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Can we get some jealous Keith?

decided to make this one kinda go along with the “beauty chat” from earlier lmao 

(p.s. i’m so glad jealous!keef is getting more love because honestly it’s super fun to do… don’t get me wrong i’ll always be a jealous!lance girl but this is a blast lmfao)

if you have a daughter who will you introduce to?

Xiumin : None!

Suho : Sehun

Jongin : Cannot! no way cannot be sehunnie

Sehun : What?

Jongin : You cannot date any girl

Sehun : Why

Jongin :… will be sad everyday .. ;’(




“Anonymous asked: … Can i request a jealous Keanu reaction gif?”

*whispers* Let me just say, I’m sorry about how long this took, It was somehow a lot more difficult than I was anticipating. So, thank you for your patience. Please, take these gifs of Keanu that could most?? likely?? pass as him being jealous/possessive/protective, as a (1/3) part consolation present.


Flamethrower Fanworks Masterpost

Yep I’ve decided that @deadcatwithaflamethrower ( Flamethrower ) gets a dedicated masterpost.  WARNING MANY OF THESE CONTAIN SPOILERS!!

After all I have written poems for:

Qui/Obi across multiple fics (listed in the poem tags)

Pipes Play and Choirs Sing



Re-Entry (+ Re-Entry Journey of the Whills)

We Exist
Veils and Masks (What Lies Beyond)
A Quiet Love
No Words Needed
Best Kept Secret
Ironwood Blue

Not a Chosen One (submission)
Not a Chosen One (art version)
Kenopsia (submission)
Fuck You I Win *a Venge theme song

Swung by Serafim

Restorative Draught
sense  (art version)
Friends from Allies
All’s Well
(no) happy ending
drums beat deep beneath
Sing Sorrow
Deceiving Appearances
The Unicorn and the Thestral
Fire and Flame
This Is It
It isn’t Over
(oops i forgot to title this one)
mask (hey this one has a name similar to one of the early ones XD)
Never Again
And Yet
Year’s End
freely given

AU: What even is this (an Ending Scene) (ficlet)

Of a Linear Circle

Stay Close

Ashlesha (Awaken the Stars #1) 

Refuse to Die
Take My Arms that I Might Reach You (Audio Link)
This is Love

Euan Debates His Life Choices (fic)  (AO3)
Draw Me (fic) (AO3)

(please note that July is an AU and Draw Me takes place in that AU)

jokes aside, can we just talk about bum killing or even helping kill jieun is 10 times worse because bum can relate to jieun. he was in her shoes once. catching themselves falling in love with sangwoo - his kindness, his sweet nature - only to find he’s anything but. entire perception of sangwoo’s character crumbling before their frantic eyes. jieun will go through the same bout of disbelief bum did, the same tears, the same fear for her life and while her pleas mirror his own, bum will have to kill her. he’s going to have to kill someone who was in the same shitty position he was months ago. that’s pretty huge.


Jenkins in S3E9 - “And the Fatal Separation”


Hong Jong Hyun’s reaction to his wife’s CHEATING Dancing with another guy in front of him.

It’s great finally seeing some kind of jealousy from Jonghyun (like we can’t tell that you’re forcing that smile.. aigooo) and how Ahyoung was always conscious of her husband watching her. ;D

Gif credit: imshineejuliette :D

PS. Stop by and say hi! :D i wanna meet all the Jjongah fans out there :D I’m going to be making more jjongah gifs

Friends are cool but friends all in black are cooler

Jealous (Jack G)

Word Count: 400+

Jack and I just arrived to Sammy’s cookout when Sammy invited me into the kitchen. I didn’t know why and neither did Jack, but I trusted him since we were basically best friends. We were always hanging out and I don’t know how Jack felt about it, but I think he was starting to get jealous. Jack watched as I entered the kitchen from the backyard. “I need help with these burgers and I’d figured I’d ask you and you could give me credit.” Sammy said, embarrassed.
“Sammy, you have to be kidding me. They’re burgers. You put them in a pan, season them, and flip them a few times until they’re done.” I laughed.
“Y/N, please. I tried making some earlier and it just wasn’t working. They kept falling apart and the cheese melted all over the place and I don’t even know which seasoning to use.” He looked at me, “Please.”
I shook my head and chuckled, “I guess, Sammy, but you owe me one. Like those really, really good chocolate desserts you make. Yes, those are amazing. Almost as amazing as my cooking in general.”
He smiled and hugged me, “Of course.” He said as he kissed my cheek.
“So,” I said as I put a couple burgers in a pan, “I think Jack is a bit jealous of how much we hang out.”
“He shouldn’t be, I mean, we’re literally just friends. No feelings whatsoever. Maybe a little hots because let’s face it, you’re hot, but everybody knows that.”
Jack walked in the kitchen, “Can I have my girlfriend back now?”
“Listen, dude. I’m sorry if we come off as thinking we like each other, but we don’t. We’re just best friends.” Sammy tried explaining.
“Yes, I’m sure. You guys literally hang out every day, it could be all day or twenty minutes. Either way, you see each other at least once a day, it’s annoying.”
“Baby, I love you. I love Sammy, too, but as a best friend. You have nothing to worry about. I promise.”
He looked at me and sighed, “Okay.” He smiled and walked over to me, whispering in my ear, “Just wait until we get home.” He smirked and walked back outside as I felt the blood rush to my face.
I turned around and started seasoning the burgers thinking about what would happen later on that day.

Jealous Kyungsoo!

•"Jongin you are so dead when we get home"

•"Having fun over there?“

External image

•"Looks fun…”

External image

•"Don’t do that"


•"Stop that”

External image

•"You are not siting with her…Nope…No"

•*Inserts Thoughts*

•"Why don’t you move away?!“

•"Back off”

External image

•"Byun Baekhyun! Chanyeol will know about this!“

External image

•"Too long to be a normal hug, stop that”

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It seems like our Kyungsoo is much more jealous than we see (;


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