jealousy era

I love jealous Sirius headcannons, with Remus. Jealous Sirius putting his head in Remus’s lap while their outside, because “I swear, Moony, that Ravenclaw bout was checking you out! No, I’m not being ridiculous!”
Jealous Sirius kissing Remus in the middle of transfiguration class, earning a month of detention from McGonagall because “Remy!! I swear, she was about to ask you out after class! I have to show people like that that you aren’t single! Don’t look at me like that, Remus, I’m not being ridiculous.”
I just love Sirius being possessive of Remus!

Green Eyed Monster ||Ron Weasley

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Pairing: Ron Weasley x reader

Word Count: 2169

Summary: You and Ron have have been dating since the beginning of fifth year, but now that your sixth year has started and you’re not in all the same classes, you’ve been hanging out with Neville more and more without even realising it. Ron becomes a bit stand offish.

Warnings: major fluff as requested, stubbornness, jealousy, insecurities 

Request: Can you Write a Ron imagine where he’s very insecure and being clingy because he’s jealous(of a character you’re choice) and he’s being stubborn about saying the truth and just kill meh with fluff please:) sorry it’s longgg

Note: I decided to make the person Ron is jealous of Neville because Neville is such a sweetheart and the two obvious people Harry and Draco wouldn’t be as adorable, but just make Ron seem petty which he’s sometimes portrayed and I really hate that. So I picked Neville. Also Ron isn’t really all that clingy in this. I hope you like it. 

You are a Gryffindor because it isn’t otherwise stated. 


Your whole Hogwarts career you’ve been part of what had been dubbed quite lamely the golden quartet. In your first year, you instantly bonded with Hermione. The two of you were attached at the hip for the most part. When she heard Ron and Harry insult her, she ran away from you. The troll incident caused you to go to the two blubbering idiots for help. The rest of the story was history.

Last year, under the reign of Dolores Umbridge, you realized that you really liked Ron as more than a friend. Through great timing and the help of a meddling Hermione, you found out that he liked you too. Shortly after, You and Ron became a thing.

Now that you were a sixth year though, everything had changed. You weren’t in a lot of the same classes as you red headed boyfriend. You honestly didn’t mind it because you really enjoyed your classes and it wasn’t like you were alone. You shared nearly your whole schedule with Neville Longbottom.

You had been friends with Neville off and on for the years because of an unspoken rivalry between you to over herbology. The two of you were always trying to subtly one up each other. You honestly really enjoyed the competition because it helped both you improved your skills.

This year was the first year though that you Neville called a truce and worked together in your classes.. The two of you studied together every chance you got as this year was by far harder than any before. It was nice and the two of you fell into a routine about it.

You sat in the great hall for lunch in between Ron and Neville. Ron was talking with Harry and Ginny about their quidditch practice while you and Neville were answering Luna’s questions about the planets you were working on in this unit of herbology. Time ticked down and both Luna and Ginny dismissed themselves to get to their classes. Harry started talking to Hermione who had previously had her nose stuffed in a book. You and Neville were still excitedly talking about this upcoming plant that you were going to be learning about. Ron was left to eat.

You felt Ron’s hand come to rest right above your knee. It was barely noticeable, but you knew that it was there. As you laughed at a terrible pun made by Neville you felt the pressure on your leg increase.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Ron eating like nothing was up. You chose to ignore his hand and continue the conversation. The more you talked to Neville the higher Ron’s hand moved up your leg.  You felt your face flush It got to a point that made you feel uncomfortable and abruptly stood up. The sound of the bench moving back slightly caused people in close proximity to you look up startled. Ron’s hand had dropped to his side. He looked at you with wide eyes.

“Neville, we should get going; It’s a long walk to the class room,” you said as you scrambled to pick up all your stuff.

You had pulled several books out of your bag during your discussion and now you were doing your best to put them away quickly. Both Harry and Hermione watched you in confusion as you were normally extremely organized. Your bag always was perfectly in order and you never lost track of time. You planned for everything. They had never before see you so frazzled before.

