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More Than Just Neighbors


@aosficnet2 weekly prompt: Neighbors/Domestic AU

Fitz and Jemma are best friends, neighbors, that is until Jemma comes crying at Fitz’s door at four in the morning.

 Fitz awoke with the incessant sound of someone knocking, specifically on his apartment door. He inwardly groaned as he took a quick glance at the clock and sluggishly made his way to the door. Before Fitz could finally get to it, however, he heard the lock wiggle around, and before he knew it she was rushing into his apartment, looking at him with a flustered expression.

 Sadly, this had become a regular thing anymore. But, he would say it was never this early in the morning. Or late at night. However you wish to see it. “Jemma, you do know it’s four in the morning, right?”

 Jemma Simmons looked at him, letting an out a huff and tightly crossing her arms around her chest. “I know.” She said wearily. She knew Fitz wasn’t going to be mad at her for marching in like this, Fitz could never be mad at her. So why did she look so distressed?

 He observed her clothes, seeing the lack of pajama’s, but instead the same clothes she was wearing earlier today, and his brow furrowed. “What happened?”

 Her bottom lip wobbled, tears starting to pool in his eyes. “Will broke up with me,” she finally announced, her voice unsteady.

 Fitz wasn’t sure what to do. He had never seen Jemma cry before, and on top of that, he was overly joyed by this news. He felt bad for Jemma’s heart ache, but Will was a royal jerk who didn’t even deserve the lowliest of scum on the bottom of the ocean – never in a million different worlds did he deserve Jemma Simmons.

 Fitz stepped closer to her, rubbing the back of his neck. He was awkward, he wouldn’t deny it. Crying women made him uncomfortable, as shameful as it is. Yet, seeing Jemma cry, Fitz couldn’t bear it. “I, uh, m’sorry Jem,” he opened his arms out for a hug, and before he could even try to reel her in, Jemma collided into his chest and started to sob. Her arms gripped tight around Fitz’s neck, her head buried into his shoulder. Unsure on how to react, Fitz started rubbing circles on her back, saying nothing, but just letting her cry. Jemma knew Fitz hated Will, and they both knew whatever he had to say about him wasn’t even close to nice, so they both mutually understood Fitz’s silence.

“I’m so sorry, Fitz,” Jemma pulled back after a long moment, makeup running down her face. She was still beautiful, Fitz thought, it amazed him how she looked gorgeous no matter what the circumstance was. She wiped tears from her cheek as she said, “I just … I didn’t know where to go. I shouldn’t have woken you up like this.”

 “Jemma,” Fitz gave her a soft smile, his arms still wrapped around her waist. He even dared to push a tear from her cheek, his thumb brushing across her soft skin. “You are always welcome. Even at hours most might consider the time for sleep.”

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My what now? (1/2)

Pairing: Leo fitz x reader , Steve x great granddaughter!reader

Plot: Agents of shield/avengers crossover where the reader is Steve and Peggy’s great granddaughter and they meet for the first time at the shield facility. When they meet the avengers are quick to point out how similarities between the two.

Request:Fitz lover here. Can you do a jealous Fitz imagine where Ward had a thing for the reader (smut of you want) I LOVE LEO

A/n I know it wasn’t “confirmed” I’m basing this off what Hayley said that Steve and Peggy did have sex before he went into the ice. I’m also tying in an agents of shield request into this two part story. Also because of the fitz request I’m involving in this ward is going to be a good guy in this and we’ll just pretend he wasn’t apart of hydra.

“Leo please I have to get up” he let out a groan as he felt you trying to escape. He felt a tiny bit jealous every time Coulson ordered Ward to train y/n. Especially because he knew that his friend and coworker had a thing for his girlfriend. Fitz knew he had absolutely nothing to worry about because he knew that his girlfriend loved him.

Ward would also tell him that his feelings for y/n were 100% gone but fitz wasn’t convinced. He saw the way he would look at y/n ass when she was to look and that made him want to rip his head off. 

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@fitzsimmonsftwIf you are taking prompts from that Fitzsimmons prompt list could I ask for Fitzsimmons + no. 12?

