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Imagine Fili always being kind of pissed when he sees you talking with another man for too long. He’d actually feel really bad about it, but he’d just not be able to control himself because you’re his one, and only the thought of losing you makes him insane.


So a lot of people have asked me if I have a masterlist so I have decided to make one!

The Flash imagines

Joe embarrasses you and Barry
Barry grieving over your death
Barry finding out you are a villain ½
Barry finding out you are a villain 2/2
Barry finding out you are a burlesque dancer
Being a villain and dating Barry
Barry finds out you are a meta human
Being a villain and helping Barry find Zoom
Having to choose between Barry or Pietro
Forming an alliance with Dr Wells
Barry over hears you confessing your feelings for him
You and Cisco being like partners in crime
Barry gets jealous of Earth 2 Barry flirting with you
Fighting alongside The Flash and your mask falls off 
Earth 2 you is friends with Killer Frost and Deathstorm
Barry realises his feelings for you after you kiss Earth 2 Barry
Using your meta human powers against The Flash which turns Killer Frost on
Going to Earth 2 and Killer Frost is shocked to see you
Making plans with your boyfriend Wells to take down The Flash
Celebrating your birthday with Team Flash
Going on a secret date with Zoom
Team Flash and Snart babysitting you 
Snart finding out you are an experiment 
Team Flash and Snart are worried when you get kidnapped
Dating Wells and Barry tells you he’s the reverse flash
Telling Wells you know he’s the reverse flash

BBC Merlin imagines

Arthur watching you leave Camelot
Taking over Camelot with Morgana
Merlin knowing that you wouldn’t leave  Camelot without him
Merlin waking you up after a night drinking with Gwaine
Being Arthur’s cousin and the knights of Camelot flirt with you
Dancing with Merlin at a ball
Arthur finding out you are a princess and warrior of your kingdom
Your brother Arthur teasing Merlin about his crush on you (Part 1)
Your brother Arthur teasing Merlin about his crush on you (Part 2)
Watching Arthur fall in love with another woman
Seeing Merlin and Freya kiss (Part 1)
Seeing Merlin and Freya kiss (Part 2)

Harry Potter imagines

Standing up for Hermione when Draco picks on her
Draco sees you with another guy after you two broke up
Being Fred and George’s triplet and shocking Oliver with how you feel about him
James telling you that he isn’t like the other guys
George regrets leaving you

Teen Wolf imagines

Liam practising flirting on you
Stiles finding out Theo hit Lydia
Sheriff Stilinski being happy you and Stiles are back together
Liam getting jealous of your ex boyfriend Isaac
Lydia seeing you die in her dreams
Phoning your sister Allison’s phone because you miss her
Stiles wants you by his side at the hospital instead of Malia
Telling Scott you’re leaving Beacon Hills
Stiles taking taking somewhere for your birthday
Stiles asking Derek to come back
Derek comes back to kick Theo’s ass
Going on your first date with Theo
Theo came back to Beacon Hills not only for the park but also for you
Having a motherly instinct towards Liam
The dread doctors bringing your friends back to life
First kiss with Theo
Lydia finding out you have a crush on her
Malia is jealous of you and Lydia hanging out
Having a comeback to all of Liam’s pick up lines
Derek blaming himself when you got hurt
How the Season 5 trailer should’ve ended
Being the first to meet Void  Stiles
Isaac being your older brother
Finding out your friends Stiles and Lydia are together
Stiles confessing his love to you
Being pack mom and comforting Liam
Going to save Lydia from Eichen House
The Dread Doctors bringing you back from the dead and you see Stiles
You and Derek comforting Liam because you are the pack mom
Scott and Stiles realising that their fighting is hurting you
Convincing Derek to come to the pack’s graduation
This song describe’s yours and Liam’s relationship
You and Lydia catch Stiles and Jackson making a bet about you
Liam trying to get you to take a break from studying
The pack being overprotective when you (a siren) have a date
Isaac coming back from France because you need his help
Lydia looking for you after she escaped Eichen
Stiles hearing your voice after you decide to come back from France to save Lydia
Getting captured by the Dread Doctors while saving Lydia
Trying to calm Liam down with Scott and Stiles
Dating Liam and Scott and your grandmother Araya don’t approve
The pack’s reaction to your (Araya’s granddaughter) fighting skills
Stiles meeting your sister Max Black
You and the pack have to help save Void!Stydia
Stiles video chatting you