Neville was also shocked at your behavior. He knew that if they left now they would be nearly ten minutes early. He wasn’t against being early, but he also wasn’t done with his lunch. He expected to have more time. Neville showed the cheese sandwich he was holding into his mouth and stood up.

You turned and made your way out of the great hall without another word. Neville placed his stuff in his bag and picked up another sandwich before running after you.

Aside from one class you had with Hermione, you didn’t see any of your other friends until dinner that night. Without saying a word to anyone you slipped in the seat across from Ron and next to Hermione. It was usual for the two of you to sit so far apart, but you were concerned that you would have a repeated of what happened at lunch.

For the life of you, you couldn’t understand why Ron had done that. It just wasn’t like him to be so touchy in public. Early on in your relationship you had discussed your comfort zones and touching, aside from simple hand holding, in front of your friends was a huge no. that was really out of bounds to you.

Neville looked confused as he saw the out of place seating arrangement. Two years ago, it would have been normal, but you had sat next Ron all fifth year. It just looked out of place. Without saying anything. Neville dropped into the seat on the other side of you.

Halfway through dinner, you were talking with Hermione about the homework you had for your class. It wasn’t too much, but still wanted to bounce your ideas off of someone before you committed anything to paper.

“There’s a Hogsmeade trip this weekend,” Neville said. His eyes glistened with joy and there was a slight shake to his hand. Noticing it, you carefully laid your hand over his. It had become a habit of yours over the past month. It was a way of alerting him that you were listening to something he cared about. There was definitely nothing any bit romantic about it. Anyone could see that, but Ron still cleared his throat.

You looked to your boyfriend furrowing your eyebrows at him. HE made a simple gesture to your hand over Neville’s, but he didn’t say anything. You turned your attention back to Neville and urged him to continue.

“I was thinking that we could maybe go to Dogweed and Deathcap. I heard that they got a shipment of moly this week. I’d really like to get some before they sell out of them again.”

“That’s s good idea, Neville,” said Luna.

Luna had appeared behind you and seemed to want to sit between you and Neville. You happily slid over to make room for the airy girl. You knew that Neville had a crush on Luna. Because of this you would often do things to put him in a position to talk to her. You smiled at the two as Luna went on about the may uses of moly.

When you looked back to Ron you saw that his jaw was clenched tightly and he was grinding his teeth. Harry was talking to him about some theory he had said a million times about Draco. Everyone was tired of it, but Harry rambled on.

“Ron are you okay?” you asked reaching across the table to lay your hand over one of his clenched fists. He pulled it out of your reach and stood up. No one was really paying any mind to you two as he turned and stocked away. You sat there confused about why he was acting that way.

For the next week and a half, Ron continued to behave weirdly. He would always wrap his arm around you in the common room or hold your hand when you were walking down the hall. He would get so mad and quiet whenever Neville was around you, but he would always pull you closer to him. You were worried that Ron was mad at Neville for some reason, but you couldn’t really piece together anything that made sense.

“Harry, is something wrong with Ron?” You asked one night in the common room. Ron had seen you talking with Neville about some homework and stormed upstairs to the boy’s sixth year’s dormitory without a word.

“I don’t think so,” Harry said looking at you. “Well, come to think of it, I have noticed he’s been a bit quieter lately.”

“Do you know why?” you said. You were pushing Harry to really think about it. Harry was a smart guy, but sometimes he was the most oblivious person you had ever met. You often wee the one to help Harry see the bigger picture of things because you weren’t sure if he could get there on his own.

“I have no idea,” Harry said. “I think I will go ask him.”

With that, Harry turned on his heels and made his way to the stairs. “

“Ask him to come down and talk to me,” You called to him before he was too far away. Harry just gave you a thumbs-up as he climbed the stairs to talk to Ron.

You flopped back down on to the couch and returned to your homework as you waited. Minutes ticked by and people came in and out, but none of them were Ron. You were growing impatient, but you weren’t ready just yet to go up after Harry.

As you were on your seat you felt the couch dip beside you. You turned to see Ron’s solemn face looking down at the ground. The two of you sat there not saying a word for at least five minutes.

“Ron what’s wrong?” you said Breaking the silence. You reachec to set you hand on his shoulder., but he shook you off. It was so strange of him to act this way.

