jealousy lyrics

It’s that halfway point between being straight up jealous and not wanting to be and simply cause your personal life experience has taught you that sometimes people have a habit of moving on or simply growing tired of you. It’s distinguishing between them that’s hard to do.
—  Excerpt from a story I’ll never write #763

I’m jealous of the rain
That falls upon your skin
It’s closer than my hands have been
I’m jealous of the rain
I’m jealous of the wind
That ripples through your clothes
It’s closer than your shadow
Oh, I’m jealous of the wind, ‘cause

I wished you the best of
All this world could give
And I told you when you left me
There’s nothing to forgive
But I always thought you’d come back, tell me
All you found was heartbreak and misery
It’s hard for me to say,
I’m jealous of the way
You’re happy without me

I’m jealous of the nights
That I don’t spend with you
I’m wondering who you lay next to
Oh, I’m jealous of the nights
I’m jealous of the love
Love that wasn’t here
Gone for someone else to share
Oh, I’m jealous of the love, ‘cause

I wished you the best of
All this world could give
And I told you when you left me
There’s nothing to forgive
But I always thought you’d come back, tell me
All you found was heartbreak and misery
It’s hard for me to say,
I’m jealous of the way
You’re happy without me

As I sink in the sand
Watch you slip through my hands
Oh, as I die here another day
‘Cause all I do is cry behind this smile

I wished you the best of all this world could give
And I told you when you left me
There’s nothing to forgive
But I always thought you’d come back, tell me
All you found was heartbreak and misery
It’s hard for me to say,
I’m jealous of the way
You’re happy without me

It’s hard for me to say,
I’m jealous of the way
You’re happy without me

—  Labrinth -Jealous

Ookubo Kaoru’s Brass Synthstravaganza

(this is incredible)

Wolf Of Antimony's Master list for sigils

I will try to keep this master list updated, but no promises. Accurate as of 10/27/2016. Feel free to use any of this sigils anyway that you would like. You do not need to give me credit if you do not want to, but if you do, and if you would like I would love to see your use of them via picture, or reference.