Disney Descendants imagines

Mal being mean to you and you confront her
Evie having a girl crush on you
Meeting your brother Ben for the first time and you are a grew up on the Isle of the Lost
Jay and Carlos fighting for your attention
Being Evie’s best friend and Mad Hatter’s daughter
Mal finding out you are Merida’s daughter
Game of Thrones imagines
Jojen finds out the Lannisters killed your family
Daenerys finds out you are the lost Targaryen
Being betrothed to Robb Stark but Joffrey wants you to marry him instead
Meeting your friend Arya and finding out she is blind
Having a fight with Robb about telling everyone you’re together

Shadowhunters imagines

Being Izzy’s parabati and secretly dating Alec
Having your first kiss with Alec
Jealous Alec
Fighting on a mission with your parabati Izzy
Making out with Alec and Jace and Izzy interrupt you
Being Clary’s best friend and meeting Simon
Alec falling in love with you when he first sees you
Telling Malec how frustrated that they’re not together
Males taking care of you on a bad mental health day

The Originals imagines

Not being intimidated by Klaus
Teasing Klaus and you think you’ve hurt him (Part 1)
Teasing Klaus and you think you’ve hurt him (Part 2)
Rebekah getting you to turn you’re humanity back on
Klaus comforting you after Katherine dies

The Walking Dead imagines

Meeting Carl after you defend yourself

Supernatural imagines

Dean is your date to your sister’s wedding
Being Scottish just like Rowena
Dancing with Castiel and the Winchesters laugh at you
Commenting on Dean and Cas’ “intense staring”
Dying in Sam’s arms
Having a stand off with Dean
Dean being overprotective when you go to a bar
Fighting with Dean when you reunite with Team Free Will after a year
Meeting Teen! Dean in a police station
Finding a way for Teen! Dean to sneak out and go to the dance with you
Teen!Dean finding it cute when you blush at his compliments
Being a hunter and thinking Dean and Sam are cosplaying as the book characters
Seeing the Winchesters a year after you left them
Being in a coma and the Winchester’s blame theirselves

Agents of Shield imagines

Getting Ward to admit he still loves Daisy
Daisy visiting you in hospital
Accidently confessing that you think Lincoln is cute
Being happy Fitz is going to dinner with Simmons
Being drunk and telling Agent May you think her glare is sexy
Going to a bar with Simmons
You find out Skye used to be a singer
Realizing that Fitz has an obsession with monkeys
Turning against S.H.I.E.L.D. after Coulson killed Ward
Fitz being in love with you but knows May is protective of you

The Vampire Diaries imagines

Telling Stefan you are leaving Mystic Falls

Marvel imagines

Choosing Tony’s side over your boyfriend Steve
Choosing between your best friends Tony and Steve
Saving your best friend Rocket
Having a dance off with Peter Quill
Helping Bucky with remember his past
Teasing Thor about Steve moving Mjolnir
Being old friends with the Maximoff Twins
Being Tony’s sister and flirting Steve which annoys Tony
Tony saying he loves you at yours and Steve’s engagement party
Tony letting go of his playboy attitude around you
Tony getting flustered when you compliment him
Meeting with Natasha for a mission and she flirts with you
Your dad Tony being overprotective
Tony and Steve stop fighting because you are dying
Meeting Spiderman and you fall in love instantly
Scott finding out you are Luis’ girlfriend
Being Peter’s older sibling and falling for Bucky
Kurt and Dave teasing you for your crush on Luis
Scott introducing you to Kurt, Dave and Luis
Kurt, Dave and Luis comforting you after a bad date
Scott trying to get you with Luis
Kurt having a crush on you
Erik Lensherr hitting on you
Kurt carries you upstairs after a heist
Luis, Dave and Scott trying to get you and Kurt together
Falling asleep on Kurt’s shoulder


Telling Jerome you’re sick of working for Galavan
Jerome being confident that you’ll be his even though you reject him

