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The sejou third years but with pretend babies that are mechanical and stuff. You know how they do it for health classes. How do you think it goes?

It goes terribly. absolutely catastrophic… for Oikawa
The poor guy tries his best - he’s changed his baby’s diaper, fed it, tried to rock it to sleep for two hours straight, but the baby just does NOT stop crying

Iwaizumi finds it completely hilarious (”finally Oikawa! something you suck at”)
Unlike the other, he does fairly well with his mechanical child. He always knows exactly what it needs and is quick to stop its cries
when Oikawa asks how he’s so good at handling his baby, Iwaizumi simply tells him he’s had years of experience from being best friends with one

Hanamaki and Matsukawa are absolute pros
No one knows how they do it, but the two handle it like its second nature
Oikawa accuses them of tampering with the babies, but the moment he touches one they start crying

Matsuhana talk to their babies like they’re the real deal and literally have zero shame coo-ing and gushing over how cute their children are
They’ve already decided that their babies are going to grow up together, attend the same schools, and eventually fall in love (blatant winks at Oikawa and Iwaizumi)
They carry their babies around with them everywhere, strapping them to their chests using their jackets as a harness.

Matsuhana keep their babies away from Oikawa because he’s just a bad baby omen and they don’t want their kids to be tainted by his “poisonous touch”

Can we talk about this scene?

Three seconds in, we’re shown Ian staring longingly at Mickey. Stuck in his daydream. 

He’s snapped out of it when Dr. Douchebag comes in. Dr. Douchebag is immediately jealous. And Ian’s there like Shit, I didn’t want you two to meet.

Then we have Mickey not liking the way the redhead and Dr. Douchebag are talking. 

And some more jealous Mickey

Some smug Ian because he’s realised that Mickey’s jealous

More jealous Mickey

A barely noticeable smug smile from Ian.

Another smug smile from Ian with a Jealous Mickey in the background. 

Even more Jealous Mickey.

If we didn’t know it before, I think that this is the scene where we know Ian and Mickey are endgame. 

What’s the Point?

Summary: Ian reacts badly when Mickey fucks Angie Zahgo.

Word Count: 1321

“Yo, Angie! You wanna fuck?” Ian cannot stop think about the last words he heard come from Mickey’s mouth. He doesn’t understand why Mickey will do anything to make it seem like he’s not gay. He doesn’t understand why Mickey can’t accept who he truly is.

As he walks to the Kash n Grab, he has the intention of completely ignoring Mickey, because if he doesn’t, he might punch him directly in the face. When he walks in he sees the Milkovich boy sitting with his feet on the countertop. Ian rolls his eyes and wipes the other boy’s feet to the floor.

“The fuck?” Mickey looks up from his magazine but the redhead just rolls his eyes. “What the fuck is up with you?” The brunette cocks his eyebrow.

Ian chucks the middle finger in return. He’s been in here for about two minutes and it’s already becoming a struggle to keep his mouth shut.

“Gallagher, what is with you today?” Mickey pries. He truthfully doesn’t get it.

“How’s Angie Zahgo doing?” Ian asks coldly.

Mickey scoffs. “Are you fucking kidding me? That’s what’s got your panties in a twist?” He raises his eyebrows.

“Oh, fuck you, Mickey.” He storms out of the store because he doesn’t have the energy to deal with this. He also knows that if he stays he will literally end up attacking Mickey, and he is not in the mood for a big fight right now.

Ian ran home and locked himself in his room, completely ignoring the questionative looks and screams coming from his siblings.

* * *

“Fuck,” Mickey says to himself as Ian leaves the store. Could this have put Ian to the edge? Is this going to end it?

Mickey put his head down in frustration and thinks about what he should do. After a few moments, he yells at the security camera on the ceiling to tell Linda he’s heading out. Completely disregarding her protests and threats, he walked out the door and made his way to find Ian.

After getting lost in his thoughts over how he couldn’t lose the redhead, he looked up and realized he reached his destination of the Gallagher household. Mickey walked to the front door and knocked.

When the door swung open, Lip was standing there with a scowl on his face. “The fuck do you want?”

Mickey snorted at the other boy. “Need to see Firecrotch. Get outta my way,” he pushes Lip to the side.

“What the hell?” Carl says in a baffled tone as Mickey frantically searches the downstairs for Ian.

