jealous mickey

Can we talk about this scene?

Three seconds in, we’re shown Ian staring longingly at Mickey. Stuck in his daydream. 

He’s snapped out of it when Dr. Douchebag comes in. Dr. Douchebag is immediately jealous. And Ian’s there like Shit, I didn’t want you two to meet.

Then we have Mickey not liking the way the redhead and Dr. Douchebag are talking. 

And some more jealous Mickey

Some smug Ian because he’s realised that Mickey’s jealous

More jealous Mickey

A barely noticeable smug smile from Ian.

Another smug smile from Ian with a Jealous Mickey in the background. 

Even more Jealous Mickey.

If we didn’t know it before, I think that this is the scene where we know Ian and Mickey are endgame. 

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The sejou third years but with pretend babies that are mechanical and stuff. You know how they do it for health classes. How do you think it goes?

It goes terribly. absolutely catastrophic… for Oikawa
The poor guy tries his best - he’s changed his baby’s diaper, fed it, tried to rock it to sleep for two hours straight, but the baby just does NOT stop crying

Iwaizumi finds it completely hilarious (”finally Oikawa! something you suck at”)
Unlike the other, he does fairly well with his mechanical child. He always knows exactly what it needs and is quick to stop its cries
when Oikawa asks how he’s so good at handling his baby, Iwaizumi simply tells him he’s had years of experience from being best friends with one

Hanamaki and Matsukawa are absolute pros
No one knows how they do it, but the two handle it like its second nature
Oikawa accuses them of tampering with the babies, but the moment he touches one they start crying

Matsuhana talk to their babies like they’re the real deal and literally have zero shame coo-ing and gushing over how cute their children are
They’ve already decided that their babies are going to grow up together, attend the same schools, and eventually fall in love (blatant winks at Oikawa and Iwaizumi)
They carry their babies around with them everywhere, strapping them to their chests using their jackets as a harness.

Matsuhana keep their babies away from Oikawa because he’s just a bad baby omen and they don’t want their kids to be tainted by his “poisonous touch”

Keep touching him and Ill break your fingers

Paring: Gallavich

Request:Prompt: Ian and Mickey are seeing each other in secret. There is a party in the Alibi and a slow song comes on. Knowing Mickey doesn’t want their relationship out Ian accepts a dance from another boy. Mickey gets jealous and reveals his feelings.

Words: 1111

“But wouldn’t be even more fun if we went together?” Ian asked Mickey as he laid on his bed and watched Mickey go through his closet. Mickey and Ian had been together for months and of course it was all in secret. Even with Mickeys dad in jail, he always seemed to get out and Mickey didn’t want to put Ian in that kind of danger. Although Ian thought it was a sweet way of showing him that Mickey cared about him enough to worry about his safety, Ian hated that he had to hide his love for Mickey. Deep down inside Mickey hated it too, he hated that he had to always stand somewhat far away from him and unless they were in his room or in the dug out when no one was around he couldn’t kiss him. It was hell to see Ian’s smile from a far and feel his heart skip a beat but also ping in sadness because he couldn’t be the one making Ian laugh at that moment. 

“Ian, we have been over this” Mickey told him, yet again. He hated having this conversation, he hated that it broke Ian’s heart a little more each time he said “we can’t” or “its not safe”. He wished he could just take him, and kiss him or have his arm around him protectively and it upset Mickey to be the one who always had to shut him now when he asked.

“I know, Its fun to imagine though” He signed before getting up and giving Mick a kiss on the cheek before leaving

“I love you” Mickey called out. Normally he wasn’t the one to say these kind of things and around others he probably wouldn’t. He was to afraid for being judged. He liked what he liked and that shouldn’t change anything but to others it might and he feared that.

Ian stopped and turned around to give him a sad smile.

“I love you too Mick, Ill meet you here after the party” He told his boyfriend before turning back around and losing the door behind him. 

“Fuck” Mickey whispered to himself. He hated this, all of it.

When Mickey got to the party he was already on edge and went right to the bar, asking Kev for a shot- or maybe 3. He couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation between him and Ian, he knew that sooner or later they’d have to come out or someone would catch them and secretly he had been hoping for weeks that someone would so they wouldn’t have to be a secret anymore but that was just him being a pussy. Of course he was scared of his father, wouldn’t you be? He loved Ian and part of that love was protecting him from all the bad things the world has to throw at Ian, including his dad.

Ian looked over and met Mickey’s sad eyes, giving him a small nod, meaning he knew and it was going to be okay, that he loved him. Mickey understood, they had an amazing way of talking without any words, the nod gave Mickey reassurance that everything was going to be okay.

