je suis amoureux

Je suis tombé amoureux de la mort, ma chère. Bien que j'aimerais que vous soyez, l'obscurité ne peut pas embrasser la lumière. Mais je peux dire au revoir à un bisou. Parce que je suis désolé de le dire, mais je ferais une belle reine de l'enfer.

// I fell in love with death, my dear. Although I wish it were you, the darkness can not kiss the light. But I can say goodbye with a kiss. Because I’m sorry to say, but I would make a lovely queen from hell //
Je suis amoureux comme au premier jour. Tu peux te lasser d'une femme, en vouloir une autre. Ce n'est pas de l'amour, c'est du désir. Parce que l'amour, le vrai, c'est intellectuel. C'est dans la tête que ça se passe.
—  Jean-Michel Guenassia

i looked for the book written for Harry and for some reason i can relate so so bad.

(i would prefer to be in love with a real person)

next to the book, it says:

« Je suis tombé amoureux de lui. Un amour tout aussi vrai et puissant que celui qu’éprouve une fillette pour l’inconnu de la classe d’au-dessus dont elle ne connaît que le nom et toutes les tenues vestimentaires, et à qui elle n’adressera jamais la parole sous peine de mourir sur-le-champ d’une attaque cérébrale. »

i translated it for you:

“I fell in love with him. A love just as real and powerful as the one a young girl feels for the unknown kid a year older whom she only knows the name of and all the different outfits, and to whom she will never talk to without risking to die right then and there from a brain attack.”

  • X: Je t'aime.
  • Y: Non.
  • X: Bah si, je suis amoureux de toi.
  • Y: Non, tu aimes la personne que je t'ai montré, pas celle que je suis vraiment.
je t'aime (Tom Holland)

Hey love! I love your blog! I wanted to know if it is possible to have a Tom Holland x Reader where the reader is an American actress of French origin and she learns to Tom spoke French, then one day without making deliberately, the reader confesses these feelings to Tom In French and Tom understands and all fluff has the end! Thank u and love u! ❤️❤️

-Sure dear hope you liked it its kinda short sorry

You were finally on the last press tour date for Spider-Man Homecoming. You were cast as Peters Parker’s future love interest, as well as being the new avenger. Over the months of filming spider-man you had grown incredibly close to Tom and Harrison. You and Tom had flirted your way through every interview you had together, stumping the press with the question every one wanted the answer to, ‘Were Y/N and Tom Holland dating?”

You and Tom had just finished your last interview, and where currently chilling in your hotel room in downtown LA. You guys were both trying mimic each other’s accents. You having a pretty good british accent down while tom struggled to get down your natural french tone down. Being a fluent french speaker it was quite easy for you, while tom continued to struggle. You laughed at his attempts when you saw his death grip on the comforter.

‘’Y/N, this isn’t funny i will get this down!” he said to you in frustration. He continued to try to mimic your accent for the next ten minutes. You signed looking at the time, you didn’t want to leave Tom but you had promised your friend that you meet her for lunch. ‘’Alright Tom, i gotta go’’ you said getting up from the couch.

‘’What! No, y/n love me! Don’t leave me.’’he said following you to the door.

Turning around you gave him a hug slowly looking up to him, ‘’Vous savez que je suis profondément amoureux de vous*” you said.

Tom looked down at you,’’Je suis amoureux de toi**” Your face grew in confusion,  just as tom smiled hugging you tighter. ‘’Couldn’t let you have all the fun love’’ he said bringing his lips down to meet yours.

*you know i’m deeply in love with you

**im in love with you to

Je voit ton prénom partout, ta voix ne cesse de résonner dans ma tête et tes photos, je t'avoue que je l'es ai toujours. Que quand ça va pas, te regarder sourire me met directement de bonne humeur.. Je suis amoureux de toi, ce dont j'avais le plus peur…
Something (lafayette x reader)

summary : its laffy taffy birthday and u cook him somin and he duznt kno u speak french 

warnings : crappy french & fluff,, cussing?? and mumbaiya hindi- basically the slang of hindhi which is the only hindhi i ever learned,, fite me 

992 words m8 thats so little but f1t3 m3

a/n : i wrote this during math class bc i already know all this shit so excuse me if its bad. 