“I think we might need to break up,” Ron said. It was so quiet that you could barely hear him. Maybe you hadn’t heard him right. You didn’t want to have heard him right.

“What?” you asked from him to repeat himself.

“I think we need to break up,” he said louder this time. Shaking your head, you looked at him with furrowed eyebrows.

“What do you mean? Why?” you croaked out. A lump had formed in your throat making it hard for you to speak.

“I just think it will be best for you,” He answered. When he looked at you there were tears budding at the corner of your eyes. You shook your head more drastically this time.

“No,” your voice was barely above a whisper.

“Y/N, we are changing,” He started. “You are absolutely amazing, but you are changing and growing. I can’t stand in your way. I know that Neville likes you. It’s so obvious that it hurts to watch you two. I think you like him back, and I just can’t watch it.”

A single tear fell down your cheek, but the rest stopped coming. You started laughing quietly. Ron thought that there was something going on with Neville?

“Ron,” you said softly laying your hand on his leg.

He looked up at you. You saw that there were tears in his eyes the size of oceans. A frown was etched into his sweet face. You were sure that he was going to move out of your grasp again.

“Ron, nothing is going on between me and Neville,” You said. “Neville is just a friend and a great herbology study buddy. Besides he likes Luna and even if he didn’t still I love you.”

Ron seemed to search your face for something. You knew that he was looking for any signs that indicated you were telling a lie.

“You love me?” He said. It was so quiet that you might have missed it if you hadn’t been alone. For the first time all night, you two were the only ones in the common room.

“Of course, I do,” you giggled. “How could I not. You are smart and brave and kind. You are so loyal to those you care about and that’s what I love about you. Plus, you are an amazing kisser.”

Ron smiled at that. He laughed along with you. Gently, he brought a hand up to your face.

“You think I’m a good kisser?” he seemed to like this question as there was even a smile in his tone. He pulled you closer to him by wrapping his other arm around your waist. His lips hovered over yours. You felt his warm breath fan out along the bottom of your face making your stomach fill with butterflies. You brought your legs on to his lap to get even closer to him.

“The best,” you said. Your chests were pressed together filling you with warmth from head to toe. You closed your eves as you felt his lips press against yours. It was a perfect moment. Your tears mixed together. You could taste them as he pulled you closer to him.

“I love you,” Ron said after you pulled away. Even though you were out of breath, you laughed just a bit.

“I love you to, Ron,” You said. You kissed him again.

Whatever insecurities and jealousy Ron had poured out of him. You two were in a world all your own.

You’re Never Losing Me || Cedric Diggory

Y/N- Your name

Y/H/C- Your hair color

Y/E/C - Your eye color

Y/H- Your house

Warnings: FLUFF

“Y/N?” You heard an unfamiliar male voice question, making you instantly glance up to find a pair of dark-brown eyes smiling at you from across the library table. 

He was quite tall and I clarified his house as Y/H from his familiar robes. His silky, straight, brown hair is neck-length and is worn in a handsome, severe style. He is tall with a muscular build and is skin is lightly-colored. You’d be lying if you told yourself he wasn’t attractive, but you only had eyes for one person, your boyfriend.

“Yes…but who are you?” You question kindly, tucking a strand of your Y/H/C behind your ear gently, smiling politely to the taller boy as he leans over the chair across from where you were supposed to be quietly studying.

“I’m Mason. I sit behind you in Potions..” He laughs awkwardly, making you blush violently over the fact that you don’t pay much attention in that class, due to the fact that Cedric Diggory, your boyfriend, sat directly beside you.

“Sorry.” You mumbled bashfully, glancing to the book you were reading, “I don’t pay attention much in that class.”

He laughs, “That’s alright.”

“So why’d you come here?” You question rudely, not intending to say the words as you had.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He smiled, “But the main reason I’m here is because I wanted to ask you something..”

“What is it?” You urge, clearly oblivious to the current situation as you heard the library doors open, revealing a smiling Cedric searching for you, “Ced!”

