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New Vegas is definitely not a sandbox, like FO3 was.  You are not free to make your own story, and I can see why this was a turn-off for some people.  It is, on the other hand, one of the premiere showcases of how powerful interactive story-telling can be.

Every faction you can support has their own set of goals, and some of these goals happen to be beneficial to the people you meet.  While, as a whole, most are working towards some sort of greater good, every organization is filled with the heartless and the corrupt, the misguided and the inept, and the good-hearted and good-intentioned.

People will be hurt, no matter what you choose to do, and that’s be beauty of it all.  You don’t passively watch a character perform morally questionable actions in his own, his country’s, or in others’ best interest.  You’re forced to make hard decisions yourself.  It’s something a movie could never do, and one of the best examples of why gaming deserves to be recognized as an art form.

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oooh Arcade!

How I feel about this character

arcade gannon is my absolute best friend and i love him and everything he stands for

All the people I ship romantically with this character

i read some arcade/raul fics once and it completely sold me on them. also arcade/the king, arcade/m!courier (also arcade/fisto hihi)

My non-romantic OTP for this character

arcade, veronica, and cass for that good good mlm/wlw solidarity, plus arcade/f!courier just because moz and arcade are 100% brotp of the year

My unpopular opinion about this character

[whispers] he isn’t a natural blonde

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

give him a happy ending please!!! i know je sawyer said that his endings are “intended to reflect that no one is damaged more by reality than the idealist” but i don’t care

Lore Fix - Asian Daniel Mod

Word of God himself, JE Sawyer, writer of the Honest Hearts DLC, has stated that Daniel was always intended to be Asian and that unknown to him, sometime during the late stages of the development of the DLC his race was changed to white. He wrote a very interesting post addressing a lot of things about HH actually, and you can check it out here: link

This is an incredibly simple mod that just toggles his NPC race to Asian. 

You can download it here: Nexus link

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F4 > NV by way of the lack of JE Sawyer's rape apologism (dae safe roads = good writing?)

hey dude youve been sending me variants of this for like 10 months. if you wanna have a dialogue about this or convince me or anyone else of something, this isn’t the way to do it. as it stands you’re just sending me contextless 1-line gotchas. like i said the first time you sent me this creepy shit, i disagree with your position but i also think it’s a discussion worth having. but youre not starting a dialogue by stalking a trans woman for a year and circumventing multiple blocks to send vague messages about rape

i almost never talk about fallout meta any more anyway? and i dont think i ever strongly defended the writing and implementation of the legion in the first place? or talked much about sawyer as a person? i dont have any idea why you started doing this tbh. you talk like your stance is just common knowledge and i dont see anyone else talk about it? it’s also probably worth noting that fallout 3 is way more dense with rape-related content handled with less care so your messages have always seemed uninformed if nothing else

and hey: im pretty goddamn reasonable! maybe if you explain exactly what you’re upset about with any supporting details or arguments at all, instead of acting like a freak to feel more powerful than an autistic fallout fan, i could help get people in your court

if you arent trying to actually raise awareness of anything then maybe come to terms with the possibility that you’re using this to feel righteous about creeping on me

Over 65,000 lines of dialogue split up over three (or four) distinct factions, and the dozens of little groups of independent towns and various subfactions and political blocs.

Will you side with 19th century imperialist America, the Roman Empire, Howard Hughes and his robot army, or forge your own path? (And do consider the Native Americans or Doctors without Borders or the two distinct xenophobic lost-technology-worshiping quasi-cults, and the six people who can accompany you, each with their own specific story-lines that intertwine with the factions.)

It’s almost like a dating sim where you play a diplomat who shoots people and determine the outcome of a cold war on the brink of going hot.

ive not seen that ‘’’innocent fo4 fan’’’ post but is it the same post where the guy’s strawman NV fan refers to JE Sawyer as ‘’GodKing Sawyer’’ before the NV fan stabs the FO4 fan to death lmao bc thats a fav of mine

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lmao nice links. remember in fallout 2 when myron tries to rape a lady chosen one, or in FNV when lanius threatens to rape a lady courier, or how Corporel Betsy, one of two lesbians, is also a rape victim because??? the wasteland is bad???? but these funny robots make up for it.

myron raping the player is the grossest thing in this series. i don’t understand why you’re bringing it up, considering JE Sawyer wasn’t associated with Fallout 2.

it’s worth noting that my fallout 3 examples and your fallout 2 examples are rape jokes, while the two examples you examples you provided from FNV are absolutely not. yeah it’s bad writing, it’s also plainly better than fo2 or 3

i’m also not like, over here claiming any game that any of these companies has ever made had healthy gender politics. your cadence implies that you have some kind of point here but i can’t imagine what it is

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i saw your reply on julianjoystark's post about graham and honestly, it wouldn't be surprising if that WAS the reason New Canaan accepted him, seeing as how he experienced a literal "baptism by fire," a term in mormonism that's described as a gift of the Holy Ghost. it's been said that once youve been baptized in fire, the holy ghost lives within you and guides you. one can only assume graham feels validated in his present actions, esp since: "when done righteously, it's a chore like any other,"

Yeah exactly!! There’s Mormon stuff about like, avenging angel figures too I believe. Remember JE Sawyer literally studied religion academically so like…. There’s so many themes and bits of information that I like to believe purposefully inform stuff like this and that we’re supposed to inference