Suicide Squad

Being recruited to be part of the Suicide Squad
Meeting Harley Quinn
Going to a party with Harley
Being partners in crime with Harley
El Diablo seeing you walk down the aisle
Teasing Deadshot with your best friend Harley
Flirting with Rick Flag
Teasing Rick Flag
Harley asking you to join the suicide squad
Flirting with El Diablo
El Diablo having a crush on you
Telling Joker that you know he lied about Jason’s death
El Diablo getting protective when you get teased
El Diablo and Joker likes you
El Diablo finding out you’re a maid
El Diablo catching you checking him out
Being a klutz in front of the Suicide Squad
Singing with El Diablo and he catches on fire
Captain Boomergang trying to court you
Joker making you blush
Being El Diablo’s playboy bunny
Harley interrupting you and Diablo’s romantic moment
El Diablo being protective of you
Being Batman’s sister and Harley loves you
Taking a bullet for El Diablo
Batman catching you and Joker making out
El Diablo hearing your name when being tortured
Flirting with Harley whenever you see her
The Squad’s reaction to you being immortal
Long Rick Flag imagine
Harley flirting with Female!Cop

Batman V Superman

Lex convincing you to work for him by telling you how important you are (Part 1)
Clark finding out you are a villain in Gotham
Refusing to help Batman until he mentions your ex Jason Todd
Clark putting up with you when you’re on a sugar high
Lex convincing you to work for him by telling you how important you are (Part 2)
Lex becoming obsessive when he first meets you
Lex gets jealous when he sees you dancing with another guy
Lex taking you to dinner and you reject his kiss
Lex kissing you because you had a great idea for his experiment
Sacrificing yourself to save Superman and your sister Wonder Woman sees you die
Nursing Lex back to health because an experiment went wrong
Being a villain and always flirting with Superman
Lex taking you to dinner to relax

DC imagines

Jamie Reyes taking you out to dinner
Laurel Lance asking you out during a mission
Snart saving you from your kidnappers
Snart finding out you are his half sister
Your brother Snart and LOT Team visiting you

Youtube imagines

Being Zoe’s best friend and Joe’s crush
Hilly and Hannah missing you
Cosplay video with Capndesdes
Joe being angry that you agreed to a date with Caspar
Being best friends with Zoe
Dan knows you saw the finale of Doctor Who without him
Joe misses you after you break up
Dan trying to tell you how he feels
Dan finding a Sherlock gif on your tumblr
Being Phil’s sister and dating Dan
Dan finding out you read Phan fanfics
Having sexual tension on Trial to Oregon with Joey
Markiplier hitting on you during a let’s play

The Maze Runner/Cast imagines

Newt being heartbroken when he sees you with Thomas
Thomas saving you from Cranks
Minho saves you
Thomas telling you he saw Newt as a crank
Thomas (Sangster) showing up on your wedding day
Your sister Teresa finds out you are dating Thomas
First kiss with Thomas
Newt thinking you’re dead but he finds you in The Paradise
You and Newt had a fight
Being worried about Teresa
Thomas finding out you survived the Maze
Being in the Scorch with the gladers
Newt gets jealous of you and Thomas
Thomas and Newt fighting over you
Minho being jealous when he sees you with another guy
Seeing Minho after you got stuck in the maze for the night
Newt’s face being the last face you see before the Maze door close
Minho beats up Rat Man because he hurt you
You and Teresa make a promise to have each other’s backs
Thomas letting how he feels about slip infront of your boyfriend Dylan
Recognising Thomas when you first see him

Sherlock imagines

Sherlock ruining a murder/mystery tv show for you
Sherlock asking you to get his skull back for him
Sherlock pranking you
Helping your brother Sherlock on a case which annoys Mycroft

Hunger Games imagines

Saving Finnick from the mutts
You blame yourself for Prim’s death
Finnick feeling numb when you die in his arms
Being in love with Finnick and watching him get married

Doctor Who imagines

Stealing the Doctor’s sonic sunglasses
Being Human Ten and Rose’s daughter
Sassy relationship with the 10th Doctor
11th Doctor gets jealous
Not liking Danny Pink because he insults the Doctor
Being the Doctor’s date to Amy an Rory’s wedding
The 11th Doctor staring at you
The 10th Doctor saves you from a boring day at work
Clara hearing you tell the Doctor that you love her
Clara getting jealous when Rory flirts with you
The Doctor walking in on you and Clara kissing


