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Amour ~ Newt Scamander x Reader

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Requested:  hi! could you do an imagine where the reader is from beauxbatons and she meets newt and he really likes her because she’s pretty and very soft and natural and calm?

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(English translation in italics & bold)

Sun high in the sky, shining over the small wizard village in France in which you’ve lived your whole life. You journey down the cobblestone streets excited to start your summer holiday. That is until a florescent pink bird swoops out of no where and lands on your head. It flutters around not making a single sound. Carefully you cup the small bird in your hands, bringing it down from on top of your head. It gives a mute chirp of gratitude. The small pink bird perks up to gaze at you. 

“Pourquoi bonjour petit gars. (Why hello little guy.)”, you beam.

As the bird gives another silent chirp a young man comes rushing down the street, apologizing every few minutes to whomever he had run into. He skids to a stop when he reaches you and gives a worried look. 

He is rather tall and thin, with reddish brown hair, and dazzling blue eyes. He wears a white button up shirt with a green sweater-vest and tie. In one hand his wand. In the other hand he holds a case by its handle.

“I’m so sorry miss. My bird it-” He stops his babbling to get a good look at you.

“Salut, mon nom est Y/n L/n, et tu est? (Hi, my name’s Y/n L/n, and you are)?”, You hold out your free hand to shake.

“Newt Scamander.” Newt shakes your hand,”Je suis terriblement désolé pour mon oiseau. Il est un artiste d'évasion. (I’m terribly sorry about my bird. He’s an escape artist.)

He places his wand in his pocket and sets the case down onto the ground. Newt gently takes the bird, cradling it in his large hands. The bird gives another silent twitter before curling up into a small feathery ball.

“Tu parle français? Êtes-vous de la région? (You speak french? Are you from here?)” You question.

Newt gives a lopsided grin and responds, “Oh non, je suis anglais. J'étudie ici. (Oh no, I’m English. I’m studying here.)

Vous assistez à Beauxbatons? (Then you attend Beauxbatons?)

“Non, j'ai été expulsé de Hogwarts. (No, I was expelled from Hogwarts.)” Newt explains.

“Ah, je vois. (Ah, I see.)” You smile at the casual way he had said this,”Voulez-vous prendre un café avec moi? (Would you want to get some coffee with me?)

“Sans doute. (Of course.)” Newt beams at the offer.

He picks up his case and lightly places the now awake bird on his shoulder. 

You grin as the small bird hops to and fro across the table. It’s beak opens and closes yet not a single sound comes out.

“Quel genre d'oiseau est-ce? Je n'ai jamais vu un comme ça. (What kind of bird is this? I never saw one like that.)

Newt gazes at you with a sense of interest,”Robert est un Fwooper. Il est originaire d'Afrique. Fwoopers sont vendus avec un charme silencieux mis sur eux parce que leur chanson twittering conduira l'auditeur fou. Le charme doit être renouvelé chaque mois. (Robert is a Fwooper. He is originally from Africa. Fwoopers are sold with a silencing charm placed of them because their twittering drives the listener insane. The charm has to be renewed every month.)

“Intéressant. (Interesting)

Newt lightly strokes the Fwooper. You take a second to study the foreigner’s simple yet entrancing features. Freckles scatter across his kind face. his eyes sparkle as he speaks of his adventures.

“Quelque chose ne va pas? (Is there something wrong?)” Newt asks.

You awake from your trance to see Newt shyly looking at you. Robert seemed to of found a nice napping place on your hand. 

“Non non, j'ai été… distrait. (No no, I was just… distracted.)

“Ah, je vois… (Ah, I see...)” Newt smiles. He looks at the table and plays with the hem of his shirt.

“Si vous ne vous dérangez pas de le dire, je pense que vous êtes absolument magnifique. (If you don’t mind me saying so, I think you’re absolutely beautiful.)

You blush at the rather random compliment. Newt glances up for a moment, scared that he’d said the wrong thing. 

