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The past few days have been so hectic; balancing school, work and doing chores around the house was way more difficult than you thought. You finished one of your essays due on Monday and closed your eyes for a moment. You pushed the chair back with your feet and closed your eyes for a moment. You exhaled softly and thought about how much you could use a moment of relax and maybe some sleep and a piece of cake too. But for now, you still had to organize the pile of boxes you left in the living room last night. 

Due to a disagreement with the previous owner of your apartment who didn’t like the idea of you taking care of two cats, you had to move out quickly in the middle of the semester. With your upcoming finals next week and the other three essays you had to write, you barely got any sleep the past few days. Except for a couple of hours, you were working every single moment of the day. As you got up from your chair your vision got blurry and everything went dark at once. You felt as if you were falling in an endless pit. 

When your phone woke you up later, you found yourself lying on the floor with a couple of crashed books next to you and your phone which was continuously ringing. 

“Hey babe. What’s up? I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes now, did you forget about our date?”

Daniel’s voice was soft and you smiled when you heard it. You even forgot you had a date with your boyfriend that day; you were forgetting a lot of things lately as it seems. You tried getting up, but fell down again feeling too weak and frail.

“Yeah… I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to cancel, Daniel. I’m really sorry, but I didn’t finish arranging the apartment and it’s all still so messy around here.”
“Well… then I guess, I’ll see you some other day. I’ll just go back to practice.”

He ended the call with a sigh and it only made you feel worse. You finally got up and made yourself a cup of tea. You started opening the boxes and placing your belongings around. You smiled at the framed photo of you and Daniel. He had his arm around your shoulder and was kissing your cheek as you made a silly face at the camera. You placed it on the glass table in front of the couch and sat down. You sipped a bit of tea and passed a hand through your hair. 

“This freaking headache” you mumbled to yourself but were interrupted by the doorbell. You looked up surprised because no one announced their visit.

“Surprise!” Daniel yelled excited when you opened the door. He kissed your lips sweetly and entered before you could even invite him. “I got your favorite ice-cream and pizza…”
“Thank you, babe.” you said closing the door.

He placed the two bags on the kitchen counter and came back to give you a backhug as you put away one more empty box. He turned you around, but his smile changed into a frown when he saw the dark circles under your eyes and how pale you looked.

“What happened to you?!”
“I’ve just been really busy lately…”
“Baby… you know that I am always here for you, why didn’t you ask me to help you? Is this why you cancelled our date?” 
your answer was fast and you started tugging at your sleeve unconsciously.

It was an old habit of yours, whenever you were lying or feeling bad about something you would start tugging at the end of your sleeve. And Daniel knew. He knew you so well, better than you knew yourself. He motioned you to sit on the couch and he sat down next to you. His hands were holding yours tightly.

“So… what really happened?” he asked raising your chin with his index finger so you can look at him.  
“I didn’t get enough sleep and also didn’t really ate much lately so… before you called me I fainted. But it’s nothing serious! I am fine now!” you said trying to defend yourself, but he was staring at you a bit disappointed.
“Babeeeee…” He whined and hugged you closer. “Why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve come and bring you food. Don’t you ever lie to me, ok? I really, really love you and I don’t want anything happening to you. From now on, we are gonna have lunch and dinner together everyday! I am not accepting no as an answer!” 

He kissed you one more time and held you close for what felt like the longest time. He placed a sweet kiss on top of your head and dragged you to kitchen.

“I am gonna cook you the most delicious dinner ever!” he said pulling out the box of pizza out of the plastic bag. 
“You are literally just putting ketchup on a slice of pizza, Daniel.” 
“Yes, but it’s delicious! No need to be jealous on my cooking skills babe, I am gonna be your personal cook for your whole life.”

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (3)- Date Day

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Summary: You’re a medical student and a hunter. Your parents died, killed by a demon, and you picked up where they left off. No one knows about it and you live a perfectly normal life. What’s gonna happen when someday you run into Dean Winchester, having no idea, that he’s a hunter, too?

Word count: 1083

Paring: Dean x Reader

Warnings: some sad memories, fluff in general

Beta: @manawhaat

A/N: Originally, it was going to be half of the chapter but life happened so, sorry about that. Next part is going to be out a little sooner than a week later, I hope.

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The ride was quiet at the beggining but soon you found Dean humming lyrics and’ melodies along with the radio, his smile bright when you joined him a few times. You quickly grew fond of the low purr of Baby’s engine and started to feel the old arms of comfort wrap around you as you rode in the classic car, even if nervous butterflies had settled themselves in your stomach in Dean’s presence earlier. Honestly, you just loved roadtrips. When you were young, you would drive hundreds of miles with your dad only for the sake of travelling. Too bad you would never be able to experience it again. You smiled at the memories and set your gaze on the blurry world outside of the window. 

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Perhaps one with the reader as a ravenclaw, getting attacked in the halls by some Slytherins but Draco saves her because he has a huge crush on her?

