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Antoine Griezmann celebrates his goal against Sevilla with Koke. 19.03.17.

Quand je me rends compte que je regarde trop de séries

When I realize that i watch too many TV shows

And therein lies the problem. He expects Jamie and Claire to return as the same people but Jamie has buddied up to the Prince and they have both experienced so many things that have changed who they are and it seems this power shift creates a lot of tension between him and Jamie especially.

Jamie arrives and Dougal fully expects him to fall in line and off we go. ”Here we are. We’re ready to fight, et cetera, et cetera.” But then he realizes that something fundamental has changed in Jamie, which is that Jamie has grown into a real leader, and that throws everything off. Their dynamic is totally changed and it will never go back to the way it was. That contributes so much to the good meaty scenes I have gotten to take part in this season. They are a result of the change in that dynamic. On the one hand, he is very proud and pleased that Jamie is joining the rebellion, but at the same time he is a little bit put out that he is not the one leading the charge and calling the shots anymore. It’s classic Dougal really, but amplified by 10. He has good intentions and wants to do these things for the right reasons and because he believes in the cause, but on the other hand he can’t help but let his ego get in the way.


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“It feels like things are just beginning to ramp up,“ Heughan told me later in his trailer after he’d wrapped for the day, sipping a glass of Laphroaig, his favorite whisky. "The first half of the season there’s a lot of talk about this great battle, about Culloden, about how we know this whole people and culture are doomed. Ultimately Jamie realizes that he can’t [stop Charles Stuart from raising the army]. He has to join them and has to help.”

“I think that’s why he throws himself into training these people,” he explained. “Best thing to do, if they are going to have to fight, is to learn to be a modern army. That’s what he’s doing here. He’s training them to be more than just Highland warriors.”

In person, Heughan is open and charming, as quick to joke and small talk as he is to earnestly discuss the show. But across a shaded field, surrounded by silent crew members observing him train Highlander soldiers how to battle the Redcoats’ muskets, he becomes Jamie Fraser. He takes on a stronger Scottish lilt than his usual tones, voice echoing through the valley as he barks commands. Moving through the motions of disarming the enemy, he becomes a Scottish hero of the people.


I made another video y'all! There are so many cute girls and guys dressed to the 9’s in Toronto!


Go behind the scenes with us for a fashion editorial photoshoot for Fantastics Magazine with photographer Adamo de Pax, makeup artist Taylor Savage, model Jenni @ Push Agency, and stylist Bryanna Brown!

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As much as this was Claire’s episode, it was Jamie’s. He was a Highlander out of place in Paris, but upon his home turf, he’s regained his sure-footedness and confidence. Jamie was never a person cut out for politics, but he is a soldier and a leader. Now that he and his wife have shifted their focus from trying to stop the war to trying to win it, Jamie has found a purpose he can get behind.

Director Philip John captures this in his gorgeous training montages, and Sam Heughan breathes new life into his character. If he’s going to stand and die at Culloden, at least Jamie knows he’s doing what he believes in. As he says to Dougal, that is worth 10 people fighting someone else’s war. […]

Outlander delivers a powerful episode by contrasting the preparation of the Jacobite’s rebellion with Claire’s experiences in World War II. Even with the sense of dread hanging over the episode, there’s also a sentiment of everything falling back into place. Heughan imbues Jamie with a sense of confidence and power now that he’s returned to his home, while Balfe continues her phenomenal portrayal of Claire in Season 2 with a deep look into the personal cost of war.

Je Suis TV’s Joelle Kutner had a blast shooting the not yet released music video for the track ‘Black to White’ by Canadian DJ Felix Cartal. While she was there she got the chance to sit down with Felix to grab some behind the scenes info on what he’s been up to!
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