“This song is for all the couples out there” Kev told everyone before putting on a slow song and walking over to V. Mickeys eyes flashed to Ians who than gave him a sad smile before a boy walked over to him. 

“Want to dance” The boy asked Ian, giving him a very cute smile.

“Um- ah” Ian had no idea what to say. Did he want to dance with this boy? No. but Ian was an openly “single” gay boy and he had no reason to say no, well he did but no one knew about that.

“What? Do you have a boyfriend or something?” Well fuck. Ian thought to himself.

“Well no-” Ian didn’t get to finish before the boy had taken his hand and brought him to the floor, putting one of his arms around Ian’s waist. None of this felt right. They danced for about a minute before Mickey swallowed a shot hard and decided he had watched enough and it was time to put a stop to it. He walked over to them, Ian catching sight of what was about to happen, his eyes going wide.

Mickey walked up to the boy, poking his shoulder. The boy dancing with Ian stopped moving and looked over at Mickey.

“Keep touching him like this and Ill break your fucking fingers” Mickey told him, anger peeking through his voice. Ian just silently laughed as the boy- Jack was his name. Had let go of Ian and fully turned around to look Mickey in the eyes.

“Red over here said he didn’t have a boyfriend” Jack smirked, trying very hard to piss Mick off, it was working.

“Yeah well he does” Mickey told him, cracking his knuckles.

“Oh lord here we go” Ian laughed, causing Mickey to smirk as his boyfriend.

“Well maybe we can share him” Jack said, again doing that step smirk that really pissed Mickey off. Before Ian knew what was happening Mickey had thrown a punch that landed him on the floor, Ian was still standing a few feet away, laughing at loud at this point. God he loved his boyfriend.

The music stopped and everyone’s eyes were on Mickey, Ian and the boy on the floor.

Now or never Mickey” he thought to himself before standing up straight and meeting some of the eyes looking at him.

“I just want everyone here to know Im fucking gay” Ians mouth dropped as everyone cheered before going back to drinking and partying, No one was judging him or fighting with him, no one had asked him to leave. No one cared and Mickey liked it that way.

He turned around, making his way to Ian but making sure to kick jack who was still sitting on the floor with his nose in his hands.

“You came out” Ian smiled as he took Mickeys face in his hands.

“I came out” He repeated Ians words, placing his forehead on his boyfriends. Their eyes staring back into one another’s.

“No more hiding” Ian whispered as he places his lips on Mickeys. For the first time in over a year of them dating their kiss wasn’t in secrete with no one around or in Mickeys bedroom. They weren’t in fear or someone catching them. They stood in the middle of everyone, kissing and smiling like to idiots and nothing made either of them happier.

“I love you” Mickeys aid again, for the second time today as he pulled away. But this time people heard them, none of it was a secrete anymore. Everyone knew Mickeys feelings for his redhead and nothing made either of them happier.

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why do you think Mickey turned up at Ian and Ned's date that one time, (obviously he was jealous) but like what do you think was his plan,

We’re pretty sure a plan was the furthest thing from Mickey’s mind in the moments leading up to him showing up to watch Ian on his “date”. For one thing he made it known to Ned he was there. If he had thought about what that action would look like to anyone else we doubt he would have gone at all. But he didn’t think about it, he just acted. 

The moment Mickey showed himself to Ian and Ned he was declaring Ian meant something to him. He was reacting purely on instinct. Before Ian all of Mickey’s instincts were tuned to self-preservation, but once Ian entered in the picture that all began to change.

As far as Mickey being jealous, we agree he was most certainly jealous, but we can’t help but wonder if his jealousy wasn’t more because Ned was able to be “out” with Ian and at that time Mickey was not. 

ICYMI Pt 12--3x03

Now we’re going to talk about the infamous pedophile episode and as much as I want to criticize our society’s double standard for sexuality at young ages and how that transcends into how we view pedophilia, I will try to keep off that soapbox and keep it contained to the Gallavich topic. 

So first and foremost, after Debbie sees a man masturbating on the bus, Lip and Ian have this idea to see if there are any sex offenders living in their neighborhood, and it turns out that there is one only a couple of blocks over. So they go to get the Milkovich family upon Mandy’s suggestion, and they all congregate at this pedophile’s house only to find out that the pedophile is a woman. 

Instantly everyone calms because she’s a woman and we have been taught never to hit women (also this changes how the mob empathizes with the victim) so the question then is why do we look at pedophiles differently if they are women? Why is it more socially acceptable for teenage boys to be sexually active with grown women but inappropriate for teenage girls to be sexually active with grown men? (Hopefully I don’t have to explain this but I will clarify I am not trying to say that it is okay for young girls to have relationships with older men or young boys with older women or any other variation of this. What I am saying is we need to stop criticizing young girls who are interested in sex at an early age if teenage boys are the same way, stop acting as though young boys are capable of sexually fending for themselves while treating our young girls like china. To make it even clearer, I’m saying we need to protect our young boys as much as we do our young girls or come to some kind of compromise. We also need to keep in mind that older women who have sex with teenaged boys (or girls) are also pedophiles. It is pedophilia regardless of the gender of the pedophile and we as a society need to come to that understanding.)

