jealous kensi is a kensi

NCIS: Los Angeles - The 3rd Choir (Sneak Peek 1)

Ok, these people have made some sort of weird deal to drive us all crazy. I can’t explain this otherwise! They are full of controversies.

  • They kiss after 3 years –>They pretend nothing happened
  • They finally spend the night together –>They get separated for five freaking months
  • Deeks breaks up with her by giving her her knife –> They hug and giggle and kiss (undercover as always!!!)
  • Kensi is homicidally jealous of Talia –> Kensi becomes besties with Talia
  • They are just partners –> We actually see them sleeping together on her couch - fully dressed and innocently but that doesn’t change the fact that THEY WERE SLEEPING TOGETHER!!!!!!
  • Deeks wants kids –> Deeks doesn’t want kids –> Deeks is thinking about baby names (Really??????????)
  • They are just partners (I know I am repeating myself) –> They carpool together!!!!

I’ll need more Doritos to get by this season!!!!