Bumping into Snart and he flirts with you
Going undercover at a party
Snart saving you when an arrest goes wrong
Snart asking you to help him
Realizing how Snart feels for you
Snart teasing you
Snart getting jealous
Realizing your feelings for Snart
Snart telling you he has to leave town for a while


Being a hybrid in Scott’s pack and your friends Izzy and Clary visit
Clark getting jealous of your friendship with Captain America
Team Flash find out you’re dating Peter Parker
Bucky helping you make Deadpool jealous


The Pack goes to Senior Prom Part 1
The Pack goes to Senior Prom Part 2

Dating Includes

Dating Gally includes
Dating Alby includes
Dating Minho includes
Dating Newt includes

Set Up (Peter Parker)

word count: 1, 587

summary: You’re crushing on a fellow student. You gush to Peter, completely oblivious to the fact Peter has a massive crush on you. Ned and Gilbert try their best to set you and Peter up. 

a/n: Yeah, inspired by current events. Writing is my way of dealing with life. Jealous!Peter Parker.

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Arranged Love Pt.7 | Jungkook

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: Whatever happened to true love? To fairytale romance? Where was that magical spark, those lingering kisses, the butterflies in your stomach, the fireworks in your heart? Where was the romance and the honesty in a forced love? And, above all else, how did you and Jungkook even find yourself being forced into an arranged marriage simply for publicity? 

Word Count: 4,406

Genre: Fluff/angst

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100 Prompt list!

A/N: I hope you like these prompt ideas. You can choose up to 2 or 3 ideas. Enjoy!

1. I think I owe you an apology
2. I think you owe me an apology
3. Who did this to you?
4. Hey… I need to tell you something
5. Why are you yelling at me?
6. Are you alright?
7. Are you jealous?
8. Why on earth did you do that?
9. Did you do that for me?
10. I’m not jealous
11. I can’t stand watching you with him
12. I can’t stand watching you with her
13. You broke my heart
14. You can’t fix me
15. What are you hiding?
16. I hate you so damn much
17. I love you to the moon and back
18. I don’t need you here
19. I need to be alone
20. I want you far away from me
21. I need you here
22. Shut up!
23. I can’t do this
24. I can’t look at you
25. Let me help you
27. You need to leave. Now.
28. Please. Help.
29. I’m crazy about you
30. I trust you
31. Stop worrying
32. Everything is fine
34. You cheated on me
35. Who was that?
36. Bite me
37. Are you drunk?
38. Hey! That’s mine.
39. Don’t you touch me.
40. Maybe we are not supposed to be together.
41. Are you naked?
42. He’s going to be mad.
43. She’s going to be mad.
44. Are you flirting on me?
45. Don’t ruin this.
46. Why are you mad at me?
47. I’m deeply in love with you.
48. Since when do you have powers?
49. You are in love with him.
50. You are in love with her.
51. You are in love with me.
52. You can’t shoot me!
53. You are crazy.
54. I’m fine.
55. I can’t lose you again.
56. I moved on and you should too.
57. I don’t know who you are.
58. Do I know you?
59. You are an idiot.
60. Run!
61. Come home.
62. I love you. Always have, always will.
63. I don’t feel the same about you anymore.
64. I’ll always be with you.
65. Do you wanna hear a secret?
66. I’m leaving.
67. Don’t say it.
68. Will come back?
69. I will wait forever for you.
70. Can I buy you a drink?
71. I want you to be my last kiss.
72. I don’t deserve you.
73. I loved you. Past.
74. You looked right at me and you still lied.
75. It was about damn time.
76. You already used that second chance.
77. If you walk out of that door, you will never see me again.
78. That was the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard.
79. I wish I was with you.
80. Nobody wants you here.
81. We all need you.
82. You love me.
83. Are you from an actor or something?
84. I just need to be alone.
85. Maybe you should go and talk to her.
86. Maybe you should go and talk to him.
87. I beg you to forgive me.
88. You don’t know how I feel.
89. We never said we were exclusive.
90. We are together.
91. We are not a couple.
92. He loves someone else.
93. She loves someone else.
94. Can’t you see? I love you!
95. I will not let you go so easily.
96. Even if I die, remember that I love you.
97. You are not leaving me!
98. I hope you find someone that loves you as much as you deserve.
99. Are you sure about this?
100. Let me go