 I will now step down from that soap box and return to topic of Gallavich… 

I can already see the snarky comments about that rant…


So the number one thing about this scene that is important for Gallavich in particular is when she tries to justify her pedophilia by saying that she served her time and paid for her “mistake,” then redefining her “mistake” as love. 

At the mention of love, Mickey looks to Ian and this really shows that maybe Mickey is already starting to consider that he may be in love with Ian, at least on a subconscious level.

After the party disperses, Mickey tries significantly too hard to act straight. 

 This could be a direct response to his halted revelation that he definitely feels something for Ian and is desperately trying to convince himself that the relationship he has with Ian is physical and that he is not gay. 

In a desperate attempt to cling to his masculinity and heterosexuality he asks someone who has a reputation for being easy if she wants to have sex 

This is a depressing and almost shocking attempt to cling to his heterosexuality to prove to people that he doesn’t even need to prove his sexuality to that he’s not gay and that frankly is tragic to me.

Ian, seeing this for exactly what it is tries to ignore it . Of course, we find out later that Ian can’t just forget it because even though Mickey is desperately trying to cling to his perceived heterosexuality, Ian can’t help but feel jealous that Mickey got involved with anyone at all…

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Ian Gallagher x Reader

*not my gif 
Summary: You and Ian are best friends. You were the very first person that knew Ian was gay, however, being best friends with Ian for so long, you started to fall for him. But you didn’t know how to tell him. 
A/N: My very first reader story. I hope you enjoyed this bit. Requests are open so don’t be shy now. :) x

Music blasting inside Y/N’s truck, while Ian and her are playing card games. “Boom, Uno!” Y/N said, dropping her cards downs, laughing and clapping at the same time. Ian laid back and sighed.

Y/N looked at a frowning Ian and smiled. “Come on, Gallagher. Its just a game.” Y/N said, placing her hand on Ian’s leg. Ian looked back up to her and giggled. “Well, maybe next time lets not play Uno.” Ian said, sitting back up, crossing his legs.

Y/N looked at him and just adored how handsome he looked tonight. Ian and Y/N always hang out at her truck every night. It’s like their tradition as best friends. Y/N started to developed feelings for Ian ever since she felt jealous about Mickey and him having a relationship. But she didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want Mickey and Ian’s relationship to end because of her and she doesn’t know how to tell Ian that she likes him because she knows that Ian would never have the same feelings towards her.

“So, how’s you and Mickey?” Y/N asked, lighting up a cigarette. “Well, Mickey and I are having a bit of ups and downs lately but overall, we’re fine. Mickey is a such a sweet guy, isn’t he?” He smiled, happily. Y/N puffed out a smoke and faked a smile. “Mm-hm”

“I just hope that one day, we’ll have kids together, get married and live in a beautiful house. I would really want to wake up in the morning Mickey lying down beside me in bed and give him morning kisses.” He said. Y/N’s heart shattered into pieces when Ian said that. She just hoped and wished that it was her that he will have kids with, get married to and live in a beautiful house. And also get the morning kisses when he wakes up beside her.

Y/N can’t help it but cry in front of Ian, hiding her face. Ian freaked out and started to get worried. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked, pulling her closer to him for a hug. Y/N pushed Ian away from her and wiped away her tears. “Hey, what the fuck is wrong!” Ian said, angrily.

“I just wish that I’ll be the one that you’ll have kids with and be married to, living in a beautiful house and giving me morning kisses.” Y/N cried. Ian was confused and he didn’t know what to say.

“Wh-what do you mean?” He asked. Y/N sobbed, letting out a sad laugh. “I’m fucking in love with you, Ian Gallagher! Ever since I’ve met you, I already knew that you were the one. It was a love at first sight. But when you told me you were gay. It hurt me but I just let that pass so I didn’t mind. And the day I found you and Mickey have a thing going, I was so jealous. So. Fucking. Jealous.” She said.

Ian was hurt from what Y/N said. He realized how much Y/N love him, he knew how much he hurt her. “I just didn’t know how to tell you that because I know that you won’t have the same feelings.” Y/N said.

