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Masterlist ~UPDATED~

All of Bangtan

Cheesy pick-up lines

You’re sick

You being sexual

They find out you got slapped by your ex

Best friends with Bangtan (Part. 2) (Part.3) (Part.4)

Excited to go home to you

You’re an actor and they fanboy over your co-star

Jealous over Bangtan’s best friend

Fangirling about the Not Today MV

Your pet dies

Your first date with Bangtan

You unexpectedly talk dirty

You love their predebut pictures

Hyung line

Telling you to confess to Namjoon

They miss you

You receive a lot of hate

They see your pink Disney princess room

Maknae Line

They want a puppy

Jealous of you singing rookie group songs

Best friend maknaes

They miss you

You receive a lot of hate

They find out you can sing

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems

They think you’re cheating on them

They see your pink Disney princess room


Everyday texts

Scolding the 95’s (ft. Tae & Jimin)

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Namjoon)

Setting up Namjoon and Jin

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Namjoon)


Needy Yoongi

Best friend Yoongi

Noticing you aren’t feeling well (ft. Hobi)

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Hobi)

Jealous of a boy flirting with you in Spanish

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Hobi)

His birthday - Happy Suga Day

J Hope

Asking for advice on confessing to Yoongi

Confessing to Yoongi

Best friend Hobi

Noticing you aren’t feeling well (ft. Yoongi)

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Yoongi)

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Yoongi)

His birthday - Happy Hobi Day

Needy Hobi

Rap Monster

Everyday texts

Best Friend Namjoon

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Jin)

NSFW Namjoon

Setting up Namjoon and Jin

Dad Namjoon

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Jin)

He breaks the stove


Everyday texts

Scolding the 95’s (ft. Jin & Tae)

Best friend Jimin (ft. Taehyung) (ft. Tae 2)

He accidentally confesses to you

Wanting to watch a scary movie with Jimin

He eats all your mochi


Everyday texts

Scolding the 95’s (ft. Jin & Jimin)

Best friend Taehyung (ft. Jungkook) (ft. Jimin) (ft. Jimin 2)

Dad Taehyung

He’s hungry at practice (2)


Best Friend Jungkook (2) (ft. Taehyung) (finds out you’re dating another idol)

Asking for advice on confessing to Taehyung

Confessing to Taehyung

Accidentally telling him you got tickets to their concert

Fluffy Jungkook (Valentine edition)

Everyday texts

He finds out his contact name is Jungcock

Updated 3/27/17

Dating Sirius would include…
-sneaking around the castle at night
-him giving you puppy eyes if you’re upset
-you braiding is hair when he’s asleep to annoy him
-being so sassy all the time
-him getting jealous very easy
-tickle fights during class
-him laying his forehead against yours
-him calling you his “kitten”
-neck kisses all the time
-always getting in trouble together
-both of you instantly starting to grin when you look at each other

This Secret I Keep// Sherlock Holmes

Originally posted by silent-micka

Me? Fifth most popular Tumblr for Sherlock imagines? Seriously? I really never did expect that to happen, let alone have nearly 700 followers. You guys keep it up, by my birthday I’ll be at 1K. Unbelievable. 

Here’s Sherlock oneshot 1 out of 3 for the night!

Requested by Anon: There aren’t many people that Sherlock Holmes finds himself extremely protective of, let alone drawn to. When you leave 221B for a date, he can’t help himself to plant a bug on you. We all know that never goes well. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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♡Jealous of a Puppy♡

Originally posted by baebsaes


Jimin and Jungkook (bts)


smut, threesome


You, Jungkook, and Jimin are all sitting down when Jimin asks you and Jungkook if you’ve ever had a threesome before.


Jungkook!Dom, Y/n!Dom-ish, Jimin!Sub, calling Jimin ‘puppy’, oral (Y/n and Jk receiving), orgasm denial (Jimin receiving), a fuck ton of cum near the end

A/N:this smut….is really….really dirty. After you read this…go take a shower….


