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I can see Lisa looking at her phone with a jealous face and its the most adorable thing ever. I laugh just by imagining it. You two are the cutest, doesn't matter if you two are dating or not.

Like an angry kitten 😂 but I guess I am way more jealous than she is tho


Pitch - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Mike Jealous Scene (½)(2/2)

Omar: “Am I really the only one who’s noticed? It’s like we’re playing with a supermodel guys.”

Mike: “You get used to it”

Blip: “Javanes has nice eyes, but I still manage to focus on doing my job.”

Omar: “Nah man, it’s more than that.”

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I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about Slytherin women lately.

For one thing, we barely see any of them in the books. Pansy Parkinson is portrayed as shrill, jealous, and pug-faced. Bellatrix Lestrange is psychotic… and shrill, and jealous. And Merope Gaunt is desperate, lonely… and shrill and jealous, as far as I can tell. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s the extent of the Slytherin cast of women.

But how freakin revolutionary would it be to see a Slytherin woman who is portrayed as nuanced, and even likable? The Slytherin traits are exactly the traits that are demonized in women in real life. Ambition, cunning, selective loyalty… how many “villainous” woman fall into that category and are somehow more hated than their male counter parts? Cersei Lannister. The lady from Breaking Bad (sorry, haven’t watched it). The White Witch in Narnia. Ursula. Cruella De Ville. Izma in Emperor’s New Groove. Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. And on and on and on.

One thing we NEVER get to see is a woman who values success, who puts herself first, who has a few deeply loyal friends that she fiercely protects above all others, who uses her mind and her wiles and every resource she has, who isn’t played off as bitchy, bossy, unfeminine, unlikable.

Women protagonists fall into a small set of boxes. Gryffindor heroes who just wish they were men (this trope KILLS me just as much- why can’t women be impulsive rootin’ tootin’ idealistic cowboys without giving up their femininity???), bookish Ravenclaws who save the day with their smarts but eventually lose the glasses to date the male hero, and sweet, kind Hufflepuffs who use their compassion and kindness to smooth everything over. There’s nothing WRONG with those roles, they’re great roles and I love lots of characters who fall into them.

But what a feminist moment it would be to have a power hungry lady character who isn’t reviled for rising above her station. Give me a Hillary Clinton character. Give me Beyoncé and Nikki Minaj- it takes a hell of a lot of ambition and cunning and resourcefulness to get to where they are. Give me powerful, unapologetic, ambitious, heroic LADIES.

As a Slytherin woman (and not in the oh-so-edgy I was goth in middle school way, although love ya’ll too), I wanna see myself in the mix. I wanna see a character who sacrifices everything for her goals and isn’t made out to be a horrible unloving bitch because of it. I wanna see a character who slices unnecessary baggage from her life and elevates the people who elevate her. I wanna see a lady who puts herself first and doesn’t care if everyone else says she should be supporting her man first, or making babies, or whatever the fuck else. I feel like girls today would benefit so much from that representation.

And then when we’re done with that, how about hufflepuff guys who are the heart of the group. Ravenclaw ladies who lock themselves in a wizard’s tower to be alone with knowledge. Gryffindor girls who kick butt and take names and paint their nails and love a good pumpkin spice latte. BUT MOST OF ALL, SLYTHERIN LADY HEROES.


365 days of rory gilmore: day 51


“Eyeliner is like my life.  When I don’t wear eyeliner, I am shy and I feel like I can’t dance hip hop.”

Park Jimin, supporting the positive effects of makeup on your sense of self worth and looking damn fine doing it.

Teen Wolf Preferences- When He Gets Jealous...


When Stiles gets jealous, you could spot it as easily as a speck of dirt on a white dress. He’d trudge around with glaring eyes and keep you glued to his side at all times. However, Stiles had a soft spot for resolving things with long hugs.


Scott turns into a hormonal 16-year old girl when he gets jealous. Punching his locker one minute and glaring at you the next. He gives into your puppy eyes and ends up peppering your face with kisses.


Isaac became Mr. Violent when he saw you talk to another guy. Lockers would become dented, and boys in the same lacrosse period as him would end up walking to the nurses office with a few broken bones here and there. His weakness revolved around your surprise back hugs.


It was no secret when Liam got jealous. Face red from scoring lacrosse goals, veins pulsing from his forehead, and growls coming from his throat. You discovered that the only way to soothe him was by hugging him tightly while pressing kisses to his forehead.


Brett loved giving you a taste of what it felt like to be jealous. He’d secretly ask Lydia to flirt with him while you stood across the hallway gawking in awe. After a couple of minutes, he ended up walking towards a fuming you, apologizing with kisses and carrying you to class.


Theo liked to pretend he wasn’t jealous. You loved watching him grit his teeth, trying not to punch a wall or someone. At the end of the day, he grabbed you by the arm, stood in the middle of the hallway, and kissed you smack dab on the lips, proving to everyone that you were his.


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“I thought my nickname last week was teddy bear?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“It was” Pietro said crossing his arms, an annoyed look forming on his face “but Tony started using it so I had to change it.

You giggled as Pietro scrunched up his face.
"You jealous that people are taking all your good nicknames?”.

“…. Yes”.

I’m Yours

Requests: “Can your write a one-shot where Enzo gets jealous and includes the reader riding his face” “More Enzo smut please💕” “More Enzo please!!💕” “Can you do enzo, we haven’t seen enzo! At least I haven’t. I feel like in the show he’s just there and Julie doesn’t really know what to do with him”

You just couldn’t believe how ridiculous Enzo was being. Just because you hung out with your friends for a day doesn’t mean you were tired of your relationship. It was nice to get some time away for a little bit. 

“Enzo just stop! Okay?” You whipped around to face the vampire who you were madly in love with. “I’m tired of your bitching. I spent my day with Elena and Bonnie. Not with another man, and it doesn’t mean I’m bored of you.” 

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