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  • The Linking Sigil, And Ellis
  • Sigil For Dat Ass
  • Sigil For Getting A Lot Of Money Quickly
  • Sigil For Being Carefree
  • Sigil For Success
  • Sigil For Making People See The World As You Do
  • Sigil For Determination
  • Sigil For Luck
  • Sigil For Being Noticed
  • Sigil For Spiritual Energy
  • Sigil For Peace
  • Sigil For Developing New Ideas
  • Sigil For Being Charismatic
  • Sigil For Being Invisible, And Not Being Noticed
  • Sigil For Guidance On Your Path
  • Sigil For Focusing On Studying
  • Sigil For Safe Travels
  • Sigil For Being Awake, And Alert
  • Sigil For Better Communication
  • Sigil For Seeing Into The Hidden Realms
  • Sigil To Overcome Writer’s Block
  • Sigil To Repel Spiders
  • Sigil for making new friends
  • Sigil for beauty
  • Sigil for help, and support
  • Sigil for being powerful
  • Sigil for being free of anxiety
  • Sigil for self-love
  • Sigil for doing well in class
  • Sigil for letting go of, and controlling anger
  • Sigil to ward off bugs
  • Sigil for getting fiance visa approved
  • Sigil for My children will be safe, and harmonized
  • Sigil for happiness
  • Sigil for learning knowledge quickly
  • Sigil for overcoming weakness
  • Sigil for finding a job
  • Sigil for overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • Sigil for improving leadership, planning, and organization skills
  • Sigil for do well at work
  • Sigil for relieving dysphoria for trans people
  • Sigil for finding your spirit guide
  • Sigil for misfortune to your enemies
  • Sigil for creating beautiful arts
  • Sigil for remembering things
  • Sigil for relieving, and protecting against shade
  • Sigil for strength, speed, and endurance
  • Sigils for open, and honest communication between two people
  • Sigil for keeping files on the computer private
  • Sigil for friends being ok
  • Sigil for invisibility
  • Sigil for playing well, impressing the examiners, and getting a good grade
  • Sigil for being happy, and optimistic
  • Sigil for stopping rumors
  • Sigil for forgetting
  • Sigil for gaining a bigger rounder bum quickly
  • Sigil for strengthening the love between me, and my significant other
  • Sigil for money
  • Sigil for unpredicted fear
  • Sigil for clearing the root, and sacral chakra
  • Sigil for passing a test
  • Sigil for better time management
  • Sigil for not allowing negative entities to enter the area
  • Sigil for transmasculine positivity
  • Sigil for being powerful
  • Sigil for being a boss ass bitch
  • Sigil for destroying any homophobes that come my way
  • Sigil for making people knock before they enter
  • Sigil for successfully contacting Orpheus
  • Sigil for sell a factory
  • Sigil for complete, and totally positive thoughts
  • Sigil for healing wounds quickly
  • Sigil for a healthy pregnancy, and birth
  • Sigil for getting a successful scholarship application
  • Sigil for protection from prying eyes, and fingers
  • Sigil for protection from the government
  • Sigil for a bright, and positive life
  • Sigil for the god Loki
  • Sigil for going to Korea alone next summer
  • Sigil for taking the right decision
  • Sigil for the Wolf
  • Sigil for absorving, and using sun energy
  • Sigil for absorving, and using moon energy
  • Sigil for “Don’t let go”
  • Sigil for reconnecting two people
  • Sigil for removing a curse
  • Sigil for binding terrorizing clown
  • Sigil for keep those around me safe
  • Sigil for self-discipline
  • Sigil for flight safety
  • Sigil for astral travel
  • Sigil for protection from clowns
  • Sigil for stopping the habit of picking your lips, and gums
  • Sigil for getting back together with someone, and being happy
  • Sigil for love
  • Sigil for confidence
  • Sigil for stopping jealousy
  • Sigil for recovering from debt, and to be debt free
  • Sigil for relationships being what they used to be
  • Sigil for stopping clenching of teeth
  • Sigil for the Blue Iris
  • Sigil for strength, and protection
  • Sigil for keeping my job
  • Sigil for Money flowing to me from good sources
  • Sigil for financial help
  • Sigil for giving life to drawings
  • Sigil for getting a ginger boyfriend
  • Sigil for worrying less
  • Sigil for being free from parental control
  • Sigil for protection of India, and its people from terrorists, and the Pakistani army
  • Sigil for protecting a book of shadows from being seen, or stolen
  • Sigil for getting back together with someone
  • Sigil for finding a missing pet
  • Sigil for gender dysphoria
  • Sigil for relieving menstrual pains