Here you go, lovely! Sorry for taking so long. I’ve been super busy this week. This is another space one with some jealous Fitz. (I honestly want to write longer one to this with more jealous Fitz just being adorable). Enjoy!

#12: “Last time I checked, I was still your boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Fitz always wondered what it would be like – living in space. How it would feel to stand in a ship with a false gravity pull, forcing you down, the pull of the stars trying to reel you up. He always figured it would feel, almost, unexplainable. Something no one could possibly imagine experiencing properly – one could only know by stepping foot in a space ship themselves.

Much to his disappointment, it felt the same as earth.

Fitz always loved sci-fi shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars. It was what he grew up on as a kid. Now, here he was, standing in a space ship, in a lab, with Jemma Simmons by his side. He was highly certain his fantasy dreams had just become reality.

Only problem was Jemma. Not Jemma herself, she was encouraging and supportive, and everything she could be. However, their relationship had been quite … strained. Fitz honestly wasn’t sure what they were anymore. They were best friends, that would never change, but since being moved up here they’d been prevented from living together, and prevented from being able to really communicate over what they were, plus they had approximately zero percent alone time. It was driving Fitz insane – the thought that Jemma would likely want them to go back to just friends and lab partners. He didn’t blame her though – he honestly felt she should. She deserved better than him.

He said that to himself, but the new scientist guy standing a little too close to Jemma as he flashed her his signature grin and gave her arm a slight shove as he teased her – well it brought Fitz’s blood to a nice, steaming boil.

“Jemma,” Fitz said, slowly approaching them. Her head craned up, her face lighting up as she met Fitz’s eyes.

“Doctor Fitz,” she beamed. Fitz swore her smile would kill him one of these days. The new scientist, William (he didn’t even find the irony in the name funny, just sickening really) looked at him with what Fitz was pretty sure was a glare, and looked back down at whatever he was working on with Jemma.

“Hey, um,” honestly, Fitz had no good excuse to come over here. He just couldn’t stand seeing the two of them flirting. “Do you have that…?”

Jemma watched him for a second before her eyes widened, her feet turning away from William and over to Fitz. “Yes, actually!” She exclaimed. “It’s in the back, let me show you.”

Fitz was confused, but relieved and followed Jemma – returning a pointed glare at William before leaving the lab completely.

Once reaching a place that was for the first time in the month they’ve lived up here, empty and alone, Jemma turned to Fitz with a worried look. She placed a hand on his arm, giving it a tight squeeze. “What is it? Is it Daisy?”

He realized then that Jemma read him too well, and thought Fitz was just trying to get to talk to her without an audience. “No, no, um,” He cleared his throat, eyeing the ground. It was dark back here, but the blue lighting hit Jemma’s face just well enough that he felt her caramel eyes were piercing his retinas.

“Fitz?” She scooted closer, trying to meet his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

Fitz shook his head, lifting it up to see her. She was so … perfect. He couldn’t be selfish. He couldn’t keep telling himself she was his anymore. “I uh, I wanted to let you know that um … that if you want to be… be happy and with someone then I, I won’t stand in your way – I just-”

“Fitz, what on earth are you talking about?”

He wouldn’t lie, her reference to earth made him smirk just slightly. “William, he … he seems all right. You two seem … you know, it could work.”

Jemma’s brow furrowed, her hand slipping from his arm. “William? And me?”

Fitz slowly nodded, giving his shoulders a subtle shrug. “Yeah, he’s a bit of a prat but –”

Jemma chuckled, something Fitz was not expecting. He then felt Jemma intertwine her fingers with his, he looked up to see her eyes sparkling. “Fitz, I know we haven’t had much time to ourselves since being brought up here, but last time I checked I was still your girlfriend, and you were still my boyfriend. That being the case, I don’t think I need a new one.”

Fitz was speechless, his eyes searching hers. “Yeah?” he managed out, hardly able to say anything else.

