jealous of you kitty!

Archie looked jealous when Ronnie said that Jughead is Betty’s bf. But my question is why? Why do you, Archie Andrews, are jealous when you have Amazing-Beautiful-Hair-Valerie Brown or could have little-kitty-ronnie????

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Jaebum Im As A Boyfriend

-Both in personality and in Zodiac. JB is a Capricorn

-Matching couples outfits! Lots of them in black. 

“Black is a nice color, Jagi, just wear it you look cute.” 

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-Him being annoyed at how you coo at him when he smiles, but it makes him smile even bigger. 

“Aww, Bummie!”

                           “Stooop!” *Covers his face with a pillow*

-As a Capricorn it’s hard to win over JB, he takes love slow and methodical; but once he’s yours he will stay committed for life. 

-Cats. You must love cats, everything about them and want to have multiple cats. You’ll have five cats, an all white one, an all black one, one gray one, and two plain colored kitties.

“You kiss those cats more than you do me.” 

      “Jealous much?” *says while cuddling his favorite kitty*

-Holiday cards featuring you, Jaebum and the cats in matching sweaters. 

                                          *Don’t question it.*

-Having chill moments where you guys don’t talk you just enjoy each others presence and read, or watch TV. He’s quiet a lot, just thinking, recharging his batteries. Don’t think he’s mad, he’s just deep in thought. 

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-Born under the sign of the Capricorn, Jaebum shows his feelings for you through his actions and not his words. He may not say much; but what he does shows you how deeply he truly cares. Holding your hand, touching your face, bringing you food, genuinely asking about your day. 

-He loves taking pictures. Capturing your side profile in light, him behind you while you’re cooking. Maybe it translates into the bedroom. He’ll save the good ones in a folder marked: Jagi and Bummie.

-Subtle skinship. Your his, you know this but the way he slides his hand into yours when you’re sitting down. Or how his arm wraps around your waist when you’re watching the sunset confirms this. He’s all about the right touch at the right time. 

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-Those damn meme faces. You’re in the middle of a conversation and boom, blank faced stare. You’re sitting there wondering if he farted or if he’s contemplating black holes affect on space-time.

            “JB, do you hear me?”

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-Capricorns don’t usually have a big circle of friends. They prefer small, intimate relationships with people they can trust and depend on. Being a dependable sign themselves, this matters to them. The fact that Jaebum holds you so close is a sign of this. 

-He loves soul music, and you’ll constantly have him singing in your ear. Crooning some new hit by The Weeknd, Zayn, or someone. Walking in on him hitting that perfect note, and he just stares at you like: Yea, I did that. 

-Knowing that he has his moods, and gets angry easily. He doesn’t like to take his anger out on you so he just asks for his space.


           “I know >>>, just give me my space. I love you, but let me blow off some steam.” 

-He acts tough and cool, like nothing bothers him but he’s actual sweet and his feelings do get hurt. He probably doesn’t want you to know that, but he wishes you’d understand words bother him too. 

    “I have feelings too >>>, sometimes you just say shit like I don’t have a heart.” 

-He’s a protector. 

That’s one thing he will never back down from. He will stand up for you, your relationship and your love. JB doesn’t like to be bullied, and he can definitely dish out the sass. Don’t mess with his friends, or his woman. 

     “I would hope you weren’t talking to her. Idol or not I’ll kick your ass up and down this street.” 

-Capricorn JB knows how to manage time and money. You may think he doesn’t pencil you in, or think about you during his busy schedule; but he’s planning time ahead to see you and make you feel like his princess. Capricorns are hard workers, and realize hard work brings success, but they also know how to manage that time for important things and people. 

-Be prepared for Jinyoung and Youngjae to be your best friends. The people he is the closets to, would naturally be closest to you. Don’t be too jealous, that he hugs Youngjae in his sleep when they have to share a bed. 

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-Slow, sensual kisses. The kind that come from nowhere. You’re loading the dishwasher, and he comes over taking the plate out of your hand. Back against the counter, his warm hands cup your cheeks, as he moves his lips over yours. Tickling breaths against your mouth, he presses his lips against yours. Once, twice, the full effect of his mouth on yours, slowly driving your mad. 

