jealous hyuk is jealous


finding out you’re stuck in an elevator with someone who’s crushing on you


As soon as you noticed the elevator was indeed stuck, your first thought was to call your boyfriend N. When you spoke to him on the phone and told him who you were stuck in there with, he instantly became worried and told you to be aware of whatever tricks the other person tried pulling, and to be safe.Because he knew they were crushing on you and didn’t want anyone making a move on you, since you were only his.

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10 minutes into being stuck in the elevator, Leo himself called you, almost as if he could sense you were in trouble. When you told him the situation he headed there himself since he was close by and was worried about your wellbeing and also about the fact you were stuck in there with the same person who’s been crushing on you since high school. He simply didn’t want to risk it.

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Ken and you decided to take a vacation in Japan and were staying in a hotel. However, things decided to take a turn for the worse when you both ran into your ex who still had feeling for you. Knowing this, Ken was feeling jealous and wouldn’t leave you alone, however he had forgotten his wallet at the hotel room and you insisted he went to get it, so he went back to retrieve it and told you to wait for him at the lobby. When he went downstairs he saw you weren’t there and was looking for you all around the hotel, only to later find out you were stuck in an elevator with your ex. He was furious at himself for leaving you alone and waited outside the elevator while talking to you via phone so he’d know you were okay the entire time.

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He found out you were stuck in an elevator because you facetimed him as soon as you noticed the elevator wasn’t going to move until someone came and fixed it.Unlike the others, Ravi wouldn’t be worried since he trusts you to take care of yourself and instead of feeling jealous, he’d tease you saying things like “hey y/n be careful what you do in there with him, I have eyes everywhere” while looking at you with a hilarious face and overall just trying to make you laugh and take your mind off the situation

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As soon as he got a text from you saying you were stuck in an elevator, he freaked out. He instantly called you and asked many questions, like how long you had been in there, if someone was already helping you to get out of there and if you were alone. When you told him who you ran into and was also stuck with you the last thing that crossed his mind was jealousy. He was glad you weren’t alone, since he was extremely worried for you and being alone in there would have made the situation worse

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When hyuk saw you hadn’t called like you promised you would, he called you only to find out you were trapped in an elevator with a guy who was head over heels for you. To say he wasn’t happy was an understatement. He literally didn’t stop talking with you on the phone until you got to your car safely. He was worried that you were in the elevator stuck yes, but what worried him even more was that he knew you were with someone like that guy and that he wasn’t able to protect you if anything were to happen.

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vixx mtl: jealousy

Keep in mind that this is all personal opinion, please don’t take me so seriously.


  1. Jaehwan: He strikes me as the type to be very possessive over things that are “his”, which includes you. Seeing another man even speaking to you would have him coming over; not because he doesn’t trust you, but because he doesn’t trust them. Afterwards he wouldn’t hide it when confronted and would bluntly tell you that he gets jealous seeing you with other men.
  2. Taekwoon: Not as obvious as Ken when it comes to jealousy but Leo is extremely loyal and he expects the same loyalty from you. All of your attention should be on him, not on another man. He won’t speak up about it but he’ll glare the guy down and if you were actually flirting with them? He’ll give you the cold-shoulder and be genuinely hurt.
  3. Hakyeon: The group often teases N by excluding him, and I feel like this would make him particularly possessive over you. As in “this is my person, not your person, get your own person”. Would become grumpy if you spend too much time with over guys and attempt to grab your attention.
  4. Sanghyuk: Doesn’t get jealous in the traditional sense, more in the “oh, two can play at that game” kind of jealousy. Most of the time he doesn’t care what you do, he trusts that you won’t cheat or flirt with other men. But if you do flirt with other men? Hyuk is a vindictive and if you hurt him, he’ll give you that back twice.
  5. Wonsik: Ravi often feels that he is just lucky to have you, that you chose him over anyone else. When he feels jealous he tries to swallow that jealousy and bury it under a smile. Doesn’t feel like he has the right to be jealous; if you were truly throwing yourself at other men he’d just call off the relationship with a feigned smile and let you be free.
  6. Hongbin: Jealousy doesn’t come naturally to this bean, he doesn’t pick up on signals very well and doesn’t notice what is going on around him. It’d have to take something pretty big for him to notice what’s going down and even then he’d skip straight over the jealous part and into betrayed.


Watching You

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Kiseok sighed as he sat back into his chair wondering how much longer the meeting would take. He had other things on his mind that didn’t let him concentrate on the meeting. 

You entered AOMG headquarters offering only a slight smile to those you came across. You didn’t know everyone and worried you might make a fool out of yourself without Kiseok there to save you from your lack of social skills.

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