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hc that the mirror in remus’s room at grimauld place liked to cheer him up by telling him bad pick up lines like they did when they were regulus’s mirror, and harry overhears one time and tells sirius that ‘a man keeps propositioning professor lupin’ and sirius is extra salty after that because jealous puppy thinks his moony is hooking up with a suave member of the order and not him until he goes into regulus’s room for the first time since before he ran away and he remembers that he actually spelled the mirror to make his brother smile and there’s lots of crying and remus finds him and wraps him up in a sweater and they listen to the mirror tell stories about regulus all night and sirius finally smiles

Seduce Me

Request: Oh Tori, you’re so fine! You’re so fine! You blow my mind! Oh TORI! *hops then claps* May i request a oneshot where Bucky has to be with you to protect you in an operation where you have to flirt and seduce someone (maybe a prick like Roman Godfrey) and he goes all jealous!boyfriend and puppy!Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Jealous Bucky, fluff

A/N: Okay so I’ve never seen Hemlock Grove so I dunno how Roman Godfrey acts but I’m gonna assume he’s a bad guy and I’m just gonna go with the flow oke. I hope you enjoy disssss. P.s. I absolutely loved the intro to that request lmao. P.p.s I’ll fix any mistakes in the morning :)

“Y/N, Bucky, come here.” Steve called out as the both of you entered the kitchen.

You and Bucky give each other a look before strolling over to him. “What’s up?”

“We’ve finally figured out who’s behind the whole bombing buildings thing.” he says. “His name is Roman Godfrey. He’s very smart and very dangerous.” Steve put down some pictures of him on the table in front of you.

“Sounds like your kind of guy, Captain.” you smile, patting his shoulder but before you could turn away, Steve continued.

“We need someone to get him to admit that he’s responsible for the bombing otherwise we can’t take him in. And I doubt he’d confess to me - or Bucky.” he tells you and you look between him and Bucky.

“Okay so get Wanda or Nat to get him to confess.” you say.

“Wanda’s taken a leave of absence and Natasha’s busy on another mission.” Steve informed you and you sigh.

“I’m not good at that stuff Steve, I’m good at fighting. If you need me to hit him, I will.” you respond with a shrug.

“All you have to do is seduce him, do whatever it takes until he confesses and if something goes wrong, Bucky will be there.”

At the sound of his name, Bucky perks up. “Woah dude, I’ve heard about this guy, he’s bat shit crazy.”

“Nothing you can’t handle.” Steve smiled as he placed his hand on his friends shoulder. “You guys got this.”

And that’s how you and Bucky ended up at some nightclub the next night.

“Do you see him?” Bucky questioned as the two of you stood by the bar, your eyes scanning the room in search for Roman.

You spot him on the other side of the bar, chatting it up with some guy and you put your drink down. “He’s over there.”

As you took a step forward, Bucky pulled you back. “Be careful, alright?” he murmured and you nod.

“Just let her go already.” Sighed Sam through the earpiece you and Bucky were wearing and he rolled his eyes.

You giggle and turn around, remembering what Steve said to do. You smoothed out the dress you were wearing which happened to be a laced long sleeve, the dress clung to your body for dear life and it was so short, almost leaving no imagination for what’s underneath.

You look back at your boyfriend, seeing him looking at you while sipping his drink. You find yourself in front of Roman and clear your throat, catching his attention. His lips curl into a smirk and he dismisses the man he was talking to.

“What’s a gorgeous woman like you doing in my bar all alone?” he questioned, getting comfortable on the couch he was sitting on.

“You own this bar?” you ask, looking around and he chuckles.

“Why yes I do.” he replied before patting the empty spot next to him. “Sit.”

You take a deep breath and go to sit down, Roman watching your every move like a predator watching it’s prey.

“You look absolutely amazing.” he comments as his eyes travel up and down your body. You could only imagine what was going through his mind right then and there. Gross. “What’s your name lovely?”

 Suddenly you hear Bucky’s voice through your earpiece. “Use a fake name, he knows yours but he hasn’t actually seen you. If you use your real name he’ll know this was a set up and we’re screwed.”

You smile at Roman, your fingers fiddling with the buttons of his dress shirt. “Courtney Grayson.”

He takes your hand and lifts it up to his lips, pressing a firm kiss on the back. “Nice to meet you Courtney, I’m Roman Godfrey.”

Bucky watched intensely as you flirted up a storm with Roman, trying hard to get him to spill what he’s done. He couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous. Bucky sees Roman place his hand on top of your exposed thigh and he grips his glass tighter, a small growl escaping his lips.

“Easy there tiger, you know she only has the hots for you.” Sam reassured him.

“He has his hand on her.” he grunted, drinking the rest of his gin and tonic as he glared over at the both of you.

“He’s a fucking pig.” Sam replied.

“Language.” Steve could be heard and Tony ‘pfft’ loudly.

“Oh jeez, Sam used a naughty word, I guess we have to put him in time out.” he sarcastically said.