“Désolé … c'était un peu hors de nulle part. (Sorry… that was a bit out of nowhere.)” 

“Non c'est d'accord. (No it’s alright.)” You grin leaning across the table,”En fait, si ça ne te dérange pas, je t'embrasserai. (In fact, if you don’t mind me doing so, I’m going to kiss you.)

With that you lean in and peck Newt on the lips, sitting back into chair and smiling at his dumbfound face. Newt smiles at you and takes a timid drink of his coffee. The both of you then sit together in silence, smiling and enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Uni abbreviations/acronyms in French

So the French like their acronyms. A lot. It’s one of the biggest things I noticed in my very first meeting at the university, as I was noting down strings of letters I didn’t understand to go look up later. I figured I may as well be a good language blog and actually make a list of them, many of which, if you come to France to live, work, or especially study (like on an exchange or whatever), you will almost certainly come across in everyday conversations. You don’t necessarily need to know what they all stand for - I’m not convinced even native French speakers could immediately give you all of them without hesitating - but if you know what they mean you can use them the same as everyone else. Enjoy ^^

  • (la) fac - la faculté - used for university in the same way we’d shorten it to “uni”. Je suis à la fac = I’m at uni.
  • UFR - Unité de Formation et de Recherche - used basically to mean “department”. L’UFR d’anglais = the English department.
  • LEA - Langues étrangères appliquées - a degree in foreign languages, normally two, with an aim of being more ‘practical’ (“applied”). Je suis en LEA anglais/espagnol = I’m doing a joint English/Spanish degree.
  • LLCE - Langues, littératures et civilisations étrangères - a degree in which you study just one foreign language but more in depth. It involves more literature, history and cultural stuff than an LEA and often leads to teaching.
  • L1, L2, L3, M1, M2 - used to indicate what year you’re in. L for licence (Bachelor’s), M for master. Je suis en L1 anglais = I’m in my first year of English.
    (NB - many subjects would also be abbreviated, eg philo (-sophie), psycho (-logie), histoire-géo (-raphie))
  • BTS - Brevet de Technicien Supérieur - another form of higher study other than university, more vocational… (I’ve not a lot of info on this one tbh)
  • SHS - Sciences humaines et sociales - social studies/sociology.
  • Bac - (le) Baccalauréat - the final exam at the end of high school that you’d take when you’re 18 normally. There are different ‘branches’ you can choose - L (littéraire / literary), S (scientifique / science), ES (économique et social / economy and social studies). If someone says something like j’ai (fait) un bac L it means they did more literature/language/philosophy classes at school, whereas j’ai (fait) un bac S would be more science based etc.
  • Bac+3, Bac+5 etc - higher education is always measured against the baccalauréat, with the + meaning the number of extra years. So a bac+3 is a licence/Bachelor’s because it’s 3 more years of study after high school. A bac+5 would be a masters, and a bac+7/+8/beyond would be a doctorate.
  • LMD - licence, master (maîtrise in some places), doctorat - the normal university levels/stages of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate.
  • TD - (un) travail dirigé - small classes, seminars, more interactive, more exercises.
  • TP - (un) travail pratique - small classes, more ‘practical’, in a language context it’s in language labs with headphones etc.
  • CM - (un) cours magistral - lectures, big classes, less interactive
  • ECTS - European Credit Transfer System - a standardised credit system across a lot of Europe. Normally it’s 60 credits to pass a year.
  • CC - contrôle continu - continuous assessment, grades every week, participation grades, several small tests etc.
  • CT - contrôle terminal - grade comes from one all-encompassing final assessment. It’s often something you’d have to apply for, justifying why you can’t come to classes or do CC. J’aimerais passer en CT = I’d like to switch to final assessment.
  • DST - (un) devoir sur table - an in-class exam/test. J’ai un DST d’anglais demain matin = I have an English exam tomorrow morning.
  • QCM - questionnaire / questions à choix multiple - multiple choice questions.
  • BU - (la) bibliothèque universitaire - university/school library. Je t’attends à la BU = I’m waiting for you at the library.
  • ATER - (un) Attaché Temporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche - normally someone who teaches while researching/writing a thesis.
  • PRAG (pronounced as a word) - (un) Professeur Agrégé - a professor who has some kind of admin responsibilities too… gotta admit I’m not sure on this one either!
  • amphi - (un) amphithéâtre - lecture hall.
  • Repro - (la) reprographie - printing/photocopying service.
  • CAPES (pronounced like capès, with the s) - Certificat d'Aptitude au Professorat de l'Enseignement Secondaire - the competitive exam that allows you to become a teacher. You’d take le CAPES d’anglais to become an English teacher, le CAPES de français to become a French teacher etc
  • Cité U - (la) cité universitaire - university residence/halls.
  • CROUS (pronounced as a word) - (le) Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires - the organisation that manages student services, bursaries, and accommodation France-wide.
  • ENT - (un) Environnement (ou espace) Numérique de Travail - the intranet, moodle, etc.
  • FLE - Français (comme) langue étrangère - French as a second/foreign language.
  • TOEFL/TOEIC (pronounced as words) - Test of English as a Foreign Language / Test of English for International Communication - two of the biggest/most widespread/most recognised English proficiency exams.

