jealous james yes


Four years later:

James: Remember when that Ravenclaw girl asked me out and you were looking at us, totally jealous
Lily: I wasn’t jealous.
James: Come on. You can admit it, we are married now.
Lily: I wasn’t.
James: Lily, we had sex. I mean, look at this adorable baby here.
Lily: I wasn’t. I was upset because Mr. Darcy-
James: Lily.
Lily: Fine. I was jealous.

Moira: Is really nasty towards Cain (even before Holly died) and all “I don’t love you, I don’t care about you anymore, we aren’t family anymore and bla bla”. She even ruined Cain’s birthday. 

Cain: Starts sex relationship with Harriet but ends up falling in love with her and gets over Moira. Hooray!

Moira: Tries ruin Cain’s life being all “Oh but Cain, I love you still”, kiss kiss. “Don’t be with Harriet, be with me”.

Me: No fuckin’ way! Run Cain, run as far as you can. Take Harriet with you and be happy! Moira doens’t care about you, she doesn’t love you. She’s being selfish. She can’t stand that you’ve find someone else.  She wants all the attention, she doesn’t want you to be happy. So run, Cain, run.

Also me: I really hope that Cain will not go back to Moira. I really hope that he and Harriet will be item and live happy and so in love. I hope that they got married.