jealousy wakes

This became longer than I wanted to, but here it goes - my take on the friendship triangle of Archie, Betty and Jughead:

I don’t doubt at all that Betty loves Archie and will always love Archie or that she had this monumental crush on him because he will always represent that comfortable piece of her life when things were easier and simpler and they didn’t have to worry about such things as parental manipulation, sexual abuse, neglect or the general pitfalls of becoming an adult.

Betty probably thought Archie could still fulfill that role of childhood companion into their adolescence and young adult life with the extra benefit of also being a lover, but unfortunately Archie was not there yet. And it is okay. I think the story the show is trying to tell this season, which combined with Archie’s and Jughead’s friendship, is that there is a point in our lives that our friend’s experiences and our own diverge to a point which can result in either the perpetuation of that friendship because we still relate to it all or we end up drifting in opposite directions, becoming a mere fond memory of a increasingly distant childhood. And I repeat, it is natural and it is okay.  Betty and Archie’s experience are both still validly difficult (his parents are getting a divorce after all) but vastly different.  Archie still has a lot growing up to do while Betty has been navigating a troublesome family with mental health issues for quite some time which he must know about btw but can’t quite relate, just like Betty couldn’t quite relate with Archie’s experience of being a victim of Ms Grundy. 

And here is where Jughead comes in.  Betty’s and Jughead’s stories fit in a way I don’t think either was actually counting on. It was a nice surprise. They can empathise with each other because they are both struggling with parental abuse: her with overprotection and gaslighting, him with neglect and abandonment. Again, I am not saying Archie’s life doesn’t have valid struggle in it, because it does, but it is a different kind of struggle while Bughead’s is fundamentally similar.  

But imagine this: from childhood these three lives went in parallel lines to each other, each their own with different colours and different shapes, but running next to each other and going in the same unavoidable direction that is adulthood.  But at some point they start taking different turns. Jughead’s father starts to drink, Betty’s sister runs away from home and Archie’s parent are fighting at home. And this goes on and on and each turn they take their lines sometimes cross each other (Betty promises to marry Archie when they are 18), sometimes move in different direction (Jughead never tells any of them his father is a Serpent), and sometimes they go back to run in parallel (Betty is still Archie’s best friend, who in turn is still Jughead’s best friend).  

But at some point in time and space Archie’s line just went one way, while Jughead’s and Betty’s went the other.  Archie might have been oblivious, but I believe Betty has been fighting this whole time to try to keep those lines close together while Jughead is also doing the same from his end with his obsession for the Riverdale of old and the “American Dream”, Archie being the archetypical character in his nostalgic dreams (that knife in his back bears so many connotations).  In both cases, Archie is still the centre piece.

But then everything that summer comes to a head, Jughead is planning a trip with ‘Archie and Betty finally decides to take their friendship to another level… but both of them fail. Big time. He is snubbed and she is rejected while Archie continued to be clueless about any of the implications.

When Jughead finds out that Archie slighted him for Ms Grundy, I think it really put a fissure in their friendship.  The same way I think what really crushed Betty’s expectations of a romantic happy ending with Archie was his “You are so perfect” speech. I think that really broke her heart because how could this boy who lived next door, who was her best friend and knew her their whole life not see her. Truly see her. And it was the first time she realised their paths might not be going in the same direction after all.  

They will always be the best of friends, but they are definitely drifting apart and on her way there she found a kindred spirit in Jughead, another cast away of friendship’s tortuous ways, when before she was sure Archie’s was the right path for her. How far will they drift away from each other, and how much will Jughead’s and Betty’s line become intertwined, is what we will have to wait for.  

“Jealousy game”

Genre: Angsty smut

Characters: Jimin and Reader

Words count: 2.4k

“Having a singer as your boyfriend was hard, but no matter how hard it was, there no excuses for a behavior like that. Maybe a little jealousy game would wake him up.”

“Ah, oppaa, you’re too cute.” You said, your voice extra cute for a reason.

You’ve been Jimin’s girlfriend for more than 2 years and this came with different sacrifices. He was mostly out for tours or practice, having little time left for you. That was not such a big problem before, because he would always spend the time left with you at its fullest, but now… je just comes home, eats, kisses you on your head in the best case and then goes to sleep, saying he’s too tired. You knew you couldn’t blame him for it, but you missed him, you missed his playful laugh, his smile, his touch, you just missed being next to him and only watching his sleeping figure every night, not even that lasting too long, was not enough. You wanted more. Maybe you should understand him and his position, but he should understand you too.

This time Jimin came back home from tour after 3 months. You didn’t talk much during this period of time and you thought you would get it all back when he arrived home, but it looked like you were wrong. He entered your shared apartment, threw his bag away, changed his clothes, took a shower and then passed out on the bed, without saying a single word to you, letting away the hugs or kisses. Who would’ve thought getting a kiss from your boyfriend would become such an impossible thing?