Fiona and Debbie share the same confused look as the younger boy. “What’s going on?” Debbie says with worry.

“Not gonna find him downstairs, asshole!” Lip yells at the Milkovich. Suddenly Mickey runs up the stairs.

When he approaches Ian’s room he finds the redhead curled up in a ball on his bed. He’s gripping the pillow very tightly. His eyes are closed, but from the tension in his body, Mickey knows he’s awake. “Gallagher,” Mickey says softly.

After hearing Mickey’s voice, Ian jolts up with a new found energy and anger. “Get the fuck out, Mickey. I’m not a fucking side whore,” he shoots at the older boy. “If you can never admit who you truly are then what the fuck are doing fucking around like this? What’s the point?”

“What the fuck you acting like a girl for, huh?” With that, Ian jumps off the bed and lunges himself at Mickey.

They share a few punches and fight harshly. Eventually, the boys wind up tumbling down the stairs into the middle of the living room where the rest of the Gallagher family is. Everyone is screaming but no one knows what to do.

“What the fuck is happening?” Fiona shouts and begins to go help her brother, but Lip holds her back and tells her they need to work shit out.

Suddenly Mickey is straddled on top of Ian, with a threatening fist in the air. It’s an awful lot like the position they were in when they first hooked up in Mickey’s bedroom a while back. Just like last time, when Mickey dropped the crowbar, he drops his fist, but now, he lowers his head down and kisses Ian passionately.

“Holy shit,” Lip whispers.

When their faces separate Ian breathes the other boy in for a while before pushing him off. “No! This is not fucking happening again, Mickey! Not when you want to go around and fuck random girls!”

“Jealous motherfucker,” Mickey shots before letting out a frustrated groan.

“You would fuck every single girl in the Southside just to cover up the fact that you’re gay and that you love me.” Ian scoffs. “I’ll admit it– I do fucking love you, I’m totally head over heels for you. Stupid me, right?” He shakes his head. “At least I’m not a pussy.”

The Gallagher family all have wide eyes and open mouths. They cannot believe what they’re hearing.

Mickey puts his head down. “Ian–” He cuts himself off for a moment and steps forward. “I didn’t fuck her.”


He nods. “I didn’t fuck her.” Mickey sighs. “The creepy ass pedo lady was talking about how love isn’t a mistake or some shit, and I wigged out, okay? Around here, this,” he points back and forth between the two of them, “this is thought of as a mistake. I fucking love you though. I was sitting in Angie’s bedroom with a bottle of scotch and then I just ran out– I couldn’t do it because I realized that I’m in fucking love with you,” he closes his eyes.

Ian lunges forward once again, but this time it’s to kiss Mickey. He grabs his face in his hands and kisses him hard and sloppily. They’ve never kissed much, but it feels right.

“Holy shit,” Lip repeats again with a chuckle causing the two boys to separate.

“What the fuck is going on?” Fiona asks in astonishment.

The two boys ignore the both of them at first and study each other’s face. Ian tilts his head at Mickey to start the explanation. “I’m fucking gay.” Ian smiles when he hears him say it. “I’m with Ian.” Now Ian’s smile grows wider. This is all he’s wanted– just to hear Mickey admit it.

Debbie raises her eyebrows. “How long?”

“A little over two years,” Ian chuckles. Fiona gasps in shock. The look on her faces shows that she’s hurt about not knowing about it. “Sorry, Fi. I couldn’t tell you.”

Mickey didn’t want Fiona to hold this on the redhead so he spoke up by saying, “I couldn’t let him. Do you all realize that we’ll both be dead if my family finds out that I’ve been fucking a guy?”

Fiona makes a disgusted look as she thinks about her brothers sex life. When she regains awareness, she nods. “W-we won’t tell.” Both boy’s smile graciously.

Carl suddenly realize what’s going on. “Cool,” he smirks. He then gets a puzzled expression on his face. “I need to know where the gay wieners go.”

“Carl!” The two eldest siblings yell and Lip also smacks him upside the head. The boy just chuckles to himself and backs away a little bit.

Lip looks back and forth between Ian and Mickey. “You’re in love with this biggest thug on the Southside,” he says to his brother. “Shit,” he laughs.

“Fuck off,” Mickey raises his middle finger, and Ian follows along.