-Teasing touches. He’s the type to squeeze your ass when no one is looking, or slap it coming down a hall. Pretending to not know whats going on when someone looks around. He kisses your knuckles with one hand on thigh. 

-Daddy in the bedroom. Nothing else leave your mouth, don’t let him have to tell you twice. Behind you with a handful of coils, curls or kinks he’s pile driving into you, teeth on your earlobe asking you just who you belong to. 

  “Say it, come on yobo I wanna her you.” 

       *you groaning as he gives your read end a slap*

   “Harder daddy.” 

         “That’s my girl.” 

The glory that is Jaebum shall not belong to just anyone! The perfect sweet and sassy girl, who can pull off a cute look one moment and melt ice with a piercing stare the next shall be his. JB is a man of action but also one to take it slow and plan out his next move. He’s methodical, yet daring. A soulful creature yearning to find the one he sings about in love songs. 

Five Times Marinette Failed to Hide and the One Time She Succeeded

Summary: Marinette has never been great at hiding, be it herself or her secrets.

AO3 / Ch 1, 2, 3

Chapter Three - Superhero 

Being a superhero was pretty great, Marinette had decided. It had helped her learn to manage time better, so she wouldn’t miss school, hanging out with friends, or her duties. She was pretty great at juggling different opportunities, if she did say so herself.

What she wasn’t so great at was finding spots to transform, and that wasn’t exactly her fault. People were everywhere! She lived in Paris, one of the biggest tourist attractions, and it wasn’t like you could just find that many areas with absolutely no people! Sometimes she just had to make do with what she had.

The results of that weren’t always so stellar. Sometimes she hid behind a tree thinner than her, and other times she dived behind a slotted bench, very well aware of the fact that it was poor cover. But, like she knew, she had to risk her identity and use her environment or she’d never have the chance to transform.

Really, she should’ve been prepared for the day someone found her out, but there she was, gawking at Juleka, who just stared back. She tried to say something several times, but each time, her words failed her.

Juleka broke the ice first.

“That… makes a lot of sense,” she said, a smile forming on her lips. She even looked a little impressed.

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Today is the 3 year anniversary of us bringing home French Toast!

Here’s to our sassiest kitty, and the most jealous. You love us fiercely.

I love that you secretly sleep on top of the fridge when we aren’t around. I love how you can’t stop wiggling your butt whenever you’re getting pet. I love how rapturously in love with my husband you are (photo evidence included). I call you his girlfriend, but you snuggle me once he leaves so we’re cool.

Stick around for 17 more years, okay?

Jealousy [ML, LadyNoir]

Ladybug confessing her love should have been the highlight of Chat Noir’s life. Too bad she was confessing about her crush on someone else. And now Chat is curious… LadyNoir. Oneshot.

“Won’t you at least tell me his name? Pwease?”

With a glorious sunset dimming the Paris sky, and leaving the lights to twinkle like far away stars, Chat Noir had really hoped tonight would be the night when Ladybug would accept his affections, together riding away with stolen kisses and happily-ever-afters.

He hadn’t expected Ladybug to confess her love for another guy.

Chat Noir didn’t want to press. The mood was right to talk about this stuff. The akuma was defeated, and Paris was falling into dream state. The Eiffel Tower was lit with dazzling lights not too far off. He just so wanted to know. What did this guy have that he didn’t?

Ladybug crossed her arms, her lips tugging into a smirk. “Why, you jealous, kitty?”

“No,” said Chat, quick as a whip. “I just want to know.”

Ladybug gave him a sympathetic stare. “Hmph, you’re a cat. You’ll stalk him.”

“No I won’t,” he replied. “Okay… maybe a little. I’m just curious.”

She smirked. “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Chat smirked too. “Satisfaction brought it back.”

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Green Cat

Summary: "You slick son of a bitch.“ Adrien muttered in wonder.

"Dude, you’re going to drill holes onto Nath if you keep giving him that look.”

A/N: Hmmmm Adrien being jealous hmmmm

Cat son has no chill no matter how many times he tells himself to chill

Adrien first noticed it one day after school.

He was walking out of the locker room after a brief call from Mr. D'argencourt saying that he would come to practice slightly later than usual, where a family problem came up and he would come to school after that as soon as possible. Adrien had his mask in his arm when he saw Marinette walking out of the library, a smile on her face as she started to walk down the stairs, holding her books to her chest.

