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Tendori Headcanons

I’m going to be honest, tendori is not my OTP from this show, but I have so many feels about them, so here are some headcanons because I’m trash.

1. After the finale, Chidori’s gaze falls on Tenga even in class, yet she doesn’t realize it. However, everyone else notices it but Tenga, who, according to Yuta, is a blind fool.

2. Chidori and Tenga lately spend a lot of time together. Chidori is still hurt by Katsuhira’s rejection, but finds comfort in Tenga. He’s so honest all the time, and she wants to be like that too.

3. Chidori realizes she loves Tenga when he ends up in the hospital one day after a fight. Chidori gets mad, and screams at him for being so reckless. She panicks, because she hates the sight of him being all bloody. After calming down, she’s just so glad Tenga’s fine, so she holds him. Later that day, she understands her true feelings: she loves Tenga. She feels guilty because she knows Nico is not over him yet.

4. Nico does try to fight for Tenga’s love, but gets mad when Chidori doesn’t take her seriously. After Chidori explains that she feels guilty on her behalf, Nico tells her to fight the man she loves.

5. Tenga sees Chidori and Katsuhira one day, while they’re shopping at the mall. Jealousy strikes because Goddamnit, he thought they were progressing! And wasn’t Katsuhira dating Sonozaki anyway?! He confronts Chidori on Christmas Eve only to find out Chidori asked Katsuhira to help her find the perfect present for Tenga himself! He feels like an idiot, which Chidori makes clear she is. She accidentally confesses when she says she only has eyes for him right now. Tenga doesn’t waste time and kisses her. 

6. Tenga buys Chidori a heart necklace for Christmas. She wears it everyday.

7. The others find out they’re dating when they kiss in front of them. And the whole class. And Yamaada.

8. Chidori starts calling him Hajime after they get together. Tenga wants her to give him a cute nickname. Chidori believes “baka” is the best pet name for her reckless boyfriend.

9. Out of everyone, they’re the most lovey-dovey couple, always kissing or holding hands or hugging. Tenga also likes to run his hands down Chidori’s thighs when he thinks no one’s looking. Everybody notices, though. Most are disgusted, and Hisomu just enjoys the show.

10. Although Chidori seems prudish, they are the first ones to make love. Tenga likes to brag to Yuta, who is secretly even more prudish than Chidori. Honoka fixes it quickly by making love to Yuta too. Noriko doesn’t want to stay behind either. The guys are all whipped.

11. Tenga and Chidori move in together when they are in college.

12. Tenga proposes to Chidori once they graduate. They get married 6 months later.

13. Chidori gets pregnant when she’s 27, ten years after meeting Tenga. She makes Katsuhira buy her pregnancy test, because she’s scared. She needn’t be, though, Tenga is happier than ever.

14. Chidori is with Nico at Honoka and Yuta’s house when she goes into labor. When Tenga arrives at the hospital, he panicks so much Honoka has to hit him on the head.

15. They have a baby boy who looks almost exactly like Chidori, but has Tenga’s eyes. He brags that his son will become a bishounen and a lady killer. Yuta just prays Tenga’s spawn stays far away from his daughter. It doesn’t work.

16. Chidori never regrets falling in love with Katsuhira, she just regrets not loving Tenga sooner. He doesn’t care because, in the end, she fell in love with him, and now they have a beautiful family.