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“...Come here!”

An anon said write a Giriboy scenario. So here it is. JSP. Siyoung is such a daddy to me. 

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In Korea when you’re famous you are often shipped with other people. You started your career in rapping at a really young age.You always dreamed of being a rapper at such a young age. We began to upload your music on varies music websites. You had so much talent. But no one really paid attention to you. Nor would they give you the time of day. But Swings saw your talent. Your talent was out of this world and of course he did everything in his power to sign you. And of course he made it just in time. You signed with Just Music and they treated you like family.

Since you were the only female you were treated like a sister. A baby sister. You were also the youngest out of them all. They all treated you like a baby sister. Protecting you, making sure you were okay, and other things of that brotherly nature. They all did, except Siyoung. He just saw you a beautiful, smart and talented girl who fits in with the guys. And he loved that about you. The both of you like each other. Not even like, you both loved each other. You couldn’t tell him because he was your label mate. You thought dating within your own label could be bad for business. But Swings wasn’t having it. He knew how the both of you felt about each other. He forced you both to stay in a room with each other until you both admitted your feelings. After 2 hours of being in a room alone with him, you finally said it and he said it back. 

You’ve been with him for 2 years now. It’s been the best two years of your life. There was just something different about Siyoung. That you couldn’t find in any other man. You recently released a full length album. You were having a concert in Busan. Of course the guys came with you. On this album you collabed with a fellow rapper who isn’t under Just Music. You collabed with The Quiett, Dong Gab. You looked up to him because he was legendary. You’ve always wanted to collab with him and you got that chance. He was a really cool do. Your song which he featured on was very very, very sensual. Listening to this song you’d probably have to bathe in holy water afterwards. And you were going to perform that song with Dong Gab. Siyoung of course hated that you didn’t want to collab with him for a song like this but he claimed to be over it. 

Last minute you and Dong Gab were told by your manager that you two should look like a couple. “What do you mean look like a couple? How are we supposed to do that?” You asked. “This song is very sensual so how about some teasing, grinding, stuff of that nature.” He answered. You didn’t feel uncomfortable with it. You were just shocked. It’s called acting. You’ve done stuff like this before for many concerts. But the guys you’d collabed with weren’t legendary like Dong Gab was in your eyes. You accepted and went to your dressing room, putting on the rather tight outfit your stylist had picked out for you. She also did your makeup and hair. You had to admit. You looked amazing. From head to toe, absolutely stunning. You went backstage to find Dong Gab on his phone. “You ready for this?” You asked. He looked up and saw your amazing outfit. He gave you a thumbs up and you both walked to the stage. You were going to start of the night with the song. 

And of course the crowd was already cheering and you guys didn’t even do anything yet. Finally when the music hit you were in completely actress ready to act. Siyoung was watching from backstage. Let me tell you. He was upset that Dong Gab’s hands were all over your body. He was even more upset that you were all over him as well. The crowd was probably louder than the music because of the show they were getting. You ended the little performance by grinding against him and he put his arms around your waist while having his head on your shoulder looking down toward your cleavage.

He left the stage and you continued your show. After the concert you went back to your dressing room to be met by Siyoung looking extremely angry. “Why are you just standing? Come here!” You could tell you were in a lot of trouble. You walked over to him and looked down. He picked your chin up to make you look at him. “Do you know how much trouble you’re in?” He asked softly. “No. Can you tell me?” “Don’t expect me to be nice to you tonight.” He whispered in your ear. It sent chills down your spine. You could only smile. “Were you jealous of Dong Gab oppa?” You jokingly asked. “Yah! Don’t call him oppa when you don’t call me that!” He whined. You only chuckled at how childish he was acting. You ruffled his hair and took his glasses. “Do I look cute with these glasses on?” “You know damn well I can’t see you right now. Give them back.” “Nope. You just won’t be able to see what happens next.” You said before smashing your lips against his.

I hope this was okay. I hope you enjoyed. Sorry for any mistakes. Thank you for requesting. Keep em’ coming. Admin June. 

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