He felt the corner of lips twitched, and was about to greet her when Nino came out behind her, laughing loudly at something she said that caused the girl to roll her eyes at him, before slapping his shoulder playfully as her bespectacled friend walked down beside her.

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ML reverse crush AU headcanons: (with 50% more Ladrien)

-Ladybug and Adrien interactions work on a much more casual level. I guess you could call it the Canon’s Marichat.

-Ladybug does try to impress adrien, similar to how chat tries to impress marinette in the initial canon. (Because hearing your friend say that your awesome is always fun)

-Ladybug has visited Adrien on occasion, to talk, and to chat about things. They both have talked about their crushes, (without revealing who they are). They offer each other tips.

-Ladybug likes talking to Adrien as Ladybug because he seems more relaxed, able to go beyond small talk much easier then when she is Marinette.

-Plagg has suggested that Adrien just date Ladybug, since he is so at ease with the heroine.

-They hang out just often enough to have people become suspicious of their relationship. Which Adrien states that they are just friends. He specified this in front of Marinette, (she didnt get why he did that tho, but nino and Alya did)

- Hilariously enough, Chat decided to tease ladybug about this. Saying “I have heard some rumors about you and the agreste guy. Are you cheating on me my lady?” And Ladybug was denying it. but then flirting back “does that make you jealous kitty.”

-Chat would laugh that off and then get in her face. “Purrhaps I might get a bit jealous, if you are giving him ear scratches.” 

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Hi, could I have a scenario where Kuro's s/o and Kenma are like best friends and they spend a lot of time with each other and Kuroo gets really jealous?? thank you :)

jealous kitty~ 

It wasn’t that Kuroo didn’t trust you, he really trusts you a lot. Yet even with that trust, he finds getting jealous over you spending so much with Kenma. 

Today he finally had enough.

“_____,” Kuroo called out as he ran up to join you walking home. “I rented some lame comedy moives. Wanta watch them this weekend?”

“Maybe. I already have Friday plans with Kenma and he might need me Saturday as well.”

Finally Kuroo’s jealously had enough of this.

“Why are you hanging out with him so much? Is he your new boyfriend or something?”

“Calm down Kuroo you and I both know he’s just my friend. Do you not trust me anymore or something?!” 

“No I trust you. It’s just…you’ve been spending so much time with him lately I guess I’ve been pretty jealous. Sorry…”

“Awww is Kuroo jealous because I haven’t been hanging out with him~” you teased. “Is he scared I’m going to leave him for Kenma~”

Kuroo froze. “Y-you’re not going to….right?” You could hear the worry in the poor boy’s voice.  

“Kuroo of course not. You’re the one I love,” you quickly pulled him into a hug. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have gone that far. By teasing you I was trying to show you that you’re being silly getting so worked up over this.”

“Thank you ______. I just let my jealously take over which was stupid,” he returned the hug. “I love you.”

“And I love you,” you smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek. “How about this, we go home tonight and spend some much needed time together doing whatever we want? Friday I’m unable to cancel on Kenma since we need to get this project done, but Saturday we can hang out some more!”

“I really like the sound of that,” he placed a kiss on your lips. “I like that a lot.”

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Could we get a small scenario or some headcanons on how Dazai, Chuuya and Ranpo would react to seeing their s/o cuddling her most precious plushie instead of paying attention to the guys please? Thank you!


Dazai would be whining out her name and trying every possible way to get her attention. He would go as far as to threaten her that he would commit suicide if she doesn’t give him attention, of course he is only joking and he isn’t serious. If he does succeed he will make sure to throw that toy as far away from them as possible, however if he doesn’t, then he’ll be a clingy whiney mess, something you wouldn’t want from him.

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Interview; Jim Moriarty X Reader

Requested by Anon: One shot where you pretend to be an interviewer and interviewing Richard Brook (you guys are dating, so you know he’s moriarty, but since he has to be Rich he has no time for you) and when kitty leaves the room it’s getting a bit heated? xx

“So, Mr. Richard Brook, you claim that you have some ratherinteresting information about a certain consulting detective?” you ask “Richard Brook”.

“Oh that he does! He has some inside tips about Sherlock Holmes that are sure to interest you,” Kitty Riley says to you, while hanging all over your boyfriend.