  • CDD - (un) contrat à durée déterminée - a fixed term contract.
  • CDI - (un) contrat à durée indéterminée - a permanent contract (le rêve de tous les jeunes quoi).
  • brut - before tax - un salaire brut is what your employer pays for you.
  • net - after tax - un salaire net is what you actually take home at the end of the month.
  • sécu - (la) sécurité sociale - social security, health insurance etc. Le numéro de sécu is a social security number.
  • CAF (pronounced as a word) - (la) caisse d’allocations familiales - the organisation that manages benefits/social welfare.

Where I’ve put an article in brackets, you’d use that article before the acronym, e.g. la CAF, le CROUS, le DST, for some things you’d mostly use en with no article, e.g. en L1, en LEA, en CT

English russian

Notre prof d'anglais au lycée est d'origine russe. C'est d'ailleurs assez cliché parce qu'elle a un gros manteau en fourrure jusqu'au cheville, une chapka, une grosse chevelure rousse et un accent russe très prononcé.
Malgré le fait que je suis nullissime en anglais, et que je sois un cas désespéré, elle a l'aire de bien m'apprécier et c'est réciproque.
Enfaite elle aime bien notre classe car même si on l'a en dernière heure le jeudi, on est très calme, pas comme la classe juste avant (2nd std2a) qui sont de vrai petits con imbus d'eux même… Je sais pas ce qui m'a retenue toute l'année de pas intervenir dans un cours de français anglais ou math, car nous partageons ces profs là, et hurler une bonne fois pour toute que le prochain qui manque de respect à un prof je lui fait bouffer la table avant de l'empoisonner avec de l'engobe au plomb et de le mettre dans un four à céramique à température de 1400°c. Nan vraiment je sais pas ce qui m'a retenue, particulièrement aujourd'hui où ils ont été tellement chiant que la prof à quitter la salle et est revenue que pour notre cours. Nous étions spectateurs car nous avons cours dans la salle juste en face…
Bref… Nous nous attendions à avoir une prof de très mauvaise humeur, mais loin de là, elle est revenue avec le sourire. À peine arrivé que nous avons parlé de l'économie américaine, puis avons dérivé sur celle de France avant de parler de celle de la Russie, actuelle, mais aussi celle de l'URSS, marquant sont enfance et adolescence.
Elle nous a alors raconté à quel point cela avait été la meilleur partie de sa vie, le bénévolat dans les champs de patates, ses parents, ses enseignants, les vacances au bord de la mer noir… Elle se moquait un peux des Français en disant qu'elle avait vécu cette crise et cette famine, l'angoisse du lendemain… Elle riait de sont mari qui ne voulait pas descendre à Grenoble parce une c'est à 4h de route alors qu'enfant ils partaient toute la famille dans une voiture pour 5 jours de voiture avant d'arriver à la mer… On pouvait voir la nostalgie dans ses yeux…
Moi ça m'a fait rire, mais ça m'a touché aussi…
Puis j'ai réalisé que c'était mon dernier cours avec elle… Je ne l'aurais pas l'année prochaine, et c'était mon dernier jeudi de cours car je pars jeudi 1 juin au matin, et la semaine prochaine c'est férié (et on fait le pont!!!!!!)…
Du coup ça m'a rendu triste, mais une tristesse mignonne… :’)