The three men who were waiting outside but listening in started arguing and this is when Bucky saw Roman’s hand slide up your thigh and disappear into your dress which was way too short for his liking. This about does it for him. Bucky slams his drink down, causing the three men to stop arguing .

“Bucky, what are you doing?” Steve asked.

“Getting my girl.” was all he replied with.

“Bucky that’s not part of the plan, sit down.” he says.

Bucky doesn’t listen, instead he walks up to the couch you were sitting on with Roman. “Get your hands off my woman.”

Roman looks up at Bucky with a smirk and that’s when he can see your red lipstick scattered across his neck which infuriates him even more.

“Bucky what are you doing? This isn’t part of the plan.” you whisper when you stood up.

“You two know each other?” Roman asked, now standing up as well.

“Fuck off dude. She’s taken.” Bucky snapped, looking over at Roman.

“Alright, let’s go.” you mutter, taking his hand and pulling him out of the club. Once outside, you turn to him with a frown. “What was that?”

“What do you mean, what was that? He had his gross ass hands all over you!” Bucky exclaimed.

“He was so close to confessing Bucky! Then you go and ruin it! What are we supposed to do now?” you sigh.

“Sorry that another man had his hand up my girlfriends dress, I’m sorry but mission or not, that’s not gonna happen.” he says.

“I was so close-”

“He’s lucky I didn’t get up and kick his ass right when he put his hand on your thigh.” Bucky cut you off.

You notice his pout and your anger automatically turns into giggles. “Are you jealous?”

He’s shocked at your words. “Wh-What? Pfft no. W-Why would I be I mean-” Bucky lets out a defeated sigh. “Why don’t you seduce me like you did with him?”

He acted like a child about it which you found amusing.

“What are you talking about?” the smirk on your face made it clear that you understood what he was talking about but you asked anyways, eager to hear his response.

“I had to hear you flirt up a goddamn storm with him and you’ve said things that you have never said to me. it’s not fair. Why does he get seduced better than me?” Bucky whined, followed by a pout and you let out a laugh.

“Seduce me.” he adds and you touch your cheeks because they hurt from laughing too much. When you burst into laughter again, Bucky frowned. “I’m being serious! Stop being mean to me.”

“Bucky, baby.” you giggle. “Are you really mad about that?”


“I’m sorry.” you respond, now calming down after your laughing session. “How about we go home and..” you trail off, biting your lip and he got the hint.

“Okay.” he nods as a smile finds its way to his lips. Being the jealous, clingy person he is, he draped his arm over your shoulder, pulling you close to him as the both of you walked over to the van the guys were waiting in.

Bucky knocks three times and the door opens. “You guys are gross. We could hear you guys talking.” Tony says as the both of you got in the van.

“Good. Then you know I’m getting laid tonight.” Bucky grinned, high-fiving Sam who laughed while Tony made a face.

A/N: I tried my beeeest don’t hurt me.


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anonymous asked:

Your fics are amazing. Would you mind writing a Jazekiel fic where the team runs into Ezekiel's ex bf who he's friendly with, and Jake gets jealous?

Thanks so much for the kind words <3 I’m sorry this is getting back to you so late but I really hope you enjoy, I know I had a ball writing it :D

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let’s all just take a moment to imagine a universe where, instead of Jason pulling all that Under the Red Hood stuff, he instead started hanging signs all over Gotham that read “unattended Robins will be given a free puppy and expresso” and then follows through. Tim starts showing up at the cave tied to a golden retriever and a triple shot from Starbucks. he is so confused. Bruce has to find homes for six puppies in one week. Tim hasn’t slept for four days and has heartburn

Title: Just a little green

Genre: humor, fluff because i can’t escape it

Summary: Minghao and Mingyu are getting closer and Junhui is totally okay with it, or not.

A/N: So a lovely anon requested this and I originally planned on making it short but then i was like “nah, lets make it into a full one-shot” and yeah, that’s what happened

It’s not that Junhui is jealous, no, it’s nothing like that, but he was Minghao’s friend first—would even go as far as to say his best-friend—so he had the right to be a little irritated at how close Mingyu’s gotten to the bboy. Junhui’s not too keen about sharing his things, even when he was little, and no that wasn’t being jealous, he just doesn’t like sharing. Jealousy and being overprotective are two totally different things.

Not that he’s overprotective of Minghao, nope, not at all. Wait, what are they doing now? That isn’t even practicing!

“He’s at it again,” Jihoon snickers from the floor, sweat-drenched cotton-candy hair stuck to his forehead. Junhui ignores it though because there’s nothing to laugh at.