“Hello, love” He stated, his smile fading instantly once he laid eyes on the unfamiliar Mason, who hadn’t moved from his close position in front of you, “Who’s this you’re talking to?”

“That’s Mason. Apparently he sits behind us in Potions and he’s said that he wanted to ask me something.” You explain softly as Cedric quickly marches over to you, trying to hide the fact that his cheeks were burning bright red out of jealousy. You had already noticed his brightly colored cheeks from the moment he spoke, yet you chose to ignore them.

“Well go on then.” Cedric urged, a smirk already half-way across his face as he stared to the helpless boy stood in front of you two. Cedric stopped when he was directly behind you, claiming the open seat beside you and delicately curling his large fingers around your small ones on the library table, allowing you to understand his current actions. You gave his hand a small squeeze, which he returned making you smile and blush violently. Even after all this time you had been together, he had never failed to make you blush and smile.

You could always tell whenever Cedric was jealous. He would get quite flustered at the thought of someone trying to steal you away, then he would try and get close to you in any way. He would touch you, whether it be holding your hand, an arm around you waist, or kissing you passionately in the middle of the halls while the guy was watching, he had to show you were his no matter how he’d done it. You knew exactly how to deal with his jealousy because of how often it had came up. You thought it was adorable when he was all flustered and jealous because that meant he would continue to show his affection towards you for the rest of the day. Later that night would always end in a very long conversation, mostly consisting of the two of you sweetly telling each other you were going nowhere before cuddling till the next day. You couldn’t get enough of it.

You turned to face him while smiling sweetly, ignoring the silent boy who still stood in front of you two, taking your free hand and cupping his cheek softly. You pressed your lips to his gently, it was a short chaste kiss but enough to dissolve his worries for now.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, besides I’ve forgotten what I was going to say anyways.” Mason laughs uncomfortably while scratching the back of his neck, breaking the two of you apart as he furiously walked away, “I-I’ll see you in class.”

“There’s no need to be jealous, Cedric.” You cooed with a warm smile as he sighed and stared into your Y/E/C eyes lovingly.

“I’m sorry, love. I just don’t want to lose you.” He admits sweetly as you bring him in for another small kiss, assuring him you were right there no matter what.

You’re never losing me.” You add with a warm smile, feeling his thumb caress the side of your hand as you turn back to your book.

Never in a million years would I leave him. He’s my world, my everything.

Not overly pleased with this one but the idea had been in my head for ages so I thought I would just write it up and get it over with. Excuse if there are any mistakes. Enjoy!! xoxo

James was , for lack of a better word, pissed as fuck. He had been having a shoddy day anyway but when he came across the girl if his dreams, the one that he had been fancying for years, publicly being kissed by the school’s biggest tosser he deduced that this was the worst day of his life. 

The morning had started like any other, after the usual routine of grudgingly waking , getting ready and then heading down to breakfast, James encountered his first misfortune of the day.

During breakfast James managed to spill his pumpkin juice all over his white school shirt and the transfiguration homework that he had just finished, ruining both. And while magic had redeemed his shirt the same couldn’t be said for the one and a half foot scroll that took him all of last night and some of this morning to finish. all because he had gotten distracted when Lily Evans gave him a warm smile and a flirty wink.

After the failed attempts at fixing his homework, James then became late for his first class. Potions. Thankfully Sirius had stuck around (not so thankfully was that fact that it was purely to take the mickey out of him for going all gaga over Evans) meaning that he was late too. Slughorn had taken ten points of Gryffindor and an hour detention for both of them during the week as that was not the first time the boys had been late too his class. (“I would think my boy that being Head Boy would knock some sense into you”).  everything was fine until Transfiguration. Where he found that he had used too many excuses already and that the one time he actually had a real one, McGonagall didn’t believe him, not that he was expecting her too. So she had given him two detentions this week for not completing his homework and trying to worm his way out of it with an excuse. (“Potter your behaviour was expected to improve this year, not get worse. If this keeps up we’ll have to discuss permanent detentions for you”) 

All this wouldn’t have bothered him if it wasn’t for the prank that they had set up going wrong. As Sirius’ logic had been “Mate there’s nothing like a good prank to make your day better right?” and James had thought it made sense. Until, after they had rigged the corridor to set off with smoke bombs when someone entered it and set up the little ginger bread men they nicked from the kitchens and charmed to bite people’s ankles, Remus pointed out that everyone was at dinner and wouldn’t come across this corridor for quite a while. And none of them wanted to stake out in a corridor without food to see results. 