Fiona punches Lip in the arm, but not hard enough to hurt. She tells him not to be an ass before turning herself to the other two boys again. “Make him happy, Mickey,” she commands.

Mickey nods. “I’ll do my best.” With that Ian kisses him on the cheek.

“You piss me off, but you always make me happy.” Ian smiles genuinely. Knowing that Mickey loves him is all he needs to be truly happy.

Keep touching him and Ill break your fingers

Paring: Gallavich

Request:Prompt: Ian and Mickey are seeing each other in secret. There is a party in the Alibi and a slow song comes on. Knowing Mickey doesn’t want their relationship out Ian accepts a dance from another boy. Mickey gets jealous and reveals his feelings.

Words: 1111

“But wouldn’t be even more fun if we went together?” Ian asked Mickey as he laid on his bed and watched Mickey go through his closet. Mickey and Ian had been together for months and of course it was all in secret. Even with Mickeys dad in jail, he always seemed to get out and Mickey didn’t want to put Ian in that kind of danger. Although Ian thought it was a sweet way of showing him that Mickey cared about him enough to worry about his safety, Ian hated that he had to hide his love for Mickey. Deep down inside Mickey hated it too, he hated that he had to always stand somewhat far away from him and unless they were in his room or in the dug out when no one was around he couldn’t kiss him. It was hell to see Ian’s smile from a far and feel his heart skip a beat but also ping in sadness because he couldn’t be the one making Ian laugh at that moment. 

“Ian, we have been over this” Mickey told him, yet again. He hated having this conversation, he hated that it broke Ian’s heart a little more each time he said “we can’t” or “its not safe”. He wished he could just take him, and kiss him or have his arm around him protectively and it upset Mickey to be the one who always had to shut him now when he asked.

“I know, Its fun to imagine though” He signed before getting up and giving Mick a kiss on the cheek before leaving

“I love you” Mickey called out. Normally he wasn’t the one to say these kind of things and around others he probably wouldn’t. He was to afraid for being judged. He liked what he liked and that shouldn’t change anything but to others it might and he feared that.

Ian stopped and turned around to give him a sad smile.

“I love you too Mick, Ill meet you here after the party” He told his boyfriend before turning back around and losing the door behind him. 

“Fuck” Mickey whispered to himself. He hated this, all of it.

When Mickey got to the party he was already on edge and went right to the bar, asking Kev for a shot- or maybe 3. He couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation between him and Ian, he knew that sooner or later they’d have to come out or someone would catch them and secretly he had been hoping for weeks that someone would so they wouldn’t have to be a secret anymore but that was just him being a pussy. Of course he was scared of his father, wouldn’t you be? He loved Ian and part of that love was protecting him from all the bad things the world has to throw at Ian, including his dad.

Ian looked over and met Mickey’s sad eyes, giving him a small nod, meaning he knew and it was going to be okay, that he loved him. Mickey understood, they had an amazing way of talking without any words, the nod gave Mickey reassurance that everything was going to be okay.

“This song is for all the couples out there” Kev told everyone before putting on a slow song and walking over to V. Mickeys eyes flashed to Ians who than gave him a sad smile before a boy walked over to him. 

“Want to dance” The boy asked Ian, giving him a very cute smile.

“Um- ah” Ian had no idea what to say. Did he want to dance with this boy? No. but Ian was an openly “single” gay boy and he had no reason to say no, well he did but no one knew about that.

“What? Do you have a boyfriend or something?” Well fuck. Ian thought to himself.

“Well no-” Ian didn’t get to finish before the boy had taken his hand and brought him to the floor, putting one of his arms around Ian’s waist. None of this felt right. They danced for about a minute before Mickey swallowed a shot hard and decided he had watched enough and it was time to put a stop to it. He walked over to them, Ian catching sight of what was about to happen, his eyes going wide.

Mickey walked up to the boy, poking his shoulder. The boy dancing with Ian stopped moving and looked over at Mickey.

“Keep touching him like this and Ill break your fucking fingers” Mickey told him, anger peeking through his voice. Ian just silently laughed as the boy- Jack was his name. Had let go of Ian and fully turned around to look Mickey in the eyes.

“Red over here said he didn’t have a boyfriend” Jack smirked, trying very hard to piss Mick off, it was working.