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what a time to be alive

Cute captions under you and Tom’s instagram pictures Part 2

⚪I love Tessa more than I love him ( Picture of you and Tessa cuddling as Tom watch you with jealous eyes

⚫She loves puppies more than me ( Picture of you and Tessa)  

⚫” If I was your boyfriend” oh wait I am ( Video of Tom and singing to Bieber’s Boyfriend and the two of you laughing as Tom says “ wait I am”)  

⚪”Dancing Queen” ( short video of Tom dancing)  

⚫ “She’s the clever one in this relationship” ( picture of you on your computer with study books next to you)  

⚫ Meet my favourite designer here ! #graduate #proud

⚪Thank you for sticking with me when I am the most annoying #loveyou #bestfriendandboyfriend ( picture of you hugging Tom at your graduation)  

⚪Stole your mate, sorry Haz. ( picture of you and Tom in New York)  

⚫ Best summer holiday with the little one ( picture of you two in the Brooklyn Park)

⚫Happy Birthday to this little nut ! Sorry I ate your cookie ! ( picture of Tom kissing your cheek)  

⚪When your lover is a Gemini too and your birthdays are in the same week = birthWeek #stayinginbedforaweek #nojoke ( picture of you and Tom cuddling in bed)  

⚪Feet fight ( video of you and Tom feet fighting)  

⚫ She’s actually pretty good.. ( picture of you playing football/soccer with Harrison and Harry)  

⚫ So sad to say goodbye to this face, picture courtesy of mum ( picture of you two hugging at the airport)  

⚪Missing this sweatpea loads (picture of Tom in your glasses)

⚫ Throwback #shedidNOTwin (picture of you, Harrison and Tom playing Video games)

⚪Found this at the store, should I buy it ? ( picture of a magazine with Tom on the front cover)  

⚫ Reunited at last ( picture of you and Tom posing in front of his trailer)  

⚫ Found yourself a girl who can do both #mygirl #backoff ( edit of you and Tom being serious then making silly faces)  

⚪Quick shoutout to this handsome man. Get you someone who remembers you have allergies. #Bestboyfriend ( picture of Tom holding grocery bags)  

⚪Winner of best hugs right here. (video of you and Tom, where tom is literally laying on top of you, his face buried in your neck)  

⚫ Love you more than words (picture of you cooking.)

⚫ Why is she so perfect ! ( video of you playing the guitar and singing Give me love by Ed Sheeran)  

⚪Teaching the kiddo the guitar #harderthanitlookslike ( picture of you teaching tom how to play the guitar)  

why you should ship jimon (on shadowhunters)


easily jealous jace

sad puppy simon when he doesn’t get to spend time with jace

protective jace

love at first sight


bonus: simon already thinks jace is into him

(gif sources: x & x)

The Puppy

25 Days of Christmas - Day 3

“You’re jealous of a puppy?“

Pairing: Yuta x (female) reader
Genre: fluff

Originally posted by nakamotens

Groaning, you leaned against the back of your chair. You had two exams coming up and work was becoming even more of a hassle. You ran your fingers through your hair, shrieking when you noticed several strands of hair fell out. You sighed and rested your head on your desk. You were never going to be able to relax. Everything was piling up on you and you didn’t know if you could take it.

“Y/N? Are you home?”

“In here.” You responded throwing yourself back into your homework.

“Hey, you’re here!”

“Where else would I be?” You teased turning your chair around to meet your boyfriend’s eyes.

“At the library studying as always,” He stated before kissing your cheek, “I’m glad you’re home, I have a surprise for you.”

You were going to respond when you heard a small bark coming from the living room. He didn’t.

“Yuta, what are you planning?”

“Nothing, just an early Christmas present.” He replied casually. He shrugged his shoulders and reached for your hand.

“Yuta, you didn’t have to do that. Besides I have to study.”

“You study too much, just follow me.” He said pulling you out of your chair. He covered your eyes and led you to the living room of your apartment. You giggled and let him guide you to wherever the present was.


“Just show me, Nakamoto.” You giggled in response. Yuta kissed your cheek and uncovered your eyes.

“You got me a box?”

Yuta laughed and rushed over to the box. You gasped when you saw what was inside.

“A dog, Yuta! You got me a dog!”

“Yeah! I thought he could keep you company!” He exclaimed excitedly.

He may be happy about this, but you definitely were not. What was he thinking? The small yellow labrador yipped happily. Attempting to climb on top of your boyfriend.

“Yuta, I barely have time for myself! I can’t take care of dog! You need to take him back!”