“Alright. What can you tell us Mr. Brook, speak clearly into the tape recorder please,” you tell him trying to hide the jealousy from seeing Kitty all over him.

You had been asked by Jim Moriarty, your boyfriend who was currently disguised as Richard Brook, to publish the article that would tear down Sherlock Holmes. “Well I happen to know that Sherlock has been paying someone to…” you tuned out to the rest of Jim’s words as you sent a death glare to Kitty. Your gaze was so fixed that you didn’t even realize that Jim had stopped talking.

“Um, Y/N?” he called.

You looked up to see Jim waving his hand in front of your face, pulling you out of your thoughts. “Right, sorry,” you said, taking one last look at Kitty.

Jim followed your stare and realized that you were actually jealous. “Um, Kitty? Do you think you could leave us alone for the rest of the interview?” Jim asked.

“Sure, I guess,” Kitty said, getting up. “I’ll be in the other room,” she told Jim, closing the door behind her.

Once she was gone, Jim looked at you. “Jealous are we?”

Your cheeks blushed with embarrassment and you looked away from his gaze. “Possibly?”

Jim laughed at your display of affection and leaned over to kiss you. You wrapped your arms around him and he grabbed your waist, pulling you across the table towards him. The feel of his fingers on you makes you deepen the kiss, his touch sending shocks to your very core. You grip his hair and grind your hips forward as he kisses you roughly, taking air when you can.

He follows your lead and you feel his member hardening beneath you. Your hand slides down his body and you firmly grasp him, making him gasp in pleasure. His cold hands slip under your shirt to fondle your breasts gently. You mess with his belt then unbutton and unzip his trousers. Grinning devilishly at him, you sink down, knees hitting the floor of the car as you level with his erection.

You lean forward and slowly lick him, driving him senseless as you circle your tongue around him before taking him in your mouth. You look up and him and see him close so you take the time to drive him insane while he thrusts his hips to get deeper.

He’s panting and you moan around his cock, still running your tongue up and down his length. You pull him out of you and he gasps ready to be sent over the edge. You do just that and tease him with your tongue, weaving it around the head and make him moan, irritated. He grabs you and pushes your head forward, making you take him in again.  Releasing his hip with one hand, you massage his base with your cold fingertips. Sucking hard, his thrusts return and you take him there to send him over the edge.

He moans and you can tell he’s quickly approaching his tipping point. You work harder to give him and his grip on your hair tenses. He is panting heavily and he finally orgasms and you swallow down everything.

You release him from your mouth and he begins to put himself together again. “Don’t worry my dear,” he tells you. “You will always be mine,” he says leaning in one more time to kiss you before Kitty returns into the room to finish the interview.

Blaine’s a catch and kitty!Kurt knows this. But since Blaine has already been caught, others should take a hint and back off. When they don’t, Kurt’s purr turns into a hiss. 

This is a fill for four prompts. All four asked for jealous/possessive!Kurt and two also wanted kitty!Kurt. I honestly can’t come up with four separate jealousy drabbles so I really, really hope no one minds. If you do, please tell me and I promise I’ll think of something <3  

More kitty!Kurt

When it comes to talent and enthusiasm, Blaine is not one of a kind in NYADA. In many other ways, however, he is very much one of a kind and people take notice of him. His own classmates quickly learn to recognize Kurt’s bitch glare that is disguised as a smile and so apart from a couple of attempts to flirt, they know that Blaine is off limits. 

But it’s not only his own classmates that have noticed Blaine. 

“Does that happen often?” Rachel asks one day as she sits down with Blaine for lunch. 

“Does what happen?" 

"Do people often offer to carry your tray for you?" 

Blaine shrugs. "I don’t know. It’s happened a few times, I guess,” he says and takes a bite of his sandwich. “People are really friendly here." 

