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Over 65,000 lines of dialogue split up over three (or four) distinct factions, and the dozens of little groups of independent towns and various subfactions and political blocs.

Will you side with 19th century imperialist America, the Roman Empire, Howard Hughes and his robot army, or forge your own path? (And do consider the Native Americans or Doctors without Borders or the two distinct xenophobic lost-technology-worshiping quasi-cults, and the six people who can accompany you, each with their own specific story-lines that intertwine with the factions.)

It’s almost like a dating sim where you play a diplomat who shoots people and determine the outcome of a cold war on the brink of going hot.

Lore Fix - Asian Daniel Mod

Word of God himself, JE Sawyer, writer of the Honest Hearts DLC, has stated that Daniel was always intended to be Asian and that unknown to him, sometime during the late stages of the development of the DLC his race was changed to white. He wrote a very interesting post addressing a lot of things about HH actually, and you can check it out here: link

This is an incredibly simple mod that just toggles his NPC race to Asian. 

You can download it here: Nexus link

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Did you ever notice that when talking to some NPCs in FNV that their voice changes all together or even simply just the pitch? It's like I could have a tough sounding little kid suddenly sound like a little mouse saying thank you in the tiniest of voices. The old woman in the casino in Primm is a good example too. She's all down and ready with her drawl, but you leave and she gets a shaky sorrowful feeble goodbye to you. What's up with that?

it seems like behind the scenes they had issues with recording audio, or at the very least, planning it. to me. for random npcs at least, anyway. like, yuri lowenthal voices almost half of the game i s2g. there was also a bug with otho’s dismissal “later” being said by other npcs that i dont even think got patched because its happened in my game. je sawyer also said how if they wanted caesar to comment on the dlc, or veronica, they wouldve had to pay for the actors to come back and voice more lines. so i think it also has to do with a money and timing issue, like if they didnt get it right the first time then they just have to work with what they have!

i know there are some mods that fix" this, by re-voicing them. i think the best change would be motor-runner. his voice actor didnt really fit, he seemed really bored lol.

Bethesda E3 Predictions

• Prey DLC

• The animated corpse of iD Software tries to mimic human speech to build hype for Quake

• Skyrim: Enhanced Edition: Enhanced Edition

•  Fallout 4: Enhanced Editions AND Fallout 4: 2

•  Dishonored 2 DLC

•  JE Sawyer being tricked into thinking he’s going to get to make another Fallout game, only for Todd’s goons to gun him down live on stage

•  A desperate reminder that Elder Scrolls Online exist

•  The corpse of God being desecrated in order to bring us another shitty Wolfenstein game

•  Literally who cares about the Evil Within 2

•  Bethesda tries fruitlessly to rake in on that Hearthstone money by shamelessly promoting the Elder Scrolls: Legends, to no avail 

New Vegas is definitely not a sandbox, like FO3 was.  You are not free to make your own story, and I can see why this was a turn-off for some people.  It is, on the other hand, one of the premiere showcases of how powerful interactive story-telling can be.

Every faction you can support has their own set of goals, and some of these goals happen to be beneficial to the people you meet.  While, as a whole, most are working towards some sort of greater good, every organization is filled with the heartless and the corrupt, the misguided and the inept, and the good-hearted and good-intentioned.

People will be hurt, no matter what you choose to do, and that’s be beauty of it all.  You don’t passively watch a character perform morally questionable actions in his own, his country’s, or in others’ best interest.  You’re forced to make hard decisions yourself.  It’s something a movie could never do, and one of the best examples of why gaming deserves to be recognized as an art form.