It was laf’s birthday. he was out with the boys celebrating, so you had decided that try to cook for him. He’d be back in 4 hours, so you decided to call your grandma in france. Laf was your best friend, so close you lived together, but you had managed to keep the fact you spoke french a secret from him. Laf muttered under his breath and talked to Alex in French, and never realized you could understand everything they were saying. You remembered last week, when you had overheard the most peculiar thing. 

“Je n'aime pas la façon dont elle regarde John” he muttered to Alex. (I do not like the way she looks at John)

“Qui voulez-vous dire, notre John?” Alex replied (Who do you mean, John?)

“Oui, bien sûr, notre John” (Yes, of course, our John)

“Que fait-il?” (What is he doing?)

“Regardez-les, tous amoureux, c'est dégueulasse” (Look at them, all love, it’s disgusting)

you snorted at this, and Lafayette turned red. “Connait-elle le français???” he practically screamed. (Does she know French ???) you looked away, hoping he didnt notice. Alex shook his head. “I don’t think so” he replied in English. 

“Don’t think what?” you asked, innocently. 

“Laf here was wondering if you speak french?”

“Oiu Oiu Baguette?” You laughed, trying to butcher the word and visibly seeing Laf cringe made you laugh harder. 

But you couldnt get the thought out of your head. Did Laf like you?

you were with your grandmother, cooking a wonderful smelling broth. she had recently moved to the city to help your mother get back on her feet after her recent run in with cancer. since you did not eat meat, she was cooking the chicken while you prepared the desserts and broth the meat was to rest in. 

you tossed in the potatoes and carrots, adding a bit of indian spices from your fathers side to spicen it up. 

“Vous faites tout cela pour un garçon?” she asked you. (Do you do all this for a boy?)

“Alors, que faire si?” (So, what if?)

“Rien, rien, juste vous deux peuvent vraiment avoir quelque chose de spécial” (Nothing, nothing, just you two can really have something special) she winked suggestively. 

“Amama(hindi)! Nous ne sommes plus que des amis” (Grandma! We are only friends)

“Est-il un garçon français?” (Is he a french boy?)

“Peut-être” (perhaps)

“Ensuite, j'approuve” (Then I approve). 

“Amama,Est-ce que je peux te dire quelque chose” (Grandma, can i tell you something?)

“Oui chérie, qu'est-ce que c'est” (yes, darling what is it)

“Je ne pense pas que je suis amoureux, mais je veux que nous soyons plus que des amis” (I do not think I am in love, but I do want us to be more than friends)

You heard a loud choking noise from the door and you turned to see Lafayette, mouth agape, red in the face. 

“Ye wala he?” your grandmother asked in hindi, knowing he could speak french. (Its this guy?) 

“hanjee. ye mera dost he” (Yes ma'am, this is my friend).

“both acha dekte” she winked. (He looks very good)

“merku malum. usku malum. sab malum” (i know, he knows, everyone knows)

“uska baal merku both acha lakte” (I like his hair a lot)

“me too” you said in English, laughing slightly at his confused face, then frowning. 

“wait- how long were you standing there?” 

“I just came- you speak french? what? wait?” he stuttered out. 

“enough to get by.”

“it is her second language” your grandmother adds. “hindhi being her first”. he can only nod slightly in response. 

“Merde, ma vie est un mensonge. Je ne peux pas y croire. Comment parle-t-elle le français? Elle le sait tout, n'est-ce pas?” he muttered angrily under his breath. You were only able to catch a few words. 

“Je suis désolé de ne pas vous le dire. Je voulais que ce soit mon petit secret” (Im sorry I did not tell you, I wanted it to be my little secret)

“its fine. I just- wow. wow. you speak french thats really… hot. did i say that aloud? I mean like its just cool like i can bitch about john to you and-” he stopped himself. 

“you’re cooking for me?” 

“yessiree. coq au vin and tarte tatin. i asked amama to come over to help prepare the meat. we are almost done. take a seat, Lafayette, its your birthday.” you say, pulling out a seat for him to watch you two cook. 

your grandma was telling laf embarrassing stories of your past. you laughed at the both of them, fluently talking in french, as you added the finishing touches. 

“dive in!” you exclaim, setting down the meal in front of him. he smiled as he finished it in one go. “reminds me of my ma’s cooking. la magnifique!” he laughs. you look at his eyes, twinkling with happiness. then you heard someone clear their throat behind you. 

“tera pedas or kya ne” she laughed. (your sweets or what not). you nodded and pulled it out, handing it to Laf. 

