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Imagine Fili always being kind of pissed when he sees you talking with another man for too long. He’d actually feel really bad about it, but he’d just not be able to control himself because you’re his one, and only the thought of losing you makes him insane.

The stars are jealous of the earth for he gets to walk there and she is jealous of the stars for the way he looks at them like he’s home. After all, who would not be envious of the ones who get to see the boy with eyes that comfort like hazelnut chocolate when you look into them, or the smirks that present themselves when he sees her blushing?

When he’s near she swears the laughter that fills her mouth is the sweetest she’s ever tasted. When he’s gone she cannot help but cling to the aftertaste of his words.

—  sky-talks (n)
Earth signs #7

NEVER make the earth signs jealous. These people are loyal and peaceful because of their earthy nature but as soon as you break their trust, prepare for the worst. Capricorns will try to get even and may even hold a grudge about it for a long time, virgos will try to hurt you far worse than you hurt them (you wont know how bad you hurt them because they’ll hide it) and Taurus will be sure you know that their rage won’t be contained and that you’ve now lost your one and only chance to prove your loyalty to them.

James and Sirius being the best of friends, for anon.

“Hey, Potter! How come you and Black are always together?” A slytherin once sneered after a Quidditch match.

“Yeah, that’s weird, man. give each other some space.” Another one added, smirking.

“D’you smeel this, Pads?” James frowned.

Sirius inhaled deeply.

“Yeah…” He inhaled again in a doggish manner, “Smells like someone’s jealous, aye?”

“What on Earth are you talking about?” The first Slytherin asked, his eyes narrowed.

“It’s okay mate, I’d be jealous too if someone else was dating Sirius Sexy-Ass Black.” James said, brushing his fingers over Sirius’ arm.

“Don’t do that, baby, you’re turning me on in public…” Sirius said, brushing his own fingers over James’ hand in a tragic manner.

“You guys are dating?” The slythering asked in unisson, bewildered.

“We’re married, actually.” James corrected, batting his manly eyelashes at Sirius.

“We’ve even got a baby on the way,” Sirius added, pinching the inexistent fat on James’ tummy.

“OW! Asshole!” James punched him on the shoulder playfully, biting his lower lip not to laugh.

The slytherins growled and walked away, leaving the two gryffindors exploding into laughter.

“Let’s get back to the castle, i’m starving.” James said, wiping his tears away.

“Or we can go straight to the dorms.” Sirius said suggestively.

“You wish, Black.” James blew him a kiss.

They both laughed again, racing towards the castle.

Back In the Day-Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes Imagine

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A/N: It’s long, sorry not sorry?

Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Y/N Y/L/N had been inseparable practically since the day they were born. If you saw one of them it was likely that the other two were somewhere around. They were The Three Musketeers who did pretty much everything together, but that was all about to change and only Bucky knew it. 

The three friends were walking down the streets of Brooklyn one afternoon. The weather was a little cold since it was autumn and the streets were busy with life. Bucky would occasionally catcall a pretty girl, making Y/N roll her eyes.

“You have no shame, James Buchanan, absolutely no shame,” Y/N said.

“You’re just saying that because you’re jealous,” Bucky teased.

“Jealous? Why on earth would I be jealous?” Y/N mocked.

“Because you want me all to yourself.” Bucky wiggled his eyebrows at her, making his friend roll her eyes. “Admit it, Doll, you’ve had the hots for me since Day One.”

“Please, Buchanan, Steve’s the only guy for me.” Y/N wrapped her arm around their smaller friend who was walking in between them. “You just need to accept that.”

Steve blushed a bright red at Y/N’s forwardness but Bucky wasn’t buying it. Since they were teenagers, Y/N would flirt with Steve and tease him, enjoying making the shy, polite boy blush and stutter because of her words. Steve never took her seriously, though, since she went on about as many dates with boys as Bucky did with girls. Steve always thought Y/N was the prettiest girl he had ever seen and he had been trying to work up the courage to tell her for the last thirteen years of their friendship. 

“Y/N, I don’t think this is appropriate,” Steve said, noticing the looks that they were getting from people who passed by. 

“Of course it is!” Y/N exclaimed before planting a wet kiss on Steve’s cheek.

“Y/N, don’t embarrass the boy like that!” Bucky jokingly chastised.

Steve’s entire face went red and he wasn’t able to form a coherent sentence. He shouldn’t let himself get all worked up by his best friend who he knew was just running an extremely long, painful joke on him. 

Bucky suddenly stopped laughing and shoved his hands into his pant’s pockets. “I have something to tell you guys.”

“You got that redhead pregnant?” Steve and Y/N said in unison.

Bucky frowned. “No!”

Steve and Y/N immediately looked relieved. 

“Then what is it, Buck?” Steve asked.

“I enlisted in the army and I’m leaving Brooklyn next week for training,” Bucky said.