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I Want You To Stay

Marley had to admit, she was rather surprised when Ryder had asked Kitty to hang out. But even more so when Kitty had accepted. It was pretty cute though, to see Ryder want to make the effort to get closer to Kitty and Kitty’s pouty face was also pretty adorable. She wasn’t sure what the pair were going to get up to, but as long as they both came back in one piece Marley knew they’d have fun. Plus this gave her the chance to spend a day with her mom and talk to her about stuff she’d been thinking about lately, how things were going, and how her summer overall had been. It really sucked not having her mom around since she had been off school, but with being off school meant that her mom was also out of work until September, even though the new school year was already fast approaching, she wasn’t quite ready to go back yet, but at least it was only one more year. Plus, maybe part of Marley enjoyed the late nights and the privacy with Kitty when it came to having taken the next step in their relationship, but time with her mom was also always a must. With her over time and taking up extra shifts Millie had made a few bigger paychecks and after everything was budgeted, had enough left over to get Marley a few new clothes for school.

As the pair wandered around Walmart, looking over clothing Marley and Millie continued to work on the idea Marley had. About letting Kitty move in. It was a stretch and she knew that Kitty would fight her. But both Rose women had been working for weeks and weeks on a plan and how everything would work out. And Marley had already sorted out her future extra curriculars for the year, leaving her open to getting a job, which she had planned to do anyway. So it would work out, hopefully. As long as Kitty didn’t fight her too much on it.

Disappearing into one of the change rooms with a sweater Marley glanced over her reflection, tilting her head a little to the side before shaking her head a bit and changing back into her t-shirt. Stepping out of the change room she stopped as her gaze fell on a certain Cheerio talking to….her mom? Well, this wouldn’t be good.

“Hey Mom, this one wasn’t really a good fit,” she said once she had appeared. “Hello, Bree” she greeted, trying not to let her confusion come through in her voice. Once Millie had gone to look for other options for Marley to try on she glanced at the girl, about to ask what she wanted only to get cut off as Bree spoke first.

“Can’t fit into even these clothes? I guess their slogan should be get more, weigh less”

There it was. Rolling her eyes Marley shook her head.  “You’re hilarious. Really. I’m going now”

“Oh come on, you’d think being Kitty’s bitch would have given you more of a backbone”

She knew she should have kept walking, just ignore Bree and keep walking but she didn’t. Of course.

“You can’t honestly expect any of us to believe that joke you’ve both got going on.”

Taking a few deep breaths Marley’s mind tells her to just walk away, but she still doesn’t. Instead, turning back around to face Bree. 

“It’s not a joke and personally our relationship is none of your business””

“Relationship? Is that really what your gonna call it? Look Little Miss No Boobs. For those of us that actually know Kitty, she only cares about one thing and that’s staying on top. And no, doe eyes. Not on top of you. But I’m sure she does there too”

“You don’t even know Kitty, Bree. Just because you are both Cheerios doesn’t mean you know her like I do.”

“Is that so? Do you guys have real long heart to hearts while you dig through the Goodwill bins? We know her better than you think. When Coach Sue left why do you think Kitty suddenly stepped up? To be head cheerio. Wasn’t that around the same time she started being nice to you? And when the cheerios went away for that sectionals competition do you think Kitty talked about how much she loved her ‘new friend Marley’. Being the head cheerio is a huge deal of course but you know what can boost someone’s popularity higher than the flyers get tossed? A charity case. And oh look, here you are.”

Ignore it…Ignore her. Just breathe. Slowly flexing her fingers against her sides Marley shook her head. “You…Kitty loves me, Bree. And you’re just jealous because you’ll never be head cheerio as long as Kitty is at McKinley”

“She tell you she loves you after long walks on the beach? No wait. Lemme guess. She told you she loves you before swiping your vcard didnt she? That wasn’t in the initial plan but I’m sure she had to find new ways to keep you on your toes after you almost died when her other plans fell in place.”


“Wake up Sour Patch. Kitty doesn’t give one shit about you. You are all that is keeping her at the top of the social pyramid. So while you sing and dance and motivate the glee club like I am sure she tells you to. Or spam your Instagram and whine to your mom about how much you love Kitty. Maybe instead you should be thinking about the fact shes planning how to push you off the wagon again. Because every time you made some sort of lame ass recovery Kitty got the praise for it. Everyone knew about your idiocy the last time because Kitty told everyone. Why do you think that sign was up in the hallways? No one even remembered who you were but they sure as hell saw Kitty standing there soaking it all in. I’m just looking out for you, it was about time someone told you. I mean it really is pathetic how you follow her around. And yes, us Cheerios have heard everything about your ‘relationship’ so you might wanna start keeping your trap and your legs shut. before McKinley is rocked with a new scandal this year and your precious girlfriend is right there in the spotlight”

Before Marley could even come up with something to say her mom had returned and Bree, of course. Was quick to chime in once more. Did she ever stop talking?!