“Happy Birthday to my favorite boy ever!” you exclaimed, watching him almost moan at the flavor. Your grandmother slipped outside and onto her motorcycle, speeding away. what a badass. 

“so. about earlier” you knew exactly what he was talking about. 

“I’m sorry- i didnt mean it just,” you took a deep breath. “fuck it. I fell in love with you. or something like that. I noticed it the first time you punched Jefferson in the face for calling Alex’s mother a whore. Something fluttered inside me and its been growing. I don’t know if its love Laf- I just feel something, here” you say, and point to his heart. He looks at you, studying the lines of your smile and your hopeful eyes and realizes you needed an answer. 

“you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear that” he said, and brought his lips up to you. It wasn’t movie fairytale firework explosive everywhere kissing, but it was goddamn something. it felt good, and thats all you needed to validate this feeling. you pushed the dessert out of the way, and jumped onto the table, Laf continuing to makeup with you. His eyes were closed in bliss, and his hands made his way up your shirt. 

“Je veux vous baiser si bien” he growled and attacked your neck.  (google translate it its too vulgar for my innocent eyes)

Helpless (Semester 1.5)

This is (kind of) a sequel to Before the End of the Semester and All’s Fair (Semester 2). It takes place a little bit before the start of Semester 1 and ends right up to the beginning of the library smut from Alex’s POV.

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warning: pining

Kink Tag: none

AU: modern/college au

Word Count: 2471

Song: “Touch” - Little Mix

A/N: Yes, I haven’t updated in 500 years, and yes this is hella late and the write-a-thon is over BUT this is for day 5 of the @hamwriters Write-A-Thon for reverse pov day. All french translated for me by my platonic soulmate @manuelmirandamn hope you enjoy!!!

A note from Mackie who proofread for me: “i read this as “on my sexual life” bc im taking french rn and I started cackling because i thought it was like “i swear on my life” but it’s alex’s sexual life” - about a line in french @protecting-my-legacy

Alex dropped the last of his bags on his bed, looking around the room to figure out what order he should organize his things in. Move in day was always hectic and stressful but you’d think after two years of college, he’d have it down already.

A loud bang and a strong French accent coming from down the hall notified him that Gilbert had just arrived. Smiling, he walked out of his room and down the hall to Gil’s.

“Nice flight,” he asked, leaning against the door frame. “Alexander! Mon meilleur ami!” He grinned and opened his arms wide for a hug which Alex happily obliged. Gil’s hugs were the best.

“How was France?”

Incroyable. All the cousins were there and ma grandmére. She makes the best chocolatines. I had some shipped over for you guys. Your life will change forever.”

Alex laughed. He missed Gil and all his friends when they were on break but especially Gil. His life was boring without Gil’s drama in it.

“Did you get your class schedule?”

“‘Did you,’ is the more important question. Will we have to suffer through yet another semester of you pining after Y/N?”

“I don’t pine. And, yes, but I don’t know what her schedule is.”

Gil raised an eyebrow as he folded a shirt. “You mean you didn’t ask your dad?”

“George isn’t my dad-”

“He adopted you when you were fourteen-”

“He’s not my dad.”

“Fine. You didn’t ask Washington to find out for you?”

“No.” Another eyebrow raise. “Fine, yes.”


Alex ran a hand through his hair. “We’re in the same classes again. But I’m over it. It’s been a long summer and I’m only focused on getting valedictorian.”

“Give it five minutes into your first class and you’ll be at each other’s throats.”

He rolled his eyes. “I think I have more self control than that.”

“You two have been hurling insults at each other and debating like it’s a courtroom for two years straight. That’s not going to stop overnight. Or over a summer.”


Non, mon ami. This has been a thing for two years. We’re getting you two together.” 

Alex groaned. “Whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t. Seriously.”