“I did…”


“I did love you.” Ian said, cupping Y/N’s cheeks on his hand. “I know that I’m gay but when I first met you I started to slowly fall in love with you. But I was scared because I have never had feelings for a girl before and you were even the very first girl that gave me a boner. I couldn’t tell you that I love you because if Mickey ever found out about us, he’ll kill me and you!” Ian said.

Y/N was speechless, she couldn’t believe what Ian just said, not expecting that would happen. “So you’re not gonna say a word?” Ian said. “Unbelievable.” Ian pulled Y/N close to him, and kissed her on her red lips. Y/N pulled herself off away from him, breaking the kiss. “Ian, this is wrong. How about Mickey?” Y/N said.

“I’ll tell him. I’ll do anything just for you. I should’ve told you earlier.“ Ian said. Y/N started to pack Ian’s stuff and putting it all in his bag. "What are you doing?” Ian asked in confusion. Y/N just kept on packing and gave him his bag and jacket. “Get out.” Y/N said, opening her truck’s door. Ian obeyed and looked at Y/N through the window.

Y/N sighed and rolled down her window, “Tell me what’s wrong before I go, Y/N, please.” Ian said. Y/N just smiled and gave Ian a kiss on the cheek. “I love you, Ian, but what we’re doing is wrong. We have to wait for a bit, if the right time came then we can start dating.” Y/N said.

“Goodnight, Ian.”


Y/N drove off with a smile and left Ian.

y/n vs bts’ dogs

jungkook: choosing Cloudie over you and smirking when you act jealous, but then dramatically being heartbroken when Cloudie snuggles up to you 

yoongi: always pampering Holly but when you’re slightly jealous he pulls you in his other arm and hugs the both of you close to him 

hoseok: not choosing either of you but ending up getting jealous because Mickey chose you and then going on to hug you and yell at Mickey about how you’re his 

seokjin: snuggling Jangu between the both of you and saying that all of you are a family so why would he have to choose between the two but tells you that he likes u more 

namjoon: you laying on the floor and pouting next to Rap Mon and namjoon covering his face because he cant handle the amount of cuteness in the room

tae: both of you confusing Soonshim by opening your arms and making him whimper because he doesn’t know who to choose between and then laughing and hugging him together

jimin: him hugging his dog with a cute tiny smile on his face and crying after you when you walk away and act jealous “y/n~ y/n!! y/n come back” and laughing as he crawls after you

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I just wanted to say this because it's been on my mind for quite awhile even if it doesn't affect or change anything. On one of the comics of DR Bendy there was one where he got jealous of Mickey and wants to be "loved by everyone". This actually hit me hard as soon I realized that I feel the same way. I just want to be accepted and feel loved. Afterwards I started following your blog more not just for your art as I feel that if he reaches a happy ending I may too . Thank you for making DR <3

[I hope you do follow, because his quest to be loved by everyone doesn’t go well, because its not a realistic or attainable goal. Its a goal fuelled by selfish greed.

Bendy gains the love of a few very close friends, but he doesn’t realise that that is how its supposed to be. He never asked Mickey what its like to be a celebrity , but Mickey would have told him that it is quite a difficult thing. Bendy thinks that he is missing out and needs more; needs more love and more attention and to have everyone worship him. His desperate decisions to gain this lead him down a destructive path where he ruins the happiness he already had. 

Thank you for the kind words too, but I hope you don’t feel that way lastingly. The theme of devils roost is that greed and envy only makes you feel worse. Its like drinking poison, wishing the other person would die. Look at how hating Dylan is ruining things for him, when he’d probably be happier accepting it and the differences ( and similarities) in their lives. 

It’s a long, hard road for Bendy to learn, but we’ll see if he learns that he can have all the happiness the world has to offer with the love of a few dear to him, or if he spirals down to darkness and succumbs to unending greed.]

Am I the only one on Tumblr who thought Oswald was more interesting when he was jealous of Mickey?

I see a lot of people praising him in Epic Mickey 2 for being “such a good brother” and his complete personality turn around, but…his jealousy towards Mickey is what won most of us over in the first place, so it’s really weird to see him totally discard it in the second game and turn into a 2-dimensional hero. You can forgive someone and still be jealous of them.

Also, why would he suddenly trust The Mad Doctor? There is literally no reason for him to trust Doc, or anything he said. Heck, it would have made more sense for him to call for Mickey because of distrust instead of letting Ortensia do it. The Doc wasn’t even convincing! He didn’t do anything to earn Oswald’s trust! When the first Epic Mickey game came out, Oswald was frequently described as being someone whose trust was hard to earn.


Anasui and Weather Report

Mickey Mouse: [From TV] -to the Mickey Mouse Club!

Weather: Are you watchin’ a baby show?

Anasui: You just jealous!

Weather: Jealous of wha-

Mickey Mouse: [From TV] Shut yo asses up!