jealous mickey

Can we talk about this scene?

Three seconds in, we’re shown Ian staring longingly at Mickey. Stuck in his daydream. 

He’s snapped out of it when Dr. Douchebag comes in. Dr. Douchebag is immediately jealous. And Ian’s there like Shit, I didn’t want you two to meet.

Then we have Mickey not liking the way the redhead and Dr. Douchebag are talking. 

And some more jealous Mickey

Some smug Ian because he’s realised that Mickey’s jealous

More jealous Mickey

A barely noticeable smug smile from Ian.

Another smug smile from Ian with a Jealous Mickey in the background. 

Even more Jealous Mickey.

If we didn’t know it before, I think that this is the scene where we know Ian and Mickey are endgame. 

y/n vs bts’ dogs

jungkook: choosing Cloudie over you and smirking when you act jealous, but then dramatically being heartbroken when Cloudie snuggles up to you 

yoongi: always pampering Holly but when you’re slightly jealous he pulls you in his other arm and hugs the both of you close to him 

hoseok: not choosing either of you but ending up getting jealous because Mickey chose you and then going on to hug you and yell at Mickey about how you’re his 

seokjin: snuggling Jangu between the both of you and saying that all of you are a family so why would he have to choose between the two but tells you that he likes u more 

namjoon: you laying on the floor and pouting next to Rap Mon and namjoon covering his face because he cant handle the amount of cuteness in the room

tae: both of you confusing Soonshim by opening your arms and making him whimper because he doesn’t know who to choose between and then laughing and hugging him together

jimin: him hugging his dog with a cute tiny smile on his face and crying after you when you walk away and act jealous “y/n~ y/n!! y/n come back” and laughing as he crawls after you

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"Are you hitting on me???" I wish. I need my teeth and I know better than touch Mickey Milkovich's boyfriend. ☺️ You haven't met jealous Mickey yet, have you? I mean, that was that time when he thought he was 'protecting' you but I wonder if you guys ever met any ex of yours or someone were just flirting with you without being aggressive.... Speaking of which, what the hell happened with that punching bag idea?

No, we haven’t met any ex of mine yet.. if Mickey wasn’t going to punch someone I think he would be a big smartass if he was jealous. 

Mickey is still going to buy a punching bag, but he doesn’t really like spending money!! Haha. So he is looking for a free-standing second hand one because he really shouldn’t drill holes in the inside roof here.

A brief summary of Nine’s family

Nine: bananas, smiles, sassy, hand-holding, hand-holding with Rose more specifically, show-off for Rose, jealous of Mickey Rickey and Jack

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Rose: kind, compassionate, beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure, kicks major ass, cutest accent ever, likes to make Nine jealous but totally in love with him, fashion game on point, IN LOVE with Nine

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Jack: (    ͡°   ͜ʖ   ͡° ) @ everyone/thing

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Mickey Rickey:

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basically ^


Things we fell in love with Mickey for: jealous Mickey [3] 4x08 #gallavich #shameless #BringMickeyBack

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I don’t fell in love with Ian and Mickey because they were a teenage gay couple having sex, i fell in love through the seasons watching them grow and fall in love with each other.

Season 1 you see them casually hooking up for fun and when ian visits mickey in jail, you think oh they’re cute.

Season 2, going for him after he’s out of jail and spending time together to then watch the  breakup scene in kash’s store and realize how Ian was really falling for mickey and seeing him  with a  broken heart.

Then season 3 really hits you when you can see that no longer Ian is the only interested in the relationship. We see Mickey getting jealous and going after him, he doesn’t want Ian to think that he doesn’t give a shit about him that’s why he kisses him that’s why he invites him to his house and they try to spent time like a couple. Things get fucked when Terry find out we know that, but Ian could’ve said fuck it i can get another man i don’t need this shit, but you see how devastated he’s when finds out about Mickey is getting married how his heart is broken again, and when he confronts him, Mickey also could’ve said fuck it man past is past we had a good time i’m gonna get married but the fucking was fun, but no, we see how Mickey is incapable of speaking to Ian not because the gay thing is all about accepting he’s falling for him, we see that before the wedding with Mickey being all ‘i don’t care about you attitude’ but come here  and let’s have sex because you are the person i really want. And see this again at the end when Mickey is not able to said ‘Ian don’t go i really care about you’, all because he’s afraid to accept his feelings.

By season 4 is all figured out,  Ian loves Mickey and viceversa. This season is more about discovering Mickey’s love, you can see that he’s not there because Ian is the man with who he can have gay sex he doesn’t see him anymore like his outlet, he sees him like a person he fell in love with. He goes after him when Lip and Mandy tell him he’s in trouble, after the lap dance in the club when he sees Ian doesn’t care about Mickey being there he says him ‘if you don’t wanna hang out with me it’s fine but you need to call your family’ is all about i know i hurted you so much and i don’t expect you to come back because of me but i know that you’re in trouble and your family is worried so at least go with them so you can be happy with them. So he waits for Ian at the club because he sees how in bad state Ian is, and he wants to get him home safe because he cares about him. And this time he wants Ian to realize this so that’s why he prefers to spend the day with him when his wife is giving birth, because it’s like ‘last time i chose her but this time is different and the one i choose is you.’ That’s why Mickey  came out in the bar, not because Ian threatened him with leaving, is because Mickey truly realizes that Ian is the one he loves, because he knows how much he suffered knowing Ian wasn’t gonna get home until 4 years and knowing that he can’t loose him again and forever, so he decides to be out and overcame the homophobic trash of his father and neighborhood to let Ian know ‘hey don’t go and i’ll do anything for you because you’re the person i love.’ And we can ensure this sentence at the end when he says ‘he stays with me’, i don’t want to lose him again i’ll take care of him and see for his well-being.
So now in season 5 i don’t want to see the sex scenes we missed in previous seasons i want to see the intimacy a couple’s develops when you get in a relationship, i want to see the holding hands, i want to see the kisses that do not lead to sex, the good morning kisses, the good night kisses, the you said something funny kisses just the every day kisses of a relationship, i wanna see them giving each other compliments, i want a scene in bed when we don’t see them just banging each other, i want to see the after scene when they kiss after they came, what do they said to each other, they make jokes? they laugh?, they spoon? have they exchanged stories about their childhood? do they know everything each other? have they talked about his future together?

Because its not about the sex…is about the intimacy what the fans are really pissed about.

I need to see a gallavich out of the gay couple label, because let’s be real, maybe they have had really hard times but they’re a couple since season 1, and i really see them like the new Kev and V couple, the truly caring i love you and you mean the world to me couple.

So please writters of Shameless, get your shit together and stop giving them cliffhangers every time, i think they have gone through enough shit.
Let them be happy please!