“The time of my work with Brigitte Bardot is a blessed period. I could create two or three songs in a night. Once we were dining and I got drunk, completely conscious of what I was doing. The next day she called me and asked why I did this. I was silent, sort of "I was blown away by your beauty”. She told me: “Compose for me the most beautiful song you can ever imagine.” At night I created Bonnie and Clyde and Je t'aime moi non plus.“

- Serge Gainsbourg

Je T'aiMe Moi Non Plus
Trash Palace feat. Asia Argento & Brian Molko
Je T'aiMe Moi Non Plus

In 2002, Trash Palace published a cover version on their album Positions, featuring Brian Molko of Placebo and Asia Argento. The singers reverse their parts throughout the song, so that sometimes the female persona was sung by Molko.
-Village Voice, ‘02
It’s a French track, however, even if you don’t understand the language, I highly advise you to listen because it very much sounds like Brian is having sex while recording the vocals and that is worth 4 minutes of your time!