So after a defeated day, James thought it couldn’t get any worse. But when he left the great hall after a fantastic meal, it really did. There in the entrance Hall stood Lily Evans and Henry “Tosspot” Rossing in a heated kiss. One of his hands were on her waist and the other in that beautiful hair of hers while her hands where situated safely on his chest. 

James’ heart broke. He had thought the two of them were getting along quite nicely even going as far to say that maybe she wouldn’t object to going out with him as much any more. But maybe he was just picking up on a ultra friendly vibe. Of course that was all she saw him as.  

Storming away from the couple in the direction of the hufflepuff common room (more specifically going to the kitchens).James couldn’t take watching the girl he loved be kissed like that by somebody else. 

Sirius, Remus and Peter on the other hand, had stayed put to watch the two.Watching as Lily used the hands on Henry’s chest to finally gain enough leverage to push him away. Stepping away from him further, she ran her arm over her mouth, as if to wipe away the kiss. The boys then watched with elated delight as she moved closer to the startled looking boy again, swiftly pulling back her arm and punching him square in the nose. The pure force of the punch made the guy fall back, clutching his nose which blood could been seen pouring out of. Lily had stumbled back a bit too but seen she was only of a smaller size it was understandable.

“Next time you accost some poor girl on her way to dinner, you can remember that I will personally come after you and kick your ass” with that Lily gave the poor bleeding guy a disgusted look and huffed her way towards the boys. Meeting their impressed gazes she stopped near them and thanked merlin that they were here because she was sure it was only out of fear that the Maruaders would cause more damage then she ever could that Henry didn’t pursue her further. The boys gazes soon turned to one of curiosity as she came closer, Remus being the only one to speak out about it.

“Would you like to take a little walk with us to tell us what happened here?”

“But I haven’t had my dinner yet…” Lily trailed off at the sight of the boys faces. Filled with interest and with a little of something else, worry? 

“James saw the two of you before, it looked pretty much like you two were enjoying that snog” Peter said with a half-hearted manner, as if he was just saying it to make conversation. But he knew what those words would do too Lily, all of them did. Her face paled and her mouth opened in shock, the words having the desired affect. Oh it was common knowledge between those three that Lily fancied the pants off of James, and they used it to their advantage plenty of times, this being one of them.

“Let’s go for that walk then shall we?” Lily coughed awkwardly leading the way for their walk. Only she was headed up the stairs whilst the boys wanted to go more in te direction of their friend.

“Red, we’re going this way. We’ll get you some food yeah?” Sirius held out his arm in a gesture for her to take it, and she did. Surprisingly it hadn’t taken her very long to trust those lads and she would follow them anywhere without a moments hesitation. 

“What happened with Rossing back there?” Sirius ever the subtle person demanded.

“I was just going for dinner when he called out to me and asked if I could help him with some charms work” Lily sighed almost in sync with the others. Of course Rossing would use the help with work card, everyone knew that was Lily’s weak spot. “And of course I said I would, it was a pretty complicated topic we just went through with Flitwick, I was happy to help. But then he grabbed me and just…well you saw” She shuddered as she finished her explanation. Realising that they had come to a stop in front of the portrait to the kitchens. She beamed up at the boys as she tickled the pair and then turned the doorknob, letting go of Sirius’ arm as she stepped through and into the kitchens. Almost immediately she was surrounded by house-elves. Lily requested just a plate of whatever they had leftover and went to go sit at one of the benches. Seeing a figure at one of them she headed over towards him, glancing behind her to see if the boys were following, only to find that they were no where in sight. Getting their meaning she walked towards James’ bent over figure, the tart sitting in front of him was half finished and thoroughly played with as though each bite was done reluctantly. 

“Is this seat taken?” James looked up, startled by the sudden sound of her voice, by her presence.