Steve’s face seemed to pale while Y/N’s face was full of dread. Both Bucky and Steve had been extremely passionate about joining the Allied forces but Y/N didn’t want to lose her friends to a bloody war. Secretly, Y/N was thankful for Steve’s asthma and anorexic-like body for keeping him out of battle but she always knew that she would be more likely to lose Bucky. Now the day had come, she was about to lose one of her friends.

“Wow, Buck, I’m proud of you,” Steve managed to say with a smile. “Why didn’t you tell us sooner?”

“Because I just found out.” Bucky noticed the strange look on Y/N’s face since she hadn’t responded. “Y/N, you all right?” 

Y/N didn’t respond, she just continued down the sidewalk with her friends in a bit of a fog. It would never be the same anymore. With just her and Steve in Brooklyn, they would be The Two Musketeers. Sure, they would try to pretend that the missing one wasn’t fighting a war and possibly losing his life but it would be true.

That night, Y/N went on a date with Marcus Little. He was a decent guy who was tall, tan, and handsome. He had deep green eyes that reminded Y/N of grass and his harsh New York accent made everything he said more interesting. Marcus was just a way for Y/N to escape the fact that she was losing one of her best friends. He took her to a nearby nightclub where everyone was already dancing to the swing music or drinking gin and tonics. Marcus kept his arm around Y/N’s hips as they walked further into the club.

“You look ravishing, babe,” Marcus said as he kissed her cheek.

Y/N smiled a little and grabbed the hand that was wrapped around her. “Really? This old thing?” Y/N gestured to the baby pink short-sleeved dress she was wearing. It went a little past her knees and she wore strappy cranberry pumps with it. 

“Yeah, I can’t stop myself from imagining how you look underneath it,” Marcus whispered in her ear.

Y/N shivered from nerves and smirked a little. Before she could respond, she heard someone call her name. She turned to see Bucky with his arm around a busty blonde. Steve was there too with a whip-thin brunette who was eyeing Marcus. 

“Well look what the cat dragged in,” Y/N said with a wide fake smile. She turned to Steve. “Hi, Steve.” 

“Y/N,” he said with a nod. 

“Who’s your friend?” Bucky asked. 

“This is Marcus. Marcus, these are my friends, Bucky and Steve.”

“Nice to meet you,” Marcus said. 

“I’m Rose,” the blonde said, practically shoving her chest in Y/N’s face. 

“Wow, Bucky must have taken you out based on your personality,” Y/N said.

Bucky glared at her but Rose didn’t seem to take the hint as she beamed. “Thank you!” 

“I’m Kristen.” The brunette with Steve took a step towards Marcus and looked him up and down with a seductive gaze in her eyes.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Marcus said with a smile. 

Another song came on and Y/N turned to Marcus. “Wanna dance?”

“Sure, babe.” He twirled her around before leading her to the dancefloor. 

Y/N ignored the nauseated feeling in the pit of her stomach as Marcus lead her onto the dance floor and they began swing dancing. She was never that cruel to Bucky or his dates, she was just angry and that was the best way she could lash out at him. However, her thoughts were interrupted when Marcus tossed her up into the air only to catch her on his shoulders.

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She squealed when he helped her back down by flipping her back down. Marcus smirked at her as he twirled her around before bringing her back into his arms. Y/N felt someone looking at her and turned to see Bucky staring at her over Rose’s shoulder. He seemed concerned and Y/N looked away quickly. 

“Are you having a good time?” Y/N asked.

Marcus was staring off somewhere. 


He blinked. “Oh, uh, yeah, great.”

Y/N nodded but didn’t look convinced. After three songs, they found a table and Marcus quickly volunteered to get Y/N a gin and tonic. Y/N lost him in the crowd but decided that being alone for a few minutes wouldn’t be so bad. A minute later, Steve and Kristen joined her.

“Where’s Marcus?” Kristen asked.

“By the bar, getting us drinks,” Y/N said. “So, where did you two meet?”

“Bucky set us up,” Kristen said in an off hand way.

“Oh, he has a good eye,” Y/N said. 

“Uh uh, I’ll be right back.” Kristen stood and disappeared into the crowd, leaving Y/N with Steve. 

“How do you like her?” Y/N asked.

“She’s fine, I guess, but I’m really worried about you. You’ve been acting cross with Bucky since he told us he enlisted,” Steve said. “Why?”

“I always act cross with Bucky,” Y/N said with a shrug.

“You and I know very well that you are never just mean to him. Please tell me what’s going on with you?” 

“What’s going on with me is that I want a drink but don’t have one.” Y/N looked towards the bar but couldn’t get a glimpse of Marcus. She sighed and grabbed a cigarette from her clutch and lit it. Then, she looked at Steve and just let it burn. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine, I can get you a drink if you want.”

“No, no, it’s fine. I’m gonna see if Marcus got side tracked, but I’ll be right back.” Y/N stood and managed to weave her way through the crowd until she got to the bar. When she arrived, she found Marcus and Kristen making out. Marcus was sitting on a stool and Kristen was wrapped around him as though he was her only way of breathing. Y/N felt her skin bristle, like it always did when she was upset. “If you wanted another date, you can just forget it,” she spat.