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Je crois que j'ai enfin trouvé un français trans de mon âge 😂

Je suis pas français, je suis anglais, mais ça fait depuis la maternelle que je suis en France (du coup, techniquement, on peut me considérer comme étant français 😋)
J'ai 19 ans du coup :)

Tu connais d'autres blogs tumblr de trans français? :O Moi j'en trouve zero (peut-être parce que je cherche pas souvent…)

sans aucune originalité, bien que je n'ai vu aucun dessin de ce tag sur tumblr, je fais, moi aussi, le MEET THE ARTIST!
admirez cet anglais (parce que je suis une bille en anglais, donc profitez, c'est un des rares postes dans une autre langue…)
puis bon… j'ai oublié pas mal de chose dans le “j'aime/j'aime pas” mais j'y ai mis l'essentiel….
donc voilà, vous en savez un peux plus sur moi :)

BBC Merlin Sentence Meme

“It is destiny, my love! Destiny and chicken." 
"My Lady.”
“My Champion.”
“With all my heart.”
“Thank you.”
“I want him dead!”
“You gave me no choice.”
“The love that binds us is more powerful than the power we wield.”
“I dreamed of cheese that tasted like apple pie.”
“What does dollophead mean?”
“Is there anything you’re actually capable of doing?”
“He/She’s been enchanted.”
“Because you have the mind of a child.”
“And yet I am still more intelligent than you.”
“She’s not dispensable to me.”
“The bravest and most noble of them all.”
“Nobility is defined by what you do, not by who you are.”
“Rise and shine!”
“What happened to you?”
“I trust your breeches are inside out?”
“It’s almost good to see you.”
“This is one of the two, possibly three, moments in my life where I’ve actually been glad to see you.”
“You are two sides of the same coin.”
“Your plan was a half-baked disaster.”
“Such hatred as yours can never triumph.”
“I grew up.”
“Does that bring back memories of when I used to beat you?”
“That never happened!”
“He/She is the darkness to your light.”
“Hello, young warlock.”
“Do you really hate me so much?”
“You cannot begin to know how much I hate you.”
“I did what I thought was right.”
“Remember the first time I kissed you?”
“Sometimes you’ve got to do what you think is right and damn the consequences.”
“I want you to always be you.”
“I’m not a monster, am I?”
“It’s good to have you back.”
“I’ve made a terrible mistake, haven’t I?”
“You’re threatening me with a spoon?”

“Je m'appelle _____ , je suis loser.”
“Take me to Glascow.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Are you being /bu/llied, ____?”
“As you may have guessed we like to take our level of pranks to an extremely high intellectual level.”
“We’re going to die! *hums a tune*”
“I’m really angry that I don’t have a fridge!”
“Because I can’t drink any milk!”
“Je ne comprends pas, je suis anglais, YA HEY!”


Je ne comprends pas, je suis anglais, yeah hey!