“Surprised you asked actually.” The scathing tone of his voice made Lily recoil slightly but she straightened herself up, taking the seat next to him. 

She took a deep breathe and prepared herself for what was only bound to be an unpleasant start of conversation. 

“I know you think you know what you saw. But that wasn’t what actually happened. I didn’t want him to kiss me. I didn’t want to be accosted on my way to dinner. I didn’t want you to see that either. I didn’t enjoy it one bit, honestly it was like drowning in a lake of spit. It was so gross. I did enjoy however punching him in the face. I really enjoy seeing that I broke his nose. But I really don’t enjoy seeing you here thinking that I don’t like you.” The last bit was said quietly, as if she was still trying to keep her secret. But she knew that he still cared for her, even if it wasn’t romantically. She had to clear the air, fighting between the two was rare lately and she hated it when they did. 

“What did you just say?” James was staring at her, with complete awe on his face, unbelieving what he thought he just heard.

“I fancy you, you ponce” she was staring at the surface of the bench, hoping that he didn’t walk out on her for ruining their friendship. She hadn’t seen his face so she didn’t know that he was grinning hugely and leaning forward reaching out to put a hand under her chin and tilt her face upwards towards his own.

“It seems that I fancy you too Evans.” He said back to Lily. Her plate of food had arrived by then, but the two hardly seemed to notice. Staring at each other with smiles and wonder upon their faces. 

James leaned in closer so that their lips were mere centimetres away from each other, but before they touched James wanted to know one thing.

“Did you really punch him?" 

Letting out a breathy giggle, she replied with a slight nod f the head. and that was all it took, as not even a moment after her nod James’ lips were on her own.

Apparently it wasn’t such a bad day for James after all.

unikornkweeen  asked:

hi do you know any jealousy or 8th year fics or both id really appreciate it thanks

Sorry for the delay! To make up for it I kind of went a little overboard with the the jealousy part of the request haha, apologies! Let me know if you’d like more simply 8th year fics: 

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A Paroxysm of Jealousy

Decided to make this the final part of my canon-era fluff verse [Previous parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI]. Title is from the Brick.

E/R, established relationship, canon era.

“Grantaire,” Enjolras said in a loud voice, talking over the low murmur of voices in the backroom of the Musain. “Grantaire, I was hoping you might…”

He trailed off, for Grantaire was not paying attention to a word that he was saying. Ordinarily, such behavior would have been the norm for Grantaire, who often spent more time in his cups than joining in their revolutionary fervor. But of recent, as Enjolras had asked Grantaire to cohabitate his suite of rooms, and as their relationship had progressed past friends and to lovers, Grantaire’s attention had been much more focused, just as Enjolras’s attention outside of Les Amis had too become more focused, singular even.

But tonight, it seemed, Grantaire’s attention had strayed as it once did, and Enjolras found himself far more frustrated than normal at that fact. Earlier in the evening he had seemed preoccupied during the meeting, barely seeming to pay attention to a word Enjolras said, and at the moment, when Enjolras wished for his attention, Grantaire was instead laughing loudly at some tale Joly was telling, with Bossuet occasionally adding a detail, and for one brief moment, Enjolras could not tell if he wanted to join in their laughter or drag Grantaire away, to selfishly hoard his laughter for himself.

In the end, he did neither, merely scowling down at the map still spread on the table before him from the meeting and hoping – however foolishly – that Grantaire might notice.

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could you do a kaisoo analysis too? please please please;a;

enjoy ~~ first of all i want to let you all know that i think  that kim jongin and do kyungsoo are involved  romantically  … & and i believed  it for about 8 months  so ..

first of all i want to talk about the JEALOUSY which i know that i’m not supposed to begin with because i should’ve begun with ” predebut ” but i just love love jealous kaisoo .

this is one of the most obvious jealous  kyungsoo moments EVER 

he turned around to look at jongin and he found the dude touching his hair . jongin wasn’t minding it obviously but when he saw kyungsoo glaring at him he immediately moved away from the man , you can see the satisfied look in both of their faces , because kyungsoo knew that jongin belonged to him  ,and loved seeing jongin knowing this fact … idk i’m becoming more delu these days shut me up plz about joning i believe he loves LOVES seeing his hyung being all jelly ;_;