Jemma grinned up at him, one of her hands letting loose of his so she could gently cup his jaw. Her thumb brushed his cheek bone, her eyes full of love and bliss. “Yes, Fitz. There isn’t room in my heart for anyone else.”

His free hand clasped hers, lapping over her fingers and holding them tight. “You shouldn’t … you shouldn’t love me, Jemma.”

Jemma laughed again. “You say that like it’s much of a choice.” She took another step closer, their bodies almost flush together. “I’ve loved you since the day you introduced yourself as Fitz Leopold, too nervous to even realize you said it backwards. Nothing is going to change that – not even some false reality where you were forced to do some awful things. Because I love you, Fitz. This man. The man you are today. Besides, William is a prat. I told him I was involved with someone else and he still won’t leave me be.”

Tears were filling his eyes, his mouth gaping open to speak, but nothing coming out.

“Remember what Daisy said?” Jemma asked, stroking her thumb over his. “We’re all in this together. You and me, we are in this together.”

Finally, he muttered out, “I love you, Jemma.”

Jemma lifted herself up on her toes, meeting her forehead with his. She closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around his neck, and taking in a deep inhale. “I love you, Fitz. With every breath, I love you.”

He nuzzled his nose beside hers before hesitantly leaning his chin forward, his mouth reuniting with hers in a gradual, smooth step. Jemma’s lips captured his, her fingers running through his hair in a matter of seconds. Fitz pulled her as close to him as their two physical bodies could mend, and right there their souls entangled themselves in each other – Fitz and Jemma once again remembering what it was like to forget who the other half was to the other. There was no Fitz, there was no Simmons, it was Fitzsimmons – just like it always would be.

And no one could pull them apart from each other again, not even gravity itself.

Maybe it was floating in space, or maybe it was just Jemma, but this was the feeling Fitz always imagined, when being on a space ship. A feeling only Jemma Simmons could give him. It was unexplainable. Something no one could possibly imagine experiencing properly – one could only know by holding Jemma Simmons in their arms.

Something only he could experience, for now and forever.

On earth or in space.

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Did you think you could live two lives?

Chade Fallstar to Fitzchivalry Farseer, Royal Assassin

So, I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, and I wanted to pose to the tag what I think is the most sympathetic reading of “Quarrel” that’s ever occurred to me: what if Fitz is jealous?

What if part of his visceral awful reaction to finding out the Fool has a separate life - a separate, full life, which he’s able to keep entirely out of Buckkeep intrigue - is rooted in his deep desire to have such a thing for himself? And his picking at the Fool, and at Amber’s existence, is a means of trying to break it down - to prove to himself that Amber has to be less real, because if he accepts Amber is real, and safe, and separate, then that means Chade was wrong, and if Chade was wrong, that means Fitz’s entire life has been wrong, that means he really could have had Molly and his duty both; it means he ran away for nothing.

As much as I love talking about Fitz’s internalized homophobia (and I still believe that’s part of it), I actually think this is the root of why he’s so angry in that scene. I think it’s a much younger Fitz rearing up and screaming at himself that if he’d only tried a little harder, he could have kept everything.


Just a little jealousy from Dex-ta-roo!
I can’t wait until I have my Wacom hooked up to my laptop and don’t have to deal with paper haha (I swear they didn’t have small bodies until I put in the shading -_-) 
I’m currently working on a suggestion for a 5th book cover. I have to say, coming up with a picture for a book I don’t know much about is HARD! But I’ll have it up soon!


“I’m not jealous of him.” Fitz told Jemma who rolled her eyes. This was his third rant of the day and if the past week was any indication he was just warming up. “I just don’t understand what she sees in him. He’s, arrogant , pig headed, annoying–”

“Who’s annoying Fitz?” You asked as you came into the lab. “Coulson.” Fitz said suddenly. You let out a laugh. “Coulson? Annoying yes, but pig headed? Not quite.” Jemma looked really nervous at what you said. “What’s really going on here?” You asked looking between the two of them. 

“Nothing, nothing. Why would you say something’s going on? We’re both fine, totally normal.” Jemma said forcibly. 