  • Sigil for the removal, and protection against negative magick
  • Sigil for everything will be well, and all efforts will be rewarded.
  • Sigil for bonding with wild crows
  • Sigil for successful, and safe collection of animal bones
  • Sigil for causing someone extreme distress whenever they upset me
  • Sigil for forgetting your fears
  • Sigil for my parents letting me get a psychiatric service dog
  • Sigil for my mother being supported in her pursuits
  • Sigil for increasing chances of getting pregnant
  • Sigil to help get a job
  • Sigil to get friends to repay the money they owe you
  • Sigil for keeping your girlfriend safe
  • Sigil for minimizing someone’s influence in your life
  • Sigil for receiving an excellent IELTS Band Score
  • Sigil for controlling appetite
  • Sigil for enduring isolation
  • Sigil for introspective clarity
  • Sigil for people liking me at my school
  • Sigil for good luck for theatre auditions
  • Sigil for remembering information
  • Sigil for helping with phobias
  • Sigil for physical strength, in regards to being disabled
  • Sigil for returning loved ones to you
  • Sigil to keep your computer safe
  • Sigil for finding love
  • Sigil for beautiful art
  • Sigil for reversing, and redirecting curses
  • Sigil for the Magi’s
  • Sigil for seeing through deception
  • Sigil for being forgiven by those you upset
  • Sigil for falling out of love, and to protect, andprevent me from catching feelings
  • Sigil for healing dangerous, and strong physical illnesses
  • Sigil for communication, and love between a father, and his kids
  • Sigil to easily attract customers for tarot readings to my blog, so I can earn enough to carry out my daily expenses
  • Sigil for understanding, and interpreting tarot cards easily
  • Sigil for promoting cultural awareness, and sensitivity
  • Sigil for attracting people to your blog
  • Sigil for summoning a storm
  • Sigil for my spirit animal the wolf
  • Sigil for the Dragons
  • Sigil for attracting spirits
  • Sigil for being focused
  • Sigil for being motivated, and organized
  • Sigil to help with astral projection
  • Sigil to tap into psychic abilities
  • Sigil for grounding
  • Sigil for making people spend time with me
  • Sigil for banishing anxiety during oral presentations
  • Sigil for music
  • Sigil for letting go of jealousy
  • Sigil for lyrical inspiration, and musical inspiration
  • Sigil for patience
  • Sigil for opening Luiz’s heart to me
  • Sigil for improving my confidence in regards to social interaction
  • Sigil for romantically being noticed
  • Sigil for compassion, and understanding
  • Sigil to break bad spending habits and get back on the right financial track
  • Sigil for staying focused on one’s self identity
  • Sigil for being accompanied  “I am not alone”
  • Sigil for personal growth
  • Sigil for accepting past mistakes
  • Sigil for being a warrior
  • Sigil for finishing school work with ease
  • Sigil for keeping plants safe from harm
  • Sigil for studying
  • Sigil for eating healthy food regularly
  • Sigil for health scores always being an 100
  • Sigil for good luck in my gender transition
  • Sigil for warding off, and protecting against people, and entities with negative intentions
  • Sigil to protect against jealousy
  • Sigil to help my venlafaxine withdrawal symptoms stop soon
  • Sigil for having courage
  • Sigil for strength in hard times
  • Sigil for drive, and focus
  • Sigil for passing a test
  • Sigil for being clean
  • Sigil to read, and understand one’s thoughts
  • Sigil for making my service dog invisible to other people
  • Sigil to make people read the patches on my dogs vest
  • Sigil for acquiring your weight goal
  • Sigil for a new day
  • Sigil for my classes starting on november the 7th
  • Sigil for helping the development of talking
  • Sigil for good fortune in commissions, and artwork
  • Sigil for the start of a new beginning
  • Sigil for clear, and perfect skin
  • Sigil for getting money quickly
  • Sigil for stay out till whenever I want
  • Sigil for being able to achieve, and do anything without giving up
  • Sigil for strong, long, and healthy hair
  • Sigil for eye lash growth
  • Sigil for being able to smoke weed with my boyfriend
  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces
  • Water Sigil
  • Fire Sigil
  • Earth Sigil
  • Air Sigil
  • Sigil for muladhara
  • Sigil for Svadhishthana
  • Sigil for Manipura
  • Sigil for Anahata
  • Sigil for Vishuddha
  • Sigil for Ajna
  • Sigil for Sahasrara
  • Sigil for chakras
  • The Ravens Of Antimony
  • Symbol Of The Void