Marcus and Kristen jerked away from each other. Marcus smirked at her while Kristen’s eyes were wide. 

“Please, it’s not as if you would’ve fulfilled a man’s needs anyway.”

Y/N’s eyes widened. “Excuse me?” she said slowly. 

“Everyone knows that you’re all talk, no action. I wasn’t going to waste my time with you,” Marcus said. 

Y/N seethed with rage and had half the mind to strangle him in front of a thousand witnesses. A bartender sat a gin and tonic in front of Marcus and he handed it to her.

“Here, you look like you could use a drink.” Marcus handed it to Y/N and Kristen cackled.

Y/N cocked her head at him and smiled as she accepted the drink. “Thanks, Marcus, but you look a little thirsty.” With that, she tossed the drink in his face and Kristen yelped since some got on her dress.

 Y/N huffed, grabbed a free beer bottle from the bar, and stormed away from the couple. She ignored the people yelling her name as she ran out of the club and into the cold night. Y/N slowed down and walked down the sidewalk, taking sips of beer and drags from her cigarette. As the alcohol began kicking in, she felt more emotional and alone. She passed couples who were having trouble keeping their hands to themselves and a few drunks. 

“Y/N! Y/N!” Y/N turned to see Steve running towards her. She blew out the last bit of smoke into the air before tossing the cigarette on the ground and grounding it out with the toe of her shoe. “What happened back there?”

“Marcus Little just showed how much of a low down dirty dog he is is all,” Y/N said. 

Steve frowned. “Did he hurt you?”

“No, I already took care of him. Sorry about Kristen.” Y/N took a long swig of beer.

“It’s all right, I was just worried about you.”

“You shouldn’t be, I’m used to people leaving me. My daddy left when I was born, all those boys left because I wanted to remain dignified, and now—” Y/N cut herself off with a cheap grin. 

“I’m not leaving you,” Steve said, putting a hand on her shoulder. 

Y/N turned to her friend and squeezed his hand. “I know and I’m thankful for it.” Y/N shivered again and Steve gave her his jacket. “Steve, I can’t,” but her friend still wrapped the jacket around her shoulders. 

“I’ll be fine.”

“Steve—” but she was cut off by Bucky yelling her name. 

He was breathing hard when he stopped in front of them. “Do you mind telling me what is going on?”

“I shouldn’t have to explain anything to you!” Y/N spat.

Something snapped in Bucky and he grabbed her shoulders, giving her a good shake. “You have been acting weird all day, Y/N, and I want to know why right now!” 

It was then that Y/N noticed the scratches on Bucky’s face and the bruises on his fists. She relaxed a little and felt tears pricking her eyes. “You’re leaving. You’re leaving me and Steve and you could die!” The tears were rolling now and she was shaking.

Bucky relaxed and hugged Y/N to his chest. “Oh, Doll, I’ll never leave you. I’m just doing my duty for our country.”

Y/N pulled away. “And what about your duty to our friendship?” she snapped. 

Bucky frowned. “Look, no matter what, I’ll always come back to you, nothing will keep me away from you, I promise.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Bucky,” Y/N muttered. 

“Well I’m keeping this one. I swear that I’ll come back in one piece and everything will be back to normal.”



Y/N wiped her tears away. “And you’ll give me your dog tags?”

“Fine,” Bucky said, playfully rolling his eyes.

“And your army hat?”

“I doubt that it’ll fit your big head.”

Y/N slapped him playfully only to pull him into a hug right after. She prayed that he would come back to her before pulling away. “So, did Rose get touchy with you?” She asked, gesturing to Bucky’s hands.

Bucky sighed and chuckled a little. “No, I didn’t like what that date of yours was saying about you.”

“You can’t just go around starting fights about me.”

“I know, Steve’s gonna have to take over while I’m gone.” Bucky clapped their friend on the shoulder and he nodded. 

“Of course,” Steve said.

Y/N laughed a little before grabbing his face and pressing her lips to his. “My hero.”

Bucky whistled while Steve blushed profusely while trying to explain how Y/N’s actions had been incredibly forward and inappropriate. Even though things were going to change drastically in the next few months, they would always have that night.

oooh man all time low is so obviously jealous of metro station, kinda like im jealous of that crusty earth worm on the sidewalk

sensitive, emotional, sad. things we were told never to be, and definitely never to show. but here’s a secret: boys are as sensitive, emotional, and sometimes sad as anyone else. not showing it or acknowledging it makes it fester and turn ugly. if you want to cry, cry. if you want to write happy poems but your friends call you a wimp, write happy poems and better friends will come and appreciate them. kindness is not weakness, forced detachment is not strength. let yourself breathe, and find peace. 

be religious, or passionate, or inspired. be all of them or none. you do not have to be the rocks of the earth, silently jealous of the flowers and the seas. here’s another secret: everyone contains rocks, flowers, seas, and stars in them.