“Jemma you can’t lie to me. I mean you can’t lie period, but especially not to me. Spill it.” You said with a slight glare in her direction. “I should go. Bye.” Jemma said as she rushed out of the lab. 

“Fitz, darling, do you wanna tell me what you were really talking about?” You asked nicely. “No. Not really.” He said with a small shrug–your smile fell. “I will find out so just give in and things will be so much easier–” Your phone rang. “One second. Hey.” You said as you answered your phone. You swiped it upwards to expand the video call–Peter showed up on the main computer screen. 

“Hey, who’s that in the back?” Peter asked as he noticed Fitz in the background. “This is Fitz. Fitz, come here.” You said pulling him forward. “I’ve got work to do. Can you carry this conversation elsewhere?” Fitz asked before he moved out of view again. 

“I thought you said he was a nice guy.” Peter said you looked at Fitz confused. “He usually is. Must be having a bad day.” You said with a shrug, you moved the video back to your phone and continued the conversation before giving Fitz one last glance, he was muttering something to himself angrily. 

“So how are things on your end?”

Requested by anon

anonymous asked:

Did you think Olivia was jealous of Angela in 6x02? How do you compare that with her jealousy towards Vanessa?

You know, I think the whole Olivia/Angela thing is more complicated than Olivia being jealous about Fitz because Olivia had seen Fitz with other women before. In the previous season, when he was going through his “fuck everything that moves” phase, “The Fish Rots From The Head”, Olivia wasn’t jealous of Fitz sleeping with different women, she was disgusted at his behaviour

but there was no “he’s mine!” possessiveness there, who she was actually preoccupied with and jealous of in that episode was Jake and Vanessa.

And with Angela … she and Fitz were not in a relationship in 6x02, Angela just let Olivia know she was interested in him, like nothing had really actually happened and this was after Olivia and Angela were vibing as two powerful, professional, intelligent black women. And I think the fact that Angela is another black woman is really what that tension was about, which is why the whole situation made me uncomfortable.

With Olake and with Vanessa.

I think that’s jealousy. I think that’s fear of a means to an end becoming more real than that and trying to push away any emotional attachment:

But when Jake freezes her out, she cracks and she’s vulnerable

that’s the difference as I see it.


One Shot Prompt “Omg make a part 2 for that Grant Ward One-shot holy crap that was amazing”

Follow-up to X

Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Rating: E

Characters: Grant Ward, You, Jemma Simmons (Briefly), Leo Fitz (Briefly)

Relationships: Grant Ward/Reader

You walk to the weapons room after having been checked over your injuries by Jemma, the dull aches of bruised skin still littering along the length of your body, some more prominent than the others.

You spot Grant testing the weight of a pistol and you affectionately roll your eyes at the sight. “If you end up trying to weigh it, I swear I’m jumping off of this plane…” you teased, wanting to continue the earlier conversation by starting off on a more lighthearted tone.

“I’m not going to weigh it…” he responded, eyes fixated on the wall in front of him as he skillfully aimed the pistol at it. “–I already know it’s off.” Ward added after a short pause, words drawn out lazily before setting it down. “Gotta have Fitzsimmons look at it. Fix it.” the agent explained, fingers fiddling with the magazine of the I.C.E.R.

Your eyes cast downward as you walk a bit closer, wanting to lower your voice a bit more before getting to the part of the previous conversation that you had intended to get to whether Ward wanted to or not. “So…are you going to tell me what was up with you back there or am I just going to have to start playing Charades with you as my unwilling partner in order to figure it out…?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ward stated firmly, a trained authority to his voice that he tended to use, especially when regarding a mission. But this wasn’t one of the team’s missions and you sure as hell were going to call him out on that.

“Aren’t you supposed to be trained at being a better liar than that?” Your eyes scan over the back of his broad shoulders, the field agent having taken off his jacket at some point between entering the weapons room and when you walked in.

There was something there, something unspoken and it was starting to itch under your skin. Although, you weren’t sure if the relief would come just from getting him to admit it or something coming from the confession.