Name Sigils

  • Name sigil for Luna
  • Name sigil for King
  • Name sigil for Lunana
  • Name sigil for Isabel
  • Name sigil for Indigo
  • Name sigil for Gunav
  • Name sigil for Poysha
  • Name sigil for Sheetal
  • Name sigil for Vikrant
  • Name sigil for Maya
  • Name sigil for Shri ram
  • Name sigil for Payal
  • Name sigil for Branwyk
  • Name sigil for Eliana
  • Name sigil for Eslendy
  • Name sigil for Ezra
  • Name sigil for Teg
  • Name sigil for Saif
  • Name sigil for Lalita
  • Name sigil for Jess
  • Name sigil for Janice
  • Name sigils for Althea
  • Name sigils for Mollie
  • Name sigil for Rose
  • Name sigil for Kennedy
  • Name sigil for Mariska
  • Name sigil for Joe
  • Name sigil for Sam
  • Name sigil for Taylor
  • Name sigil for Dawn
  • Name sigil for Dani
  • Name sigil for Katherine
  • Name sigil for Verena
  • Name sigil for Juli
  • Name sigil for Gregory
  • Name sigil for Jacinda
  • Name sigil for Brienne
  • Name sigil for Asher
  • Name sigil for Rodia
  • Name sigil for Julu
  • Name sigil for Brynn
  • Name sigil for Katya
  • Name sigil for Ryan
  • Name sigil for Violet
  • Name sigil for Karkat
  • Name sigil for Talientia
  • Name sigil for charandeep
  • Name sigil for Emma
  • Name sigil for Victor
  • Name sigils for Tayla
  • Name sigil for Julia
  • Name sigil for Rowyn
  • Name Sigil for Anelis
  • Name sigil for Yesenia
  • Name sigil for Henriette
  • Name sigil for Alex
  • Mixed name sigil for Ed + Luiz Felipe
  • Name sigil for Kata
  • Name sigil for Catrina
  • Name sigil for Lynette
  • Name sigil for Eduardo
  • Name sigil for Stephanie
  • Name sigil for Kendra
  • Name sigil for Singh
  • Name sigil for Kaur
  • Name sigil for Jaiden
  • Name sigil for Leilany
  • Name sigil for Noah
  • Name sigil for Spencer
  • Name sigil for Allison
  • Name sigil for Rina
  • Name sigil for Maria
  • Name sigil for Aidan
  • Name sigil for Wolfe
  • Name sigil for Yvette
  • Name sigil for Darlene
  • Name sigil for Jessy
  • Name sigil for Aidan
  • Name sigil for Alexander
  • Name sigil for Caito
  • Name sigil for Dahlia
  • Name sigil for sherlly
  • Name sigil for Jacob
  • Name sigil for Kjeike
  • Name sigil for Kayle
  • Name sigil for Hannah
  • Name sigil for Lyriah
  • Name sigil for Mollia
  • Name Sigil for Amanda
  • Name sigil for Ben
  • Name sigil for Lea
  • Name sigil for Ashley
  • Name sigil for Artemis
  • Name sigil for Harry
  • Name sigil for Harold
  • Name sigil for Kerem
  • Name sigil for Salem
  • Name sigil for Amber
  • Name sigil for Rory
  • Name sigils for Greg
  • Name sigil for Anna
  • Name sigil for Paige
  • Name sigil for Darci
  • Name sigil for Diego
  • Name sigil for Jazz
  • Name sigil for Ziggy
  • Name sigil for Alison
  • Name sigil for Ylva
  • Name sigil for Åvålynder
  • Name sigil for Queen Bee
  • Name sigil for Danyelle
  • Name sigil for Victor
  • Name sigil for Audrey
  • Name sigil for Kaylyn
  • Name sigil for Elizabeth
  • Name sigil for Austin
  • Name sigil for Courtney
  • Name sigil for Zion
  • Name sigil for Mischa
  • Name sigil for Lykaios
  • Name sigil for Keiko
  • Name sigil for Sterling
  • Name sigil for Zoie
  • Name sigil for Daniel
  • Name sigil for valkyrie
  • Name sigil for Tija
  • Name sigil for Arabella
  • Name sigil for Joseph
  • Name sigil for Caitlynn
  • Name sigil for Mischa
  • Name sigil for Lydia
  • Name sigil for Bonnie
  • Name sigil for Courtney
  • Name sigil for Romi

Audio Sigils

  • Acoustic Sigil For Being Fearless
  • Acoustic Sigil For Lucid Dreaming
  • Acoustic Sigil For Opening The Third Eye
  • Acoustic Sigil For Good Health
  • Acoustic Sigil For Remembering Your Dreams
  • Acoustic Sigil For Being Calm
  • Audio Sigil For Protection

                         A black shadow awakens in me,
                         Everyone get away from what I want,
                         because I’m getting a bit more ferocious
                                   I’ll GROWL, I’ll GROWL,
                         If you don’t get away, you might really get hurt.