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Watching You

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Kiseok sighed as he sat back into his chair wondering how much longer the meeting would take. He had other things on his mind that didn’t let him concentrate on the meeting. 

You entered AOMG headquarters offering only a slight smile to those you came across. You didn’t know everyone and worried you might make a fool out of yourself without Kiseok there to save you from your lack of social skills.

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He’s Not As Bad - Part 4

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‘How was the date?’ You asked him as you took a sip from your coffee. He turned his head to look at you. He gave you a smile but it didn’t feel quite right and you could see how solemn his eyes were. It was weird that he seemed so sad when last night you saw how close the two of them were. ‘I’m guessing you didn’t get a home run?’ You joked trying to break the tension and a small laugh managed to escape his lips but it ended there. You didn’t know if you should prod further. You were slightly happy that it didn’t go well and you were scared that if you talk about it with him. It could change.

You didn’t particularly know why you were happy but it felt good to be right.

‘I think you’re right.’ He admitted as you grinned and quickly covered it up with a frown.

‘It’s fine. Say it.’ He laughed, finally a real laugh at your fake frown. ‘I told you so.’ He continued explaining as you shook your head denying that that was what you had wanted to say. ‘No I feel bad that it didn’t went well’

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