You watch as he grabs the gun, footsteps making their way to the entrance of the lab. “Grant, if you leave right now, I’m going to take that as there’s actually nothing to talk about between us.” You mimicked the same strong tone he used on you, wanting to let him know just how serious you were about the threat. Or maybe it wasn’t a threat. Maybe Ward really didn’t want to discuss whatever it was that filling his head. Or maybe there was just nothing to discuss, but that seemed more and more unlikely the more Ward decided to play dumb and refuse to acknowledge anything. “I’m gonna go ahead and pretend like I’m some amnesiac who has no memory of whatever your problem was between me being close with Fitz.” So what was it going to be?

“–Stop calling me Grant…” he answered sternly, looking back at you with a cold look in his eyes. You shake your head in frustration, lips pursing together from how aggravated this was making you.

But without another word, he was already gone. Ward made the decision for both of you and maybe it was the right thing to do to just respect that.

You briefly ball up one of your hands into a tight fist before releasing it with a loud frustrated exhale. You decide to just rest up after the exhausting mission, hoping you wouldn’t have to see that woman willingly jump off the tall building over and over again behind the darkness of your eyelids.

Not wanting to take the chance, you walk into the medical bay where Grant–Ward– is convincing Fitzsimmons to make sure the gun is the proper weight. You politely wait for him to finish before speaking up, making your presence in the room through your request.

“Could I grab some sleeping pills for tonight?” you ask as you do everything in your power from looking over at Ward. At least there were two others there to help you achieve that.

“Are you…alright, Y/N…?” Fitz asked in a concerned tone, lips parted slightly following his words. It was evident that he didn’t want to bring up what happened on the mission if you didn’t want to do it first. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Grant stiffen a bit.

“Mm hmm, peachy. Just…figure the bruises might keep me up if I don’t have any help…” Okay, that wasn’t a total lie. But getting into the subject about what you, Skye, and Simmons saw at the top of that rooftop earlier wasn’t exactly at the top of your things on the list to do with the rest of your evening. “Maybe we could play some video games before I pass out…?” to which Fitz responded with a warm yet worried smile and an affirmative nod.

No, it wasn’t some dirty move to make Ward even more jealous by inviting Fitz to hang out some more. You just needed your best friend on the team right now to distract you for a couple of hours. You didn’t feel like you should care whether or not Ward was standing not five feet from the conversation. After all, there was nothing to talk about.

ok so my favoutire eighth dr story right now is the year of intelligent tigers just so u know

  • a tiger plays the violin
  • the dr spends 20% of the plot passive aggressively playing the violin and the other 80% pretending to be a tiger
  • its written in the same format as the dr’s violin playing idk how it just is
  • “tigerologist”
  • yeah I totally ripped that goose thing off of that oops
  • the tigers are actually lizards idk how they were like. featherd reptiles or something that just looked like tigers
  • what the hell
  • the dr goes into the avatar state at the end
  • a tiger tries to eat fitz but I think it got tangled in some guitar wires and electrocuted and then fitz made a pun about it
  • I don’t kno w if I should spoil the pun it was pretty perfect
  • it was "death by culture shock"
  • I think the dr was screwing some guy named karl I don’t remember
  • fitz was jealous
  • the whole thing was really gay
  • gay music nerds
  • and anji
  • I think there was a dragon
  • also tigers
  • yeah
Spoilery Predictions for Assassin's Fate, last of the Fitz and the Fool trilogy

1 - Beloved spouts wings, and has a draconian “that’s my daughter, you bitch!” attack moment. Through those creepy back wounds maybe?

2 - He’s then taken out by a wizard wood arrow.

3 - Either Fitz or Beloved and Nighteyes and Fitz become a stone dragon and are taken out by a wizard wood arrow

4 - Clerres is built on a dragon burial ground, and white prophets are their memories of looking forward on the big wheel of time is linked to how dragons remember things.

5 - Taker Farseer was a white. (If Farseer isn’t a reference to Verity’s favorite way to skill being a part of the family from way back.)

6 - Rosemary kills everyone and Bee becomes queen bc she was the only one not in the castle at the time of the bloodbath. Or Rosemary tries to kill everyone and Shine kicks ass.