“Y/N!” Yuta whined picking up the energetic puppy.

“Y/N nothing, take him back.” You sternly commanded. He brought the puppy closer to you and pouted. Oh no, this won’t work on you this time. You were going to be strong and demand him to take him back.

“Y/N, look how cute he is! I can’t get rid of him already that’ll break his heart.”

“Then take him with you.” You said walking back to your room.

You felt something bump into your leg almost causing you to trip. You looked down to find the puppy staring up at you with his tongue out. His tail wagging happily. You couldn’t deny how cute he was. The puppy yawned and snuggled into your legs.

“You know I can’t take him with me to the dorms. Fine, I guess I’ll just take this little guy back. He was the only one left, no one wanted him. All of his family were gone, I’ll just send him back to a cold empty cage.” Yuta commented reaching for him.

Don’t you dare, Y/N. Don’t you dare fall for those tricks! You looked at the yellow lab and noticed how elated he was to finally be loved and surrounded with other people. His little teeth gnawing on your boyfriend’s arm. Don’t do it, don’t do it!

“No! I-I’ll keep him until we find a better home for him.” You decided picking him up.

Dammit, Yuta, he got to you.

He smiled and kissed you lightly on your lips. “I love you so much, I’ll stay here too to help you out.”

“You better.”

You looked to find the puppy sleeping in your arms. He was cute, too cute. How were you going to get rid of him now?

“Well, looks like you’re my new roommate.”

I’m Usually someone would wake up to the sun rays warming up their skin. The light beaming through their curtains. Even their partner kissing and touching them repeatedly.

Luckily you got to wake up to dog spit all over your face. Very romantic and relaxing.

“Gross, stop it. Yuta, get your dog.” You grumbled trying to push the puppy away from your face.

“He’s your dog.” He groaned turning away from you. Hearing his voice, the puppy moved from you and jumped onto Yuta. Licking his face to get him up.

“How did he get out of his box?”

“It’s a box Yuta, it’s not that hard. We need to get him a leash, a cage, and some training pads.” You listed getting yourself out of bed. You walked towards the bathroom and felt something crumble underneath your feet. When you finally opened your eyes you groaned at what was in front of you.

“I see he found the dog food.”

“Rocky, you’re so smart!” Yuta yelled from the bedroom, followed by a small yip.

You giggled and made your way to the bathroom. Rocky, you liked that name. You sighed and splashed your face with water. Damn, that puppy was making a way into your heart.

“Good morning, my love.” Yuta greeted kissing your neck.

“Morning, breakfast?”

“Only if you’re on the menu.” He replied lifting you onto the counter. You laughed at his attempts to flirt with you and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“You’re so cheesy.”

“It worked didn’t it?” He teased, his teeth nipping at the skin in the crook of your neck. You pulled him closer and wrapped your legs around his torso. He grinded into you and kissed up your jawline and captured your lips in his.

The kiss was needy and wet yet still in control. His cold hands made their way underneath your tank and explored your warm skin, leaving you gasping in his surprise.

It was the perfect timing to be interrupted by a loud barking noise. You felt a furry head nudge your leg and broke the kiss to see what was going on. You looked down to see Rocky standing protectively in front of you, growling at Yuta.

“Whoa, I’m not hurting her. There’s no need to worry, Rocky.” Yuta said with his hands in a surrendering position.

“Cute, it’s okay Rocky. I promise I’m alright.”

You hopped off the counter and picked him up. He licked your cheek and wagged his tail happily. You walked out of the bathroom and made your way to the kitchen. Rocky was too cute for his own good, now you definitely couldn’t kick him out.

“Y/N, but I have a problem now!” Yuta whined from the bathroom.

You rolled your eyes and continued playing with Rocky. “Make sure you take him outside!”

You set Rocky down to wash your hands so you could cook breakfast. Good thing you didn’t have work because your apartment looked like trash. You needed to clean up more than anything.

“Rocky!” You cooed excitedly passing him a small piece of bacon. “Good boy, you’re such a good boy!”

“Don’t you have class to go to?”

“Not today, I get to spend all day with Rocky.” You said bending down to his level.

“I thought you said you didn’t want him.” Yuta stated crossing his arms.

“I-I don’t! I’m just spending time with him before we find him the perfect home.” You clarified.

Yuta scoffed and leaned back against the couch. He watched as you praised Rocky while making breakfast. He called out for you repeatedly, but you continued to ignore him. It’s not like Rocky needs all of that attention. You were going to give him away soon anyway.