Today’s funny story is how a woman in the street started talking to me really fast in French and I panicked and tried remembering ANY french (hard task, as I’ve never actually learnt any French)

And then Bradley James came to me, speaking words of wisdom

je ne comprend pas, je suis anglais

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OKAY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE in one of the junior year blog posts N talked about an AU where jack gets a concussion (in the NHL) and he forgets how to speak English but I haven't seen it written anywhere could you possibly do this + zimbits (like worried!Bitty rushes down and has to deal with suddenly French!Jack) thank you so much for your wonderful blog

This is so rushed and small and I’m 100% drawing this french from the crappy 4 years of public education french I was supplied with (I’ll probably rewrite this when my midterms are done and I promise it’ll be longer)


When Eric Bittle saw the check on TV, he swore he could feel Jack’s impact on the ice as well. It was a dirty hit, in which Jack’s head collided with the metal end of the board, causing him to collapse right away.

Fortunately, he walked away with a concussion and not a fractured skull.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t speak English.

Bitty found this both entertaining and frustrating as he tended to his boyfriend for the weekend.

“…Mal à la tête” Jack grumbled, sitting on the edge of the bed. The bedroom had all the curtains drawn to avoid eye strain, bathing his white walls a dark blue.

Bitty placed his hand on Jack’s back, in an attempt to console him, placing two prescribed tylenol pills in the palm of Jack’s hand. “I don’t know what that means, honey, but its time to take your painkillers.”

Jack did as he was told and emptied his glass of water. He wound his arms around Bitty’s waist, gently snuggling his pounding head into the man’s body.

“Je t’aime,” Jack pulled Bitty closer, in an attempt to drag him into bed, but he didn’t budge. Instead, Eric stroked Jack’s hair.

“I love you too, Jack.”

“Je suis désolé Anglais.” His words were slightly muffled into the abdomen of the baker.

“Hey, I know what désolé means and you have nothing to be sorry for, Mister.”

“Je t’aime.” Jack said softer.

“I love you, too.” Eric gave up and let Jack drag him down.

They both repeated their declarations of love until they both feel asleep.


Hey guy’s I reached 1000 followers so feel free to send me short fic requests/ prompts/headcanons and I’ll write ‘em for you. 


The pack is in France to visit Allison and his Dad. Today you’re in Paris, but after a group of tourists split your group you can’t find your friends anymore. There are only you and your boyfriend Stiles.
(Y/N): Where are the others?
Stiles: Uhm… Don’t know.
(Y/N): Oh no. No no no no no no!
Stiles: Okay, don’t freak out! We’ll find them. I call Scott.
Stiles takes his phone.
Stiles: It’s dead…
(Y/N): What?!
Stiles: Your phone!
(Y/N): It’s in the hotel. Allison said, here are many pickpockets.
Stiles: That’s bad. That’s really really bad.
(Y/N): And now?
Stiles: Uhm… Well… We can make the best of it. We can sightseeing. I’ve got a map.
(Y/N): Can you speak french?
Stiles: Un peu (slightly).
(Y/N): Amazing…

Stiles: I think, we’re lost.
(Y/N): I hate you.
Stiles: We ask the way.
(Y/N): I’ll ask the way. Monsieur, excuse-moi. Uh… Comment est-ce que… uhm… Je suis désolé. Parlez-vous anglais? (Mister, excuse me. How… I’m sorry. Do you speak english?)
Mr.: Yes. Can I help you?
Stiles: Thanks god. Could you tell us where to go to… the Louvre?
(Y/N): I want to go the the hotel!
Stiles: I thought we’re sightseeing?
(Y/N): Stiles!
Stiles: Could you explain us the way, please?
Mr.: Sure.

(Y/N): Now I want to go to the hotel.
Stiles: Come on, (Y/N). Only one stage!
(Y/N): Fine.
Stiles: How about the Eiffel Tower? It’s getting dark and it’ll shine. Really romantic.
(Y/N): That’s the best idea you had today.

(Y/N): It’s beautiful…
Stiles: Not as beautiful as you are.
You kiss him.
Stiles: Je t'aime. (I love you)
(Y/N): Je t'aime aussi. (I love you too)
Stiles: We should find our friends.