“Yeah well he does” Mickey told him, cracking his knuckles.

“Oh lord here we go” Ian laughed, causing Mickey to smirk as his boyfriend.

“Well maybe we can share him” Jack said, again doing that step smirk that really pissed Mickey off. Before Ian knew what was happening Mickey had thrown a punch that landed him on the floor, Ian was still standing a few feet away, laughing at loud at this point. God he loved his boyfriend.

The music stopped and everyone’s eyes were on Mickey, Ian and the boy on the floor.

Now or never Mickey” he thought to himself before standing up straight and meeting some of the eyes looking at him.

“I just want everyone here to know Im fucking gay” Ians mouth dropped as everyone cheered before going back to drinking and partying, No one was judging him or fighting with him, no one had asked him to leave. No one cared and Mickey liked it that way.

He turned around, making his way to Ian but making sure to kick jack who was still sitting on the floor with his nose in his hands.

“You came out” Ian smiled as he took Mickeys face in his hands.

“I came out” He repeated Ians words, placing his forehead on his boyfriends. Their eyes staring back into one another’s.

“No more hiding” Ian whispered as he places his lips on Mickeys. For the first time in over a year of them dating their kiss wasn’t in secrete with no one around or in Mickeys bedroom. They weren’t in fear or someone catching them. They stood in the middle of everyone, kissing and smiling like to idiots and nothing made either of them happier.

“I love you” Mickeys aid again, for the second time today as he pulled away. But this time people heard them, none of it was a secrete anymore. Everyone knew Mickeys feelings for his redhead and nothing made either of them happier.

y/n vs bts’ dogs

jungkook: choosing Cloudie over you and smirking when you act jealous, but then dramatically being heartbroken when Cloudie snuggles up to you 

yoongi: always pampering Holly but when you’re slightly jealous he pulls you in his other arm and hugs the both of you close to him 

hoseok: not choosing either of you but ending up getting jealous because Mickey chose you and then going on to hug you and yell at Mickey about how you’re his 

seokjin: snuggling Jangu between the both of you and saying that all of you are a family so why would he have to choose between the two but tells you that he likes u more 

namjoon: you laying on the floor and pouting next to Rap Mon and namjoon covering his face because he cant handle the amount of cuteness in the room

tae: both of you confusing Soonshim by opening your arms and making him whimper because he doesn’t know who to choose between and then laughing and hugging him together

jimin: him hugging his dog with a cute tiny smile on his face and crying after you when you walk away and act jealous “y/n~ y/n!! y/n come back” and laughing as he crawls after you

Ian Gallagher x Reader

*not my gif 
Summary: You and Ian are best friends. You were the very first person that knew Ian was gay, however, being best friends with Ian for so long, you started to fall for him. But you didn’t know how to tell him. 
A/N: My very first reader story. I hope you enjoyed this bit. Requests are open so don’t be shy now. :) x

Music blasting inside Y/N’s truck, while Ian and her are playing card games. “Boom, Uno!” Y/N said, dropping her cards downs, laughing and clapping at the same time. Ian laid back and sighed.

Y/N looked at a frowning Ian and smiled. “Come on, Gallagher. Its just a game.” Y/N said, placing her hand on Ian’s leg. Ian looked back up to her and giggled. “Well, maybe next time lets not play Uno.” Ian said, sitting back up, crossing his legs.

Y/N looked at him and just adored how handsome he looked tonight. Ian and Y/N always hang out at her truck every night. It’s like their tradition as best friends. Y/N started to developed feelings for Ian ever since she felt jealous about Mickey and him having a relationship. But she didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want Mickey and Ian’s relationship to end because of her and she doesn’t know how to tell Ian that she likes him because she knows that Ian would never have the same feelings towards her.

“So, how’s you and Mickey?” Y/N asked, lighting up a cigarette. “Well, Mickey and I are having a bit of ups and downs lately but overall, we’re fine. Mickey is a such a sweet guy, isn’t he?” He smiled, happily. Y/N puffed out a smoke and faked a smile. “Mm-hm”

“I just hope that one day, we’ll have kids together, get married and live in a beautiful house. I would really want to wake up in the morning Mickey lying down beside me in bed and give him morning kisses.” He said. Y/N’s heart shattered into pieces when Ian said that. She just hoped and wished that it was her that he will have kids with, get married to and live in a beautiful house. And also get the morning kisses when he wakes up beside her.