“Thats a wonderful clothing choice. It’ll really bring out your eyes Marsbar! Well I’ll leave you two to your trip. It was nice to see you Miss Rose! Looking forward to seeing you on the daily once school starts up.” 

After bidding them both goodbye Bree took off and Marley had to resist the urge to cry…or smack something.

“She seems nice, how come you haven’t mentioned her before? I didn’t know you were getting closer with the popular kids sweetheart”

As much as she wanted to take the shirt her mom had found and throw it on the ground after Bree’s comments Marley didn’t, instead taking it and making her way back to the change rooms. She hadn’t ever liked Bree and she was sure the girl was just messing with her, like bullies do. But some of the things she said were a little too accurate and she had to wonder if someone was somehow finding things out…and from who.

She knew it couldn’t be Ryder because well he was Ryder not to mention she didn’t tell him everything since she knew it could either hurt his feelings or was meant to stay between Kitty and Herself. But, besides Kitty, Ryder and Unique were the only ones Marley really talked to but it couldn’t be either of them…they’d never do that. She was fighting hard with the thought that maybe Bree was right but she trusted Kitty…she loved Kitty. And sure, sometimes Kitty was a little too focused on being popular but that wasn’t a big deal! Plus with all of her parents neglect it only made sense. There was no way Kitty would ever do something like that. Especially not now. Kitty from two years ago maybe could have thought of it, but not now…Kitty loved her. And she knew that. So as she stepped out of the change room to her moms instant aw’d reactions about how nice she really did look Marley’s mind was racing and she couldn’t even pinpoint what emotion she was feeling.


After returning home and thankfully talking her mom into getting her a different shirt Marley had made a quick lunch/dinner for herself and her mom before she moved up to her room. Sitting on her bed she scooted back until she was against the headboard, curling her knees up to her chest she sighed as she wrapped her arms around her legs. She knew that Bree was just…full of it. And she really didn’t want to be this girl, but she couldn’t help it as the longer she sat there the faster everything she had been holding in at Walmart came out. When Scout tried to comfort her Marley ended up just crying more, but she was thankful for Scout being there a few minutes later once she had stopped the tears and had Scout burried against her side as she sat with a copy of Peter Pan against her knees. It was probably her twentieth time reading it, but as she flipped the page and moved on to the next chapter, she wasn’t too torn up about reading a book twenty one times.

25 Days of Klaroline: Day 14 – Klaroline + College

To Sir With Love (smut warning)

Present Day…

Caroline walked towards the door, clutching her essay in her hand apprehensively. She raised her hand to knock noting his name in big bold letters, Professor Niklaus Mikaelson - Director of Archaeology.  

“Miss Forbes?” He asked as he opened the door.

“Professor Mikaelson,” she answered. “I’ve come to see you about my latest assignment.”

“Yes, of course Miss Forbes,” he said formally. “Please come in.”

She smiled slightly before entering his rather cramped office. Books of all sizes and colours lined the walls and his wooden desk was strewn with papers. She figured he must have been doing some marking before she arrived.

“So what seems to be the problem?” He asked, closing the door behind her.

“Well considering my latest grade, I thought you might be able to give me some tips on how I can improve.”

“Let me have a look,” he took the paper from her outstretched hand and placed it on the desk. A bright red 99% was marked at the top. “Oh yes I can see the problem now.”

He raised his eyes from the paper, sending her the usual cheeky smile that drove her crazy.

“So what can I do about it sir?”

“Well I’m afraid this might take a while, feel free to make yourself comfortable,” he murmured gesturing towards the chesterfield couch in the corner.

“If you insist,” she replied unzipping her dress and letting it slip down so it puddled at her feet. She watched as his eyes flicked over her body slowly, devouring each curve as he made his way southward. She felt herself stir knowing she would never grow tired of him admiring her like that.

“You wore the red,” he remarked, his voice husky with desire.

“I know it’s your favourite,” she grinned. “Now, how about you come over here and give me some of those tips.”

“Oh, more than glad to comply love,” he smirked. “Although past experience tells me you don’t need much help in that area.”  

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