To obtain the skies, dream of branches
Quietly, restlessly ascending, transcending
The jealous earth and intolerant horizon
Spring, chokes out winter, in her blossoming
Grasp, rain becomes holy water, sap the
Anointing balm, flower petals, the pastel
Painting, that imitates newness and a
Rainbow, transfixed between clouds,
As leaves unfold, and days silently lengthen

Reasons to Ship WestAllen

Life long friendship. Iris is the first person Barry thinks about. Bartholomew Henry Allen is the person Iris Ann West wants to have a future with not the Flash. They are each other’s lightening bolt. The way they hold each other’s faces. Their hugs, the kisses and cuddling. Earth 2 Barry gets jealous of his earth 🌏 1 doppelgänger kissing his wife and would fight him in the street. Barry cares about Iris’s opinion so much so he cares about her opinion on the girls he dates. Iris’s voice will always bring him home. She couldn’t and didn’t want to stop thinking about him. Their couch scenes. He will go get her caviar at the weirdest time of night. He gave her closure on Eddie’s death. She also gave him closure on her “death”. He didn’t care about the story in the future newspaper he just cared about the By line saying Iris West Allen. They save each other. Soul Mates in every time every hour every minute and across the multiverse. No matter what version of her she is always Iris to him. “There is no Flash without Iris West”

I’m jealous of the future

I’m jealous of the kids in the future who will be learning about us in their earth history class as their shuttle orbits our planet of wasteland and ruin, and they press their faces against the cold window, their breath frosting in webs on the thick glass. 

Their teacher will tell them that only people working on experiments to learn about space could go into space, and the one kid will shout and point out of his window, and the kids will crowd around him as they try to peer out all at once at the floating carcass of what once our International Space Station. 

They’ll gasp when they hear we didn’t travel to Mars for weekend holidays because it would take too long, or that we were bound to our planet for life, and that so many people had died in trying to get to the moon. 

And then after their excursion, they will go back to their home planet, perhaps Trappist-1d, and then pack their bags because their parents promised them a trip to Trappist-1e for the weekend, or a flight around the whats-it nebula.

They will be so shocked and ponder our miserable existence confined to one sphere. And then the history teacher will tell them that’s why we had so many wars - we got claustrophobic…

anonymous asked:

Am I the first ask? Cool. So, I'm curious. How do you think the Axis (+ Romano & Prussia) and the Allies (+ Canada) are Yandere for their obsession? Is it love at first sight? Hatred turned to love? Slow bloom? How do they obsess over them? Do they stalk them? How easily do they get jealous? Do they go batsh** over them? What are YOUR headcannons for them? I know this a long ask, so I'm sorry if this inconveniences you.

Not a problem at all love, I would be happy to answer your questions! Sorry they are so short, this is a very busy week for me. I hope you enjoy!


Germany: Germany wasn’t too fond of you when you two first met. But once he saw you playing with your pets, he started to form a little crush on you. As you know he does love animals and seeing you with them sparked his interest. He likes to keep a close watch on you, but I wouldn’t really call it stalking. He will get jealous from time to time and will protect you at all times.

Italy: Italy always thought you were Beautiful, but when you two started hanging out, he fell madly in love with you. He’s very clingy and always has his hands on you. But will give you space if asked. He’s not the jealous type, but if he does get jealous he will just guide you away from the person and act like nothing happened.

Japan: Japan when he first met you thought you were just going to be another Italy. Meaning you were going to be loud and dramatic. But once he got comfortable around you, he started to notice little things about you. He fell in love with your personality and of course your Beautiful looks. He loves taking pictures of you and hangs them all around his house. He’s what I like to call a “silent killer.” He likes to get rid of his opponents quickly and quietly.

Romano: Ever since he was a little boy, he always thought no one loved him. So the moment you gave him just a little bit of attention, he fell head over heels for you. He is very jealous, if anyone (boy or girl) messes with you the mafia will get involved. You might start noticing your friends going missing, but don’t worry, they’re in a better place now. He likes to stalk you, but using other people to do it, like the mafia. He is always begging for your affectionate and will get mad if you ignore him.