Y/N can’t help it but cry in front of Ian, hiding her face. Ian freaked out and started to get worried. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked, pulling her closer to him for a hug. Y/N pushed Ian away from her and wiped away her tears. “Hey, what the fuck is wrong!” Ian said, angrily.

“I just wish that I’ll be the one that you’ll have kids with and be married to, living in a beautiful house and giving me morning kisses.” Y/N cried. Ian was confused and he didn’t know what to say.

“Wh-what do you mean?” He asked. Y/N sobbed, letting out a sad laugh. “I’m fucking in love with you, Ian Gallagher! Ever since I’ve met you, I already knew that you were the one. It was a love at first sight. But when you told me you were gay. It hurt me but I just let that pass so I didn’t mind. And the day I found you and Mickey have a thing going, I was so jealous. So. Fucking. Jealous.” She said.

Ian was hurt from what Y/N said. He realized how much Y/N love him, he knew how much he hurt her. “I just didn’t know how to tell you that because I know that you won’t have the same feelings.” Y/N said.

“I did…”


“I did love you.” Ian said, cupping Y/N’s cheeks on his hand. “I know that I’m gay but when I first met you I started to slowly fall in love with you. But I was scared because I have never had feelings for a girl before and you were even the very first girl that gave me a boner. I couldn’t tell you that I love you because if Mickey ever found out about us, he’ll kill me and you!” Ian said.

Y/N was speechless, she couldn’t believe what Ian just said, not expecting that would happen. “So you’re not gonna say a word?” Ian said. “Unbelievable.” Ian pulled Y/N close to him, and kissed her on her red lips. Y/N pulled herself off away from him, breaking the kiss. “Ian, this is wrong. How about Mickey?” Y/N said.

“I’ll tell him. I’ll do anything just for you. I should’ve told you earlier.“ Ian said. Y/N started to pack Ian’s stuff and putting it all in his bag. "What are you doing?” Ian asked in confusion. Y/N just kept on packing and gave him his bag and jacket. “Get out.” Y/N said, opening her truck’s door. Ian obeyed and looked at Y/N through the window.

Y/N sighed and rolled down her window, “Tell me what’s wrong before I go, Y/N, please.” Ian said. Y/N just smiled and gave Ian a kiss on the cheek. “I love you, Ian, but what we’re doing is wrong. We have to wait for a bit, if the right time came then we can start dating.” Y/N said.

“Goodnight, Ian.”


Y/N drove off with a smile and left Ian.


Summary: Mickey begins to feel jealous over Mandy and Ian’s friendship, so he confronts Ian about it.

Word Count: 803

Ever since Mickey came out at the Alibi, he and Ian had been living in the Milkovich house along with Svetlana, Yevgeny, and Mandy. Mickey and Ian obviously used this time together as an advantage, but Mickey couldn’t help but notice how close Ian and his sister were. He’s never had a best friend before so he didn’t know if it was just that, or if it was more.

Eventually Mickey came to the conclusion that Ian and Mandy being together was completely out of the conclusion, so he decided he would try to just let it go. Technically Ian and Mandy were best friends and ‘dating’ before Ian and Mickey got together, so he figured it would be completely ridiculous to feel any jealousy.

After a few days, Mickey started to forget about the whole ordeal until he walked into the living room to find Mandy sprawled out across Ian’s legs on the couch. She had a beer in her hand, and she looked wasted, but it still sparked that flame of jealousy right back up. He gritted his teeth and went into the kitchen without saying anything and got himself a beer.

Eavesdropping was something Mickey never did because he never understood the point of caring enough to listen to another person’s conversation, but now he found himself listening and watching his sister and Ian. He noticed how engaged and interested Ian seemed to be in whatever Mandy was talking about– nodding his head, laughing at her jokes. Why did it bother him so much to see his sister and his boyfriend be so close? So fucking stupid, right?

When Mandy sat up and drunkenly grabbed Ian’s face to speak to him, Mickey slammed his beer and the counter and stormed his way over there. He rolled Mandy off the couch and dragged Ian into their bedroom. “Mickey, what are you doing?” Ian said in confusion.