He was going to stay at home for 2 weeks, without practicing too much, so that meant he would get to spend more time with you, but once again, that didn’t happen. The first two days he was out with the boys and their families, the third one he slept again, but the fourth one he was finally staying at home and you weren’t going to let him get away so easily. You still hoped he was the same jealous type as always. Either way, your plan wouldn’t work.

When you two woke up, you moved your butt a little bit closer to his sensitive part, knowing his situation in the morning. He let it slide.

You put on a large T of his, wearing no underwear. The moment he saw you walking around the house like that, he had a little problem with his breathing, but again, he let it slide. Little did he know you were far from done.

You saw him sitting on the couch and playing some video games, giggles leaving his mouth from time to time. Ah, how much you wanted to cover that mouth of his with your own.

You got your phone and as you had already planned with your best friend, you called her and both of you started acting like she was a boy, or better said, more than just a boy.

“Ah oppaa, I couldn’t wait for you to finally call me.” You looked in Jimin’s direction and you saw him flinch. “Yes, I got home safe last week. It’s okay, I knew you were already tired and you couldn’t bring me home yourself. I’m sorry for doing that to you, the bed was okay, right? Ah, oppaa, you’re making me blush, stop, you’re too cute. “ Jimin had already stopped playing and he concentrated his attention on your conversation. Who the hell where you talking to, and especially where were you that night and what bed was supposed to be okay?

“I miss you too. I’m kind of bored too, I think I’ll pay you a visit. Is that okay? Ah, you’re free tonight? Good, I’ll be there at 7 and please change the candles, they scare me. Yes, I love you too. Bye oppaa.”

You couldn’t even hang up properly when you felt your wrists being grabbed and your back hit the soft material of your shared bed. Jimin was piercing your soul with his dark, but lustful eyes, making your insides shake. His face was far from pleased, disappointment and hurt taking over. You widened your eyes, being surprised yourself, and you gulped. You expected him to act jealous, but this rough? He had never been like this before and he was a dominant person.

“Are you serious right now? You’re cheating on me with me being in the house, right next to you? What the hell is wrong with you, [Y/N]?! Who’s that fucking boy and since when are you seeing him?! I’m missing from home for a little time and you already find some other boy to fuck around with?” He spit the words in your face, not loosening his grip on you.  He put his legs around your figure, making sure you wouldn’t be able to move.

Too far, boy, too far.

You were strong and smart too, so after a few seconds of looking in each other’s eyes, you slightly kicked him, surprising him too, so as he lost it for a second, you took advantage of it and hovered above him, making the T-shirt you were wearing show your well defined hips.

He gasped at the sudden change of position and the way your brown eyes were even more dangerous than his.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking questions? It took me calling another guy for you to finally notice me. Guess what, Jimin? I’m the stupid girlfriend who hasn’t seen her boyfriend in months and he decides to pay zero attention to her, let alone the affection. You haven’t seen me for 3 months and I don’t know if you realized, but you’re home for 4 days now and nothing. You know I’m never asking for anything from you, but damn, no matter how indifferent I seem, I need your love. That’s what a fucking girlfriend is supposed to get, you know? So don’t ask me questions until you see your own mistakes. He wasn’t even real, just for you to know. It was my friend  on the phone, but it looks like I have to “fuck” another guy to get your attention.” You told him, as your eyes started to well up a little.

At the sight of that, he felt his heart breaking, realizing what a shitty boyfriend he had been to you and how a normal person would have already broken up with him, but you were no normal person, you loved him, whole heartedly and he took it for granted.

He looked deeply into your eyes, trying to apologize, but he felt you getting off the bed and as your feet reached the floor, he grabbed your hand and then your waist, holding you tight above him and kissing you like crazy, the way he should’ve already done days ago. He sneaked his hand around your neck, deepening the kiss and you didn’t pull away or fight back. You needed him, you needed to feel his warmness, his touch, his body completing yours.

He exchanged positions, placing your body under him carefully, his mouth never leaving yours. You grabbed the hair at the back of his head and as both of you pulled away, gasping for air, he looked again in the brown universe of your eyes, the world he had already lost himself into, the world that made him fall every time, even harder. He pulled a strand of hair away from your face, whispering a sweet I’m sorry and kissing your forehead with his already swollen lips. He kissed down your nose, both cheeks, eyes, making you close them in pure bliss and finally reaching your mouth again. He licked your lips and bit your lower one, finally getting entrance and exploring each inch of your mouth, your tongues dancing together and greeting each other after a long time.

You tugged at the end of his shirt, making him pull it over his head immediately. He worked his abs even more and he made you bite your lips again, feeling the taste he left on them.

He attacked your jaw and neck, kissing and biting everywhere, feeling the need to mark his territory, just in case a real guy would try anything. You were his and his only and no one had the right to see what he was touching right now. You knew you were going to be covered in hickeys the next day, but you couldn’t care less about that.