7 - Verrity’s gonna wake up for real, but can’t save Bee.

8 - Realdor will be mentioned again. Perhaps we discover why his prophet made it to her catalyst’s death and was still white.

9 - Prilkop was a secret bad guy.

10 - Beloved’s genetic gender remains secret.

11 - They kiss (as they do at the end of every other trilogy).

12 - They die? I hope not. Or they merge into one and go off to live in the skill current or some other life.

13 - Paragon/fitz face off (lol puns). Jealous!Paragon doesn’t like Fitz’s attitude towards him or towards Amber. Paragon has known who Amber was since she saved his life from a suicide attempt.

14 - Wintrow shows up, and there’s some explanation of how there can be two catalysts (if you buy the Wintrow is a catalyst theory - I don’t bc even though Amber couldn’t find him, she still had visions of him, kind of the opposite of a catalyst … Idk) no Althea or Brashan or their kiddo though.

15 - We find out why everyone hates cats. Others flop around hating cats as part of this. 

16 - Cliffhanger scrape with Rapskal untangled by the connection someone in the party has with a long dead dragon.

17 - Ash/Spark is a chadeling, but Lant manages not to kiss this one.

18 - Bear eats some servants, but probably not Dwalia. Longshot: bear is somehow Black Rolf?

19 - At one point, Beloved combined Amber’s woodworking with what he could learn from Jinna’s charms, and SOMETHING big happens.

20 - Fool gets his groove back. Or doesn’t get his groove back, just continues to get weirdly ferally into doing dragon things now that he has dragon blood in him.

21 - Perseverance eats it in the middle of an apology about not bringing Priss along for Bee - but not before his skill-deafness becomes incredibly important

22 - We’ve met at least one of the top four at Clerres before.

23 - Kettricken/Fitz 40 year long romance that grew from Verity not knowing how to put his walls up resolves when Kettricken dies - but not before she uses the wit to talk to Verrity-as-Dragon. 


25 - Jek please! With an explanation of how she became Chade’s spy, and why that’s the only memory of her that name conjured for Fitz.

Edit: and please, please, please don’t break my heart the way the end of Fool’s Fate broke my heart. And please don’t be the last Elderlings book. 

MOAR edits: 

26 - Paragon return Beloved’s sight.

27 - With dragon blood in him, Beloved is finally able to be selfish enough to want things for himself as opposed to trying to save the world & keep his precious cinnamon roll the life he feels guilty for forcing him to change. Now that he’s free to aggressively (by Beloved’s standards) pursue his personal desires, hijinxs ensue.

28 - Bee’s catalyst is Taffy, Or Per. Or Shun. Or Lant. But most likely herself, as she is the product of a prophet and a catalyst, and is able to make the changes as she sees fit.

29 - Bee ages super fast and dies.

30 - Paragon also somehow inherited some prophecy from Amber, and that’s why his eyes are light blue like Bee’s - unless his eyes really are only blue bc Kennit’s were blue.

32 - Lant continues to boomerang to awesomeness like Malta did.

33 - Fitz’s epilepsy continues to never ever be seen again (yeah I know it was ostensibly cured in Tawny Man, but remember when it was a big deal?

34 - Peksies?

35 - Sex doesn’t happen.  Fool made some comments at the end of Tawny Man that indicate he’s too much a different race for sex with humans , and maybe that was never exactly what he was after? But idk - he went out of his way to say he wasn’t a virgin either. Part of what makes the fool so great is that there are SO many questions about him, and answers are just not going to be given, and that interferes exactly zero ways with his awesomeness. I don’t know if I want the mysteries to be unveiled. I like to imagine that they end up being able to have the kind of intimacy fool’s always offered Fitz - oneness on a completely different level - but in an sort of asexual, celibate, in love, intimate, romantic way. 

36 - seriously, Elliott Hill is fired. He’s ruining my precious cinnamon roll.

  • Liam: I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I'm uncomfortable with a story about an adult man entering into a romantic relationship with an underage girl. We need to have a conversation about—