Mickey shook his head. “Are you fucking Mandy?”

Ian actually bursted out in laughter at the accusation– he thought it was a joke. When Mickey’s face stayed serious, Ian stopped laughing. “Wait, are you serious?”

“Okay, nevermind that question,” Mickey ran a hand over his face. “That one might’ve been dumb.”

“It was really fucking dumb,” Ian informed his boyfriend. As he studied Mickey’s conflicted face, he furrowed his brows and stepped closer. “What’s going on, Mick?”

“It was kinda hard for me to tell the difference between if you two are really just good best friends or if you’re fucking so I had to ask.” He sarcastically laughs. “For fucks sake, you guys seem to be together more often than we are and we’re actually together,” he mumbled out in a slightly aggravated tone.

Ian shook his head sadly at his boyfriend’s words. He’s never known that his relationship with Mandy made Mickey jealous. “Mick–”

“I just never had a best friend, alright?” He cuts Ian off and speaks quickly.

Suddenly Ian face looks upset and offended. “What do you mean you’ve never had a best friend?” His frown is prominent.

“Like you and Mandy, y’know? I’ve never fucking had that,” he avoided making any eye contact with Ian. “Terry would call me a fag if I ever wanted to hang out with people from school so I just never took the time to make any friends.”

“I know you’ve never had anyone else, but you have me. I’m your friend,” Ian said. “Well I would fucking hope so at least because you’re my best friend.”

Mickey’s eyes shot up in wonderment. “What? Mandy’s your best friend, and I’m your boyfriend so how does that fucking count?”

“Yes, Mandy is my best friend, but so are you. I have two best friends and it doesn’t matter that we’re together– we can still be friends even if we’re dating, it makes it even better.”

“Makes what even better?”

Ian chuckled. “Being best friends with your boyfriend makes everything more fun, Mick! Why do you think we’re never miserable in each other’s presence?”

Mickey is hit with the sudden realization that Ian is right. Over these past few years, Ian’s became more than just his boyfriend, he’s also became his best friend– someone he could count on. “Huh,” Mickey says. “Guess you’re right.”

“I am right,” Ian grabs Mickey’s face. “And you know something else? I love you more than I love Mandy,” he winks.

Neither boy knew the drunken girl was listening through the door until she started pounding on it. “Hey, asshole! You’re supposed to love me more! I was your girlfriend first!”

Both boys laugh and fall into a sweet and chaste kiss. “I love you too,” Mickey says with a smile. He’s very thankful that he talked to Ian about everything because now he realizes he should be happy– and he is.

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why do you think Mickey turned up at Ian and Ned's date that one time, (obviously he was jealous) but like what do you think was his plan,

We’re pretty sure a plan was the furthest thing from Mickey’s mind in the moments leading up to him showing up to watch Ian on his “date”. For one thing he made it known to Ned he was there. If he had thought about what that action would look like to anyone else we doubt he would have gone at all. But he didn’t think about it, he just acted. 

The moment Mickey showed himself to Ian and Ned he was declaring Ian meant something to him. He was reacting purely on instinct. Before Ian all of Mickey’s instincts were tuned to self-preservation, but once Ian entered in the picture that all began to change.

As far as Mickey being jealous, we agree he was most certainly jealous, but we can’t help but wonder if his jealousy wasn’t more because Ned was able to be “out” with Ian and at that time Mickey was not. 

Snowbaz fanfic #3 - The Mystery of Mickey

Characters: Simon


Remember to call the repair man. Mickey’s dead

who’s mickey??

Jealous, are we?

You weren’t even supposed to read that in the first place. I put it under the lettuce for a reason

you should know that anything in the fridge can and will be discovered by simon snow


I’m forced to find new hiding places, it seems

I won’t tell you in a million years, Snow

i didn’t think there were secrets between us baz :(

i’ll tell penny it was you who spilt your diabetes-inducing pumpkin drink on her carpet. she still thinks it was her when she was drunk

*evil laugh*

The noble and wise Simon Snow, indeed the Chosen One, resorting to blackmail? Oh, what a tragedy!

Don’t tell her. She’ll hex me before I can say pumpkin

then spill, cupcake

I named the microwave Mickey. In my defence, he looked lonely, okay?



i still find it cute tho

I hate you Snow


Summary: Jealous Mickey calls the Fairytale to find Ian, and falls asleep while he’s waiting for him to come home. Ian wakes him up for some fun.