  • jealous jongin : 

luhan was holding soo’s waist and jonign held luhan : and was like : BACK OFF BRO PRIVATE PRIORITY HERE 


and here :

he was glaring at luhan as if he was about to kill  him because he was all over soo that night .

because he knows 

  • mama era jealousy : jonghyun wanted soo’s dick that night and jongin was mad as fuck but didn’t want to just hold kyungsoo and run away with him , because he probably wasn’t n a relationship with him YET so he just basically told him to stop cheating on him indirectly 


and soo was like : NOW , then jongin held his waist and was like MINE MINE 

  • there are a lot of jealous moments here if you want more .

moving on .


can we just take a moment to appreciate how CLOSE they were before debuting and when i say close i mean REALLY REALLY CLOSE

dick on ass close

External image

bubble tea dates close 

backhug close

not just CLOSE CLOSE okay ?

  • and eventhough they’re this ” close” they don’t show it THAT MUCH , i mean

IF they were “close” friends or let’s say “close” bestfriends they wouldn’t mind showing it right ? like jongin and taemin for EX

but they DONT show it they TRY  to hide it .. but when they are BTS…

.do you see my point ? 

BECAUSE korea is still one of the most homophobic counties !!! so they try to hide any kind of  affection they have  towards each other !

even if they throw some glances , steal seom touches , talk about each other sometimes .. they still don’t interact THAT much on public  in other words they prefer keeping what they have between themselves .

i still have a lot to say , show and that’s exactly what i’m going to do man .


that kind of tenderness ,


, emotion ,honesty , they have in their eyes .

they seem like they don’t want to stop looking at each other’s eyes 

like it’s not ENOUGH

like they want MORE

like they want to kiss the shit out of each other

right there and then ..

  • touches ,when they fucking touch each other it’s like THE SUN RISING AGAIN wtf am i saying OTL

it’s okay jongin we know you do this often …

jongin you know you love your hyung thrusting like that behind you

look at his face OMG

fucking holding HANDS KILL ME NOW

WAIST HOLDING , jongin totally bottomed that night OMFG

they thought no one will see them because they were in russia LOL

  • look at jongin asking for soo’s D 

with his EYES

he’s such a power bottom 

NO  i don’t read a lot of kaisoo smut fics

if you want more come here 




Author: polomonkey
Art: mushroomtale
Type: modern AU 
Rating: mature

London. 2015. The government is set to vote on ending the microchipping of magic users, and Arthur Pendragon has been tasked with kidnapping prominent Magical activist Merlin Emrys to influence the outcome.

Locked away in a house on the North York Moors, tensions rise and confrontation ensues as Arthur is forced to re-evaluate everything he’s been taught about magic, and Merlin finds himself in a struggle for his life. And the fact that they’re falling for each other doesn’t help…


The writing style of this fic is just breathtaking. I’m seriously in love with the art, you just can’t miss it; simply beautiful.

Every Canon-Era Jealousy Fic Ever

Charles: “lol i’m drunk who wanna bang” *stares at girl, maybe talks to girl, possibly has sex with girl*

Erik: NO THAT IS NOT ALLOWED IN HOTEL CALI-FUCK-ME-ONLY *throws mental temper tantrum*

Charles: *notices because Telepathy* “Oh, my friend, what could it possibly be? Are you all right?” *bats eyelashes*

Erik: *Angery* “I’m fine. Really. Do the thing. Whatever. It’s not like I exist.”

Charles: “okey”

*they go back to the hotel*

Erik: *immediately pins Charles to the door* “YOU THINK YOU COULD BETRAY ME?!?!?!?!!??!”

Charles: “bitch what the f uck ?” *reads his mind* “oh shit he wants Me, even though i’ve really been pining after him the whole time if only he had SAID”

Erik: “you’re mine and mine only like literally if you see another person i’ll rip their spinal cord out and use it to jumprope over their corpse”

Charles: “wow babe that’s not psychopathic or weird at all, get in my ass metal daddy”