The simple truth was, Y/n L/n, Ravenclaw Prefect, Chaser, top of her class, the astonishing student, was bullied. Her friends thought it was because people were jealous. After all, she had exceptional grades, an exceptional personality, and exceptional quidditch skills. While all these fine things were true, she was still a very insecure girl. Her looks weren’t as exceptional, like every other aspect of her life. Her glasses were bigger than her face, and on extreme pressure, a childhood stutter would make an uninvited appearance. A house all too eager to take advantage of her scare-induced stammer were the Slytherins. They would take time out of their day to tear her down to shreds. Every second she had to herself, a snake would appear, taunting her and ruining her time. Most of her thoughts, when they weren’t occupied by responsibility, were filled with thinking on how to avoid the house. Like stated before, she was a very smart girl, but a certain detail slipped her mind, and the minds of other’s. The one boy, known to everyone to cause trouble, never said one unkind word to her. He would, usually, lead the pack of bullies, ready with insults at anyone who wasn’t of his elevated status. However, y/n never noticed he simply wasn’t around for her moments in the spotlight. Speaking of, it seems another minute of her fame was about to begin.

She walked down the hall, exhausted after a long practice with Ravenclaw for their upcoming match against Hufflepuff. She pulled her duffle bag up her shoulder, sighing in distress. She removed her glasses, momentarily, to wipe off the lenses from hours of sweating, when a chime of laughter was heard. Y/n spun around, met with three, well known Slytherins. Blaise Zabini, Millicent Bullstrode, and Pansy Parkinson were all sauntering towards her in a most menacing manor. “Well, well, well..” Pansy sung in a very cliche voice. “If it isn’t our little Ravenclaw? Awe, have trouble keeping up with your sweat? Here, let me help wipe off your glasses!” Blaise snatched the pair, throwing them to the ground. “Hey! S-st-st-stop that!” Millicent laughed, boisterously, “S-s-s-sorry? What was that? Could you repeat?” The three jeered as Zabini lifted his foot. “L/n, love, your glasses are right under my foot.” She began to tear up, “P-Please don’t.” He smirked, “On your hands and knees.” She lowered herself, reluctantly. “Reach your hand forward.” Her right hand crept towards him, her fingers brushing the frames of her glasses. Right as she was about to grab them, he crushed the glass. The crunching sound caused all her tears to appear from hiding. Blaise leant down, whispering. “I wanted to hear your pathetic cry when you found out you could’ve saved them… if you weren’t so weak.” He laughed along with the girls, watching her blindly pick up what was left. “Zabini!” He turned to see Draco, running towards him. “What are you all up t-” He stopped talking, immediately, when he saw the mess of h/c hair. “What did you do?” He talked more to himself than his friends. His breath caught as he saw her sob on the floor. “Bud! You missed the show!” Pansy laughed, “It was a SMASHING success!” Draco shivered in pain as he watched her cry for help. It had been five years of observing from a distance. For, what seemed like ever, he had admired her from the other side of the classroom, or secretly shown up to her games. No one knew, or noticed, but he spent much of his time near the Ravenclaw common room. Even he, himself, didn’t realize it until third year. During the Yule Ball, his heart broke to see her dance with Oliver Wood, but nothing matched the pain he felt at that moment. Sure, he had known she was pushed around, but to see her sob in front of him was too much. This was Draco Malfoy’s breaking point. He grabbed his wand from his coat, pointing it at the Slytherins. “What on earth are you doing?” “LEAVE HER ALONE!” Blaise laughed, condescendingly. “What’s wrong? Has your eaglet made you cry?” Draco gulped, his eyes narrowing. “Come on. Put your wand down, and we’ll go back to the common roo-” “STUPEFY!” The three fell to the floor, in a sudden slumber. He looked at y/n’s curled form, watching her back fall and rise with each cry. He knelt to the floor, removing her hands from her face. “Hey, are you okay?” She shook her head, pointing to the remnants of her spectacles. “N-n-n-n-no.” He bit his lip, brushing the hair from her face. Her e/c eyes glittered like crystals, amplifying the color in her hair. Draco’s breath quickened as he caressed her face. He knew it would be considered wrong to have such..desire..for a Ravenclaw, let alone a halfblood, but at this point, nothing mattered but those lips. She looked up at him, trying to figure out who he was. “A-Are you McLaggen?” He muttered a ‘no,’ trying to use her inability to his incline. “Here, let me get you to your common room.” He grabbed her glasses, and led her to the Ravenclaw tower. After all, he could find his way back to her common room from any place in the castle. He kept an arm around her hunched figure, and rubbed circles on her back. Once they reached their destination, he sighed. He grabbed the broken glasses, whispering ‘oculus reparo.’ He handed her the glasses, blushing. She put them on, hugging him right after. “Thank you so so much!” He tightened the hug, smiling into her hair. “No trouble at all.” She examined his green robes, her eyes widening. “You’re a Slytherin?” He cleared his throat, ignoring the question. She left the hug, gaping at who she saw. “M-M-M-M-Ma-Mal-” “Yeah. Why, is it surprising?” She nodded, grinning internally. “I-I just d-didn’t think you, would um, you know.” He became red and tapped his hands along his sides. “Yes, um, right. So, I guess I’ll, um, go, I guess. So, er, bye.” As he went to rush away, she caught his shoulder, resting her warm hand on him. “Hey, if you want, I’d like to thank you properly. How about Three Broomstick’s tomorrow at 4? My treat!” His face lit up as he lifted her in the air. “I’d love to! I absolutely cannot wait!” Once he realized how spontaneous he had been, he lowered her to the ground, stammering. “I-I-I-I-I-I am sorry. I will see you tomorrow.” She smirked, “See you, too.”