Word Count: 1305

Notes: Jealous Mickey is my favorite.

The stupid fucking Fairytale. Mickey hated that place, really fucking hated it. He despised how those old, geriatric vigroids would eye fuck Ian on the daily, some of them even dared to get handsy with him. Mickey wanted to knock every single one of those guys teeth out and then make them choke on them, but Ian would never allow that.

Mickey couldn’t go with Ian to work tonight though, and it caused a real big commotion for him. While he was dealing with Svetlana and all the other whores from the Rub n Tug, he could not stop picturing Ian sticking it up some gray haired, faggots ass. It got to the point that his temper was so short that Svetlana made him leave. He happily obliged with a middle finger in the air.

By the time he got home it was already 11:30 PM, which is when Ian said he’d be done by. He texted his boyfriend a simple, ‘you almost home?’ The text when unresponded to though.

Mickey jealousy was peaking, despite that fact that he would never say he felt any pang of jealousy ever. Until 11:45, he tried to stay calm. Then it was enough. He wiped his phone out and dialed the number to the Fairytale. “Fairytale, here. Making the most of your boys night!” Someone answered the phone.

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Ghetto Husbands

Kevin isn’t stupid. Reading is sometimes hard for him (and the fact that circle doesn’t start with an s still pisses him off sometimes), and his math skills need a little work, but he’s good at reading people. Some people know books and shit, Kev knows people.

He’s cleaning glasses, chatting with Billy, who mostly grunts and nods, when Ian walks in. He looks much better than the last time Kevin saw him, and Fiona had mentioned in passing that Ian had started taking a new kind of medication for his disorder. Kevin still didn’t understand what exactly Bipolar Disorder is, but from what Veronica described and what he saw from Monica he’s glad Ian had gotten help.

“Hey Kev,” Ian greets with a small wave, sliding onto an unoccupied bar stool.

“Mickey isn’t here yet,” Kevin says filling up a glass with some soda. He knows Ian can’t drink alcohol with his medication, having heard Mickey mention it a few times, and slides the glass towards Ian.

“I know,” the redhead says sipping the coke. “He’s on his way.”

Kevin nods, refilling Billy’s glass, just as the door swings open. Mickey walks in, a flicker of worry and angry in his eyes, making a b-line for Ian, but before the redhead can greet the shorter boy, Mickey flings a plastic pill box at him and snarls, “Forget something this morning?”

“What?” Ian glances down at the pill box. “Oh, wow, I had been so busy I must have…”

“Take it now.” Mickey gestures to the pill box. “And stop fucking forgetting.” He storms away before Ian could say anything, snapping at a couple of his girls, telling them to stop drinking and get their asses upstairs. Ian sighs, popping the pill box open. He swallows his medication with the aid of some coke and stands up, chasing after Mickey.


“Oh, come the fuck on, ref! You missed that call by a mile,” Kevin shouts at the TV, throwing a Cheeto at the screen. “This is fucking stupid!”

“It’s just a game, Kev,” Mickey comments with a smirk, getting to his feet.

“To you maybe, but to us, Mick, it’s a lifestyle,” Ian replies with a grin. Mickey rolls his eyes, heading into the kitchen. He returns a few moments later carrying two bottles, handing a soda to Ian as he sits next to him, the redhead taking it without looking away from the screen.

Kevin watches as they gravitate towards each other, how Ian leans into Mickey’s arm when he rests it against the back of the couch. Mickey lights a cigarette, absentmindedly handing it to Ian, and the redhead readily takes it, taking a long drag on it.

About halfway through the game, Mickey passes out against Ian, and Kevin notices the redhead slowly dragging his fingers through the brunet’s hair. He holds a smirk at bay, returning his attention to the game.


Kevin is taking the trash out when he hears the voices coming from the Gallaghers’ back yard. He doesn’t really want to get involved in any lovers’ quarrels, but after spending years with Veronica, he’s become a bit more nosy, so he just kind of stays still, listening.

“Can we not talk about this again,” Ian asks sharply, turning to face Mickey. The shorter boy stops suddenly, a scowl on his face. “I am not quitting my job.”