Besides why can’t you just give all your attention to him? Your precious boyfriend who was in your life first.

“Uh Yuta don’t you have practice today?” You asked curiously as you set
breakfast on the table.

“No, I took time off to spend time with you, but you rather pay attention to a dog than your own boyfriend.” He muttered bitterly.

“What was that, babe?”

“I said nope, no practice today.”

“Oh good, then you can get everything else Rocky needs!”

“Oh goody.” He replied sarcastically.

You didn’t notice your boyfriend’s tone as you turned towards Rocky who laid by your feet. His curled sleeping form tugged at your heart. How could you give this sweet baby away?

Yuta rolled his eyes and pushed his plate away.

“You didn’t finish eating, are you alright?”

Yuta grunted and placed his plate in the sink. He grabbed his jacket off the chair along with his keys.

“Love you.”

“Mhm, you too.” You replied, but your focus was mainly on Rocky who slept peacefully by your feet. Yuta sighed left to get the supplies that were needed.

What did you see in that puppy anyway? He was just as cute as Rocky. Why couldn’t you give him just as much attention? If you wanted play this game again then fine.

He’ll get your attention.

“Y/N, I’m back!”

Yuta closed the door and removed his jacket. Not a second later Rocky runs and skids towards the door. His paws hitting against Yuta’s legs.

“You got everything, great!”

Yuta handed you the bags and followed you to the couch. He wrapped his arms around your torso and pulled you closer.

“What are you doing?”

“Cuddling, what does it look like?”

He attempted to pull you into his chest only to have you push him away. “Yuta, you’re doing it again.”

“Doing what, Jagi?” Yuta questioned innocently, hugging you tighter.

“You know what, what’s up with you?”

Yuta pouted and pulled you onto his lap, his hands keeping you in place while his face was buried in the crook of your neck. You sighed and tried to pry his arms off your waist but he was stronger.

“Jagi,” He whined, “Why don’t you love me anymore?”

You stopped what you were doing and turned towards Yuta. His face still hidden in your neck. You sighed and leaned back, your hand caressing his hair.

“Yuta, what are you talking about? Of course I still love you.”

“Then why have you been ignoring me? Ever since Rocky came in you’ve only been focused on him! I need attention too, jagi!” Yuta whined pulling away to look you in the eyes.

He expected to see guilt, maybe a bit of pity. Something to show that you felt bad. He wasn’t expecting to be laughed at in his face.

“It’s not funny, Y/N! It’s not fair!”

You’re jealous of a puppy? Are you serious, right now?”

Yuta groaned and rested his head on the couch. You sighed and laid on top of chest, poking at his cheeks.

“Hey, Yuta I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh, but it’s just so ridiculous. First you buy me the dog and now you’re jealous that I’m giving most of my attention to him. I guess I guess have been neglecting you a bit though. I forgot how whiny you are.” You teased.

Yuta pushed you off his chest onto the floor and trapped you between his arms. You giggled and brought his face closer to yours.

“I’m kidding, I love you more than anything and that’ll never change no matter how many pets we get. Okay?”

“Pets, so are you saying we’re keeping him?” Yuta asked nodding towards the sleeping puppy.

“Yes, Yuta, we’re keeping him.” You responded rolling your eyes.

“Also that’ll we’ll get more?”

“Don’t go overboard, limit yourself sweetie.”

don’t get jealous (it’s just puppy love)

So this just sorta happened. On AO3!

He didn’t care what anyone said, he wasn’t jealous of the freaking dog. He wasn’t.

So what if the stupid little thing had completely monopolized all of Stiles’ time and attention for the past week and a half? So what if Stiles had canceled two dates, three movie nights, and a pack meeting in favor of coddling the little bastard?

He wasn’t jealous. No matter what Erica said. It wasn’t jealousy, it was just annoyance. Plain, simple annoyance.

The puppy never shut up, always yapping and carrying on at the slightest provocation, like the whir of the microwave or the sound of leaves skittering across the ground, his high-pitched barking always giving Derek a splitting headache. He was always in the way, plopping down in the most inconvenient of places to bask in the sun filtering in from the wall of windows, weaving through Derek’s and almost purposefully tripping him.

And he pissed on everything. The floor, the couch, pillows, laundry, even on his own chew toys for God’s sake. Derek didn’t think the stench of dog piss would ever leave the loft.

But all that Derek could tolerate, begrudgingly so but tolerate nevertheless, if only it wasn’t for the fact that the puppy was out to completely sabotage Derek’s relationship with Stiles.

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