He pulled your annoying T off, finally setting your body free, and he breathed out heavily at the sight of it. How could he ignore and not attack it for so long? He cursed himself under his breath and he continued on kissing down your neck and collarbones, licking his way to your breasts and sucking on them harshly. After he was done there, he kept kissing your flat stomach, sending shivers down your spine with every breath he rested on you. When he reached your special spot he smiled and got back to your mouth, kissing it one more time. His hot words reached your ears.

“You really missed me, didn’t you?” He let his lips explore the back of your ears, biting on them too, until he was back at your neck. He got off you and pulled his pants and boxers off, being completely naked too. His member was ready for you, Jimin needing you just as much as you needed him, but you were not completely done with punishing him. He should feel at least a piece of what you felt these days.

When he was back on you, you closed your legs, showing him a teasing smile, and you pulled him down on the bed, taking control. You moved your head to the side and lowered your chest on him, letting him feel your skin and how hot it got for him. Your lips attacked him too, leaving your own marks everywhere, secretly wishing for everyone to see who he belonged to.

You moved your hand down his abs, while looking into his eyes, until you reached his hardened member, touching and playing with it, seeing him trying his best to keep his calm. He wanted to look all tough, but he was weak to his bones underneath your touch.

You lowered your breasts on him one more time and then you placed your desired area just above his dying of lust friend. You intertwined your fingers with his and moved his hands next to his head, riding him for a little. He felt like dying, every piece of him wanting to be inside of you. You always knew you were stronger than him and you took the right advantage of that.

You smirked at him, your lips right next to his ear, whispering things, knowing exactly the effect your voice had on him.

“Yes, I missed you, but you will know exactly how much you missed me too.” You said and kissed his cheek.

Your eyes turned even more darker and you started riding his v line while kissing roughly his swollen mouth. With every move your hips made, came another moan from him and in less than a minute he became a moaning mess prisoner to your expert kisses.

After you ran out of breath, you bit once again down his neck and lowering your chest along his abs, you reached for his member, licking his lustful tip. When you were about to start your work on it he stopped you, cupping your face with his hands and making you be at the same level with him.

“There is enough time for that afterwards, but right now I have another problem to solve, and trust me, it can’t wait any longer.” He said, breathing heavily and kissing your lips one more time. You giggled and agreed and with one arm around your waist and another on your hip, he hovered above you and parted your legs. With one kiss on your lower part, he placed himself at your entrance and looked you in the eyes, asking for permission. You said yes and he entered you slowly, pleasure filling your whole body. You moaned and bit your lip, grabbing the sheets and telling him to keep going.

He started with a slow and teasing pace, playing with your breasts from time to time and kissing your red lips.

He fastened his speed, feeling himself close to his climax and he wanted to finish you off before that happened.

He moved deep and fast, but carefully, the last thing he wanted was to hurt you. You grabbed his hair with one hand, the other one tracing lines across his back, your legs around his hips, pushing him further and making both of you moan in pleasure.

Soon enough the room was filled with moans and screams with both of your names.

With one last thrust he let his seeds fill you up completely and you reached your limit just at the same time, your juices completing each other, just like your bodies just did.

He pulled out of you with one last moan and kissed the inner part of your thighs, leaving a little hickey on each of them.

After that, he collapsed on top of you and sneaked his arms around you, holding you close and kissing your body. He turned his face towards you and you saw a little tear falling down his left cheek. You wiped it away and narrowed your brows worried.

“I really am sorry for acting like this towards you. I don’t know why I did all I did and why I neglected you. Maybe I was tired or possessed, I don’t know, but I really am thankful for your existence and for the fact that you are next to me no matter what, even when I do you wrong. Thank you so much, jagi. I really love you, got it? I love you a lot.” He said kissing your lips with sweetness this time.

“I will always be by your side, no matter what, and when you do something wrong I’ll be right there to knock you back to reality. That’s my job as your lover.” You laughed and kissed the top of his head.

You started playing with his hair and you moved under the sheets, cuddling each other and not letting go. He told you about his tour, about the boys, about what had happened to him during these months.

He was finally back. Your Jimin was finally back and he wasn’t going to leave again.

Soooo I had to write this as I made a promise to one of my friends a long time ago. Nothing serious, as I suck at writing smut XD

Stop back pedaling, Rosa. You used the most inflammatory quote from that article to directly bash Jennifer. You weren’t posting an interesting reflection on sexism in Hollywood.

You found an opportunity to publicly smack Jennifer by name. You worked with your contacts at Fotograms to corrupt an old article to make Jen sound like a diva. Your daughter implies Jen should be run over by a car. You play the victims endlessly.

Stop pretending it doesn’t eat you up inside. At least own your hatred and jealousy.

Wake up Josh! This makes you look like shit!