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“Je suis tombé amoureux comme on attrape une maladie. Sans le vouloir, sans y croire, contre mon gré et sans pouvoir me défendre, et puis…
Et puis je l'ai perdue. De la même manière. ”

- Anna Gavalda

Tu ne décides pas d'aimer ou d'oublier. C'est une idée qui t'abandonne jamais. Le jour, je vis avec elle et la nuit quand je me réveille, c'est à elle que je pense. Je suis amoureux comme au premier jour. Tu peux te lasser d'une femme, en vouloir une autre. Ce n'est pas de l'amour, c'est du désir. Parce que l'amour, le vrai, c'est intellectuel.
—  Jean-Michel guenassia
Je suis tombé amoureux comme on attrape une maladie. Sans le vouloir, sans y croire, contre mon gré et sans pouvoir m’en défendre. Et puis je l’ai perdue. De la même manière.
—  Anna Gavalda.
Je t’aime trop pour te laisser croire que je pourrais me passer de toi.
Que tu me trompes, je m’en fous. Tant que tu as la sincérité de me le dire. Que tu me caches, je m’en fous, tant que tu viens me retrouver même pour une minute, même pour une seconde.
La patience me va, et en t’attendant c’est tout ton corps que je récite par cœur, tes bras si doux, tes lèvres, l’odeur de tes cheveux.
Et tes genoux. Dire que même de tes genoux, je suis amoureux.
—  Elle était si jolie

Je suis super heureux. Je suis amoureux, de plusieurs personnes qui réciproquent, je suis entouré de personnes qui me comprennent et me soutiennent et m’aiment, je suis heureux.

Cette pride était magnifique, et j’étais bien. Je veux continuer d’être fier, tous les ans. Je veux encore embrasser une belle personne dans une fontaine. Je veux marcher des heures sous le soleil et ne pas sentir la chaleur. Je veux être avec mes ami.e.s, et ma communauté. Je veux me débarrasser de toutes mes peurs, l’espace de ces quelques heures de bonheur. 

J’aime tellement la Pride. J’espère que vous passez tou.te.s un bon Pride Month et que votre Pride a été/est/sera un moment de magie pour vous aussi. Plein d’amour et d’arcs-en-ciel.

  • - Je suis amoureux de toi.
  • - Augustus.
  • - C’est vrai. Je suis amoureux de toi et je ne suis pas du genre à me refuser le plaisir de dire des choses vraies. Je suis amoureux de toi et je sais que l’amour n’est qu’un cri dans le vide, que l’oubli est inévitable, que nous sommes tous condamnés, qu’un jour viendra où tout ce qu’on a fait redeviendra poussière, je sais que le soleil avalera la seule terre que nous n’aurons jamais et je suis amoureux de toi.
Speaking French

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader


Elle est si jolie est -elle pas . Je suis juste complètement amoureux d'elle . Je ne sais pas quoi faire !” Lafayette said to Alex while the three of you were sitting in your living room, working.

“Oui Lafayette vous me dire que tous les jours . Je sais comment vous vous sentez , et je pense qu'elle se sent de la même façon , vous avez juste besoin de grandir et de lui dire déjà .” Alex groaned. You smirked internally, the two of them not knowing that you knew every word that was coming out of their mouths.

You had liked Lafayette for a long time now, even if he didn’t know it. You knew that he liked you from the frequent conversations that he would have in French with Alexander. You would do something about it, but it was way too much fun to see them like this. You couldn’t help it, it was the only thing that made you laugh harder than you had ever laughed in your life.

Of course, you would only laugh when they weren’t around. It was great.

“Eh bien comment dois-je lui dire? Je ne sais pas quoi faire , elle est tout simplement trop parfait!” Lafayette cried out.

Alex shook his head.

“Je ne me soucie pas comment vous le faites , juste lui dire déjà.” Alex told him.

Lafayette groaned and walked up to his room. Alex went to his office, probably going to work all night long until he passed out. You would have to call Eliza or John.

You moved into your room to work, thinking about how one of you would need to confess soon, or risk losing one another. You didn’t want that to happen.

You worked for a couple hours, then started reading for your own pleasure and happiness. It was wonderful.

All of the sudden Lafayette crept into your room, looking at you nervously as you put your book down.

“Can I talk to you Y/N?”

“Of course. What’s up?”

He took a deep breathe.

“Je dois vous dire que Je t'aime . Je vous ai aimés pendant longtemps , mais je ne sais pas comment vous le dire . Je souhaite que vous étiez à moi de tenir et de l'amour , je ne veux plus jamais te laisser partir.”

You smirked internally.

“Je t'aime aussi.”

You pushed your lips onto his, kissing him like your life depended on it.

After a few seconds the two of you broke away.

“You speak french?” Lafayette asked.



144 guys who have ruined my life (in alphabetical order) - Florent Dorin (42/144)