“Why? I mean, I’m sure Linda will give you your job back, hell even Kev might hire you at the bar.” Kevin can’t afford to hire Ian, but he keeps his mouth shut. “There’s that burger joint across from the free clinic…”

Ian sighs heavily, running a hand through his hair. “Why do you want me to quit my job at the club?”

Mickey’s quiet for a moment, but he finally sighs and says, “Because.”

“That’s it? Seriously?” Ian huffs and turns, heading back towards the house.

Kevin is reminded of another time, at The Alibi, seconds before the Milkoviches destroyed his bar, and even hears Mickey mutter, “Fuck,” before he yells, “Because I’m tired of those geriatric viagroids touching you!”

Ian stops, keeping his back to Mickey. He finally sighs, turns around, and says, “I’ll ask if I can tend bar, if that’ll make you happy.” There’s a smirk on his face when he continues, “You’re jealous.”

“Fuck off,” Mickey grumbles glaring at the ground.

“It’s kinda cute,” Ian teases with a grin, moving towards Mickey.

“I hate you,” the shorter boy says, but he’s unable to fight a smile.

“No you don’t.”

When they start kissing, Kevin feels like he invaded their privacy enough, and heads back inside, accepting the baby Veronica shoves into his hands without complaint.


Kevin’s cleaning tables when the bar door opens. Mickey and Ian walk inside, the latter pushing a stroller. Yev, who Kevin has seen a lot of over the past few months, is passed out, loosely clutching a battered looking monkey, his blond hair sticking up all over his head, one of his shoes missing.

“When is she getting back?” Ian asks curiously, digging into Yev’s diaper bag.

“I have no fucking clue,” Mickey responds waiting until Ian is inside before closing the door. “Svetlana told me Nika was taking her on some stupid fucking trip.

“To where?” Ian asks pulling a bottle from the bag.

“I don’t know. A whore convention maybe.” Mickey takes the bottle from Ian, gesturing for the younger boy to push Yev towards one of the tables. They sit down, Mickey coaxing Yev awake, lifting the baby from the stroller.

Yev blinked, owlish, blue eyes scanning the room before falling on Ian. He smiles, a large, toothless grin, and reaches for the redhead. Mickey relinquishes the kid, along with the bottle, digging into the stroller, making a triumphant sound when he finds Yev’s other shoe.

“I fucking told you we didn’t leave it at home,” he says shoving the shoe in the bag Ian had set on the floor.

“Yeah yeah,” Ian replies giving Yev the bottle. “Do you need anything at the store? I was thinking about going later today, maybe stopping by to see if Fiona or Debbie can watch Yev.” Ian lifts an eyebrow suggestively, Mickey obviously getting the message, and Kevin has to cough so they don’t start making out in the middle of the bar.

“V and I can watch the rugrat,” he offers carrying a tote full of glasses behind the bar. “Her mom’s bringing Ethan over, it’ll be fine.” Kevin’s not quite sure why he offers, but the gratitude flickering in Ian and Mickey’s eyes lets him know he made a good call.


Kevin’s leaning against the counter in the Gallagher’s kitchen, nursing his third beer, watching as Mickey and Ian whisper to each other from the position on the stairs. From the living room, Kevin can hear Veronica laughing at something Lip or Fiona said, followed by a squeal from Gemma or Amy.

Ian stands first, offering Mickey a hand, and when the shorter boy takes it, the redhead hauls him to his feet and leads him upstairs. Kevin tracks their movements until their feet have disappeared, he then walks into the living room.


Ian’s eating at a plate of wings, wiping his greasy hands on his jeans, when Kevin casually says, “You and Mickey get married without telling anyone?” Ian looks up, confused. “Just wondering is all. You two seem so ghetto married, I thought maybe you got hitched for real.”

“No,” Ian answers shaking his head. He’s quiet for a moment, but he shrugs and says, “So what if we are.”

“Exactly,” Kevin says just as Mickey appears at Ian’s side, which doesn’t surprise Kevin one bit.

“What the fuck you two talking about?” he grumbles snagging one of Ian’s wings.

“Kev here says we’re ghetto married,” Ian answers nodding at Kevin.

Mickey doesn’t say anything for a few seconds, but finally he sniffs, grabs Ian’s soda, and grumbles, “Don’t expect a fucking ring or anything.”