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Sexual Polyamory > Sexual Monogamy

Fucking is fun as long as it’s safe. Sexually Monogamous people over think it a lot of times because of insecurity. Rubbing genitals together (as far I am concerned) is no different than having a nice dinner, seeing a movie, behaving a nice glass of wine or listening to music.

Do I get jealous if my husband goes to a new restaurant and comes home to tell me what a great meal it was? I mean I didn’t make it!!! Arrrggghhh.

Such is the attitude of Sexually Monogamous people feeling this need to control the sexual actions of their partner rather than sharing in their pleasure.

I take vacations… but why? Is there something wrong with my hometown!?!?!? NO! Its just sometimes nice to enjoy a new view. Maybe If I packed all my clothes and put a For Sale sign in my front yard. My husband might then get nervous and say “Are you leaving me?” lol

People should be in an honest relationship where they feel free to speak without fear. If you lack the ability to do that then you are already in a relationship destined to fail.

My advice: Get some balls and tell you spouse exactly what you want and be willing to hear No. If you can’t handle it then leave.

Victuuri Fanfic Recs

bc I’ve been camping out on the Ao3 tag, and @cookiecreation​ is on a roll and asking for fic recs :)

Also, I tried to leave out multi-chaptered fics with only 1-2 chapters bc it’s hard to grasp their quality/plot with so little material.

UPDATED: (1/10/17) Added some new fics in Multi-Chaptered and One-Shot sections, added completion notices to recently completed fics

Listed in no particular order:

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Yuri on Ice fans

repeat after me: Jealousy is not romantic

It’s fine to giggle at Victor being low-key jealous. Healthy couples can have moments where they think “Bitch don’t touch him” but it’s not something you say out loud.

I’ll give you an example of what should happen when you’re jealous.

When Husband and I were long distance there was a girl he knew who was clearly making a play for him. Saying she was too scared to drive places alone so could he come with her and have icecream on the beach afterwards.

I always said he could be friends with whoever he wanted but also said “I think she wants to date you and it makes me uncomfortable but I trust you.”

It came to a head when she was house sitting and was again “too scared” so invited him to stay the night.  He asked me my thoughts.and well I absolutely didn’t want him to go what I actually said was “I will never forbid you to spend time with your friends so it’s your choice to go but I will feel very upset.”

Then he told me he had already turned it down.

But being possessively jealous is not romantic.  It’s a sign of abuse. 


finally gave up and showed my husband this picture of Paladin Danse while we were playing a game of “guys who look like Daddy” with the kids.

him: whoa. is that from your game?

me: yeah.

him: that guy looks just like me, only with a scar.

me: yeah.

him: and better hair.

me: YES.

The ABC’s

Who’s procrastinating? *raises hand* One of my favorite people, @allisonliving tagged me for this last week, so let’s do this!

a. - age: thirty-four
b. - biggest fear: Alzheimer’s or some kind of brain disease 
c. - current time: 11:41am. I should be working, ha<–same!
d. - drink you last had: peppermint green tea
e. - everyday starts with: snoozing my alarm at least once
g. - ghosts, are they real: at least in a manner of speaking, I’d say yes.  People/things can haunt you in a lot of ways.
h. - hometown: from Killeen, TX 
i. - in love with: my favorite human, the husband
j. - jealous of: currently?  Retired people!  :) 
k. - killed someone: Geez, um, nope!
l. - last time you cried: last night while finishing One for the Murphys–holy crap the ending of that book killed me!
m. - middle name: Beth after my maternal grandmother 
n. - number of siblings: 3, two brothers and one sister
o. - one wish: to leave a positive impact on the world
p. - person last called/texted: my brother for his cable info so I could access Top Chef on the Bravo website, lol
q. - question you’re always asked: “What are we having for dinner?“  Every. Day.  lol
r. - reason to smile: too many to list!  Most recently, finding an email from a friend 
s. - song last sang: some song about a duck the husband was making us listen to and sing along with last night because he is a weirdo!  I don’t even know what it’s called or where on earth he found it.
t. - time you woke up: 6:50am
u. - underwear color: Um…what?  I don’t remember and I’m not looking.
v. - vacation destination: So many!  New Zealand is top of the list, though, for sure!
w. - worst habit: I bite my nails when I’m anxious.  It’s horrible, I know.  But, currently, they all look pretty good, so that’s nice! :) 
x. - x-rays you’ve had: no idea–more than five
y. - your favorite food: I have many, but we’ll go with mashed potatoes.
z. - zodiac: libra

40 minutes until I’m out of here!! I tag anyone else who is killing time waiting to go home! :)