Prussia: From the beginning you and Prussia were rivals. Always arguing about who is more awesome and who Gilbird loved more. But the more Germany made you two hang out, the more of a crush formed. That crush turned into love and that love turned into obsession. We would always watch you from afar, noting everything you did. He was to afraid of you rejecting him because of all of the arguments and well…. who would love an albino freak? He would wish death upon the men who talked to you but never interfered. But he will always watch you.


America: America always had a thing for you. Since he is not shy, he would always talk to you and send you little gifts. He loves to keep tabs on you by the use of his government and national spies. Being the country of freedom, he’s very good at letting you have your space. But he also wants you with him 24-7. He also isn’t afraid to punch a guy in the face for flirting or even talking to you.

China: Now China is a completely different story. He thinks this obsession crap is only for the young, immature, westerners. But that thought doesn’t stop him from keeping tabs on you wherever you go. That man will put China towns everywhere you go just to have a reason to be near you! This man has loved you since your first encounter at one of his China towns. He’s not very jealous, but will take some mad smack about the guy you were talking to.

Russia: Russia aka the king of Yandere, has had his eyes on you from the moment you walked in the door. He watches you more than any country on this list! Like America, he likes using his Government and national spies to keep a close eye on you. Sometimes he will just follow you around. This man is the most jealous person on this earth! If someone looks in your General direction he will have to get rid of them. He likes to torture the ones who he is jealous of. He is quite good at it, having do to his Soviet days.

Canada: This cute little maple leaf has had a crush on you since you first acknowledge his existence. You just saying “Oh hi Canada!” had him hooked. He likes to follow you around, but since he looks so innocent, no one really minds. He is a little bit jealous, only because no one in his life has really noticed him before and he doesn’t want to lose you. He’s very passive aggressive, unlike his brother who will pick a fight with a guy. He’s more of a Im going to steal you away from this man and make you some pancakes. But only until he snaps, then he will kill anyone who dares look at you!

France: The Country of love has always thought you were gorgeous. After getting to know you, he had fallen head over heals for you. He flirts with you a lot and hates when others do. Your beauty is for him and him alone! He has many pictures of you, some you know about and some you do not! He loves to look at you and gets upset if anyone else does. He’s not much of a stalker, he more like to just stare at you from time to time.

England: He has always had a little crush on you. But the moment you said you would love to spend some quality time with him, he knew that you were the one. He will curse any guy who goes near you and hates having to share you with others. Coming from a guy whose own brothers hate him, who was left all alone through his childhood, and has had everyone he has ever loved leave him, he’s very possessive. He wants you all to himself, all the time. But if you aren’t with him, he’s watching you from his crystal ball. He’s very clingy and always wants you in his arms.

New game idea.

The earth grew jealous of the heavens and hells. Souls only spent a portion of their time on Earth, but when they die they get sent to the afterlife forever. So the Earth starts hogging the souls of mortals by transforming them into horrifying monsters that will “never die.”

You have to kill the planet earth. Have fun!


Taurus Venus

~”Start as cuddle buddies, end up married.

Practical and fairly conventional, they’re slow-paced, high quality time lovers. They need stability and security, they seek and offer a strong loyalty. Equipped with an enhanced sense of touch, they seek long lasting relationships built with patience. When they’re threatened, they get jealous and overbearing.

[Feminine  Earth Fixed] Sign || [Venus] Dominant

anonymous asked:

From TS Rolling Stone article (2014), about Katy Perry: "Swift admits there might have been a personal element to the conflict. 'But I don't think there would be any personal problem if she weren't competitive,' she says." Translation: "I have no conflict with people as long as they put me and my career first." Or, "I won't be a raging asshole if you just let me win." How do people read HER OWN WORDS and think she's a kind person? Because she gives away a lot of money? THAT'S THE STANDARD?

She has zero self awareness and is clearly one of the most competitive, jealous bitches on earth

Earth signs #7

NEVER make the earth signs jealous. These people are loyal and peaceful because of their earthy nature but as soon as you break their trust, prepare for the worst. Capricorns will try to get even and may even hold a grudge about it for a long time, virgos will try to hurt you far worse than you hurt them (you wont know how bad you hurt them because they’ll hide it) and Taurus will be sure you know that their rage won’t be contained and that you’ve now lost your one and only chance to prove your loyalty to them.