all, give it a few hours and he’ll come around and apologize to his s/o, even if they were the one in the wrong


•Arguing with Connie is an experience. He’s going to try to defend himself with logic that makes absolutely no sense, so his s/o may not be able to take him seriously. I feel like arguing with Connie is more of a joke than anything, even when things get heated. Connie is really hopeless when it comes to arguing

•He’ll also be the type to pretend to stay mad even when he’s not, just for the sake of putting up a tough act. In reality he’ll probably give up in a day or two, if he can even keep up the facade for that long anyway lmaoo what a dork