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First pictures from absolutely amazing convention called Pyrkon! As you can see, we had a great time with @sassyred-classyblack (Credence and Graves), @fennethianell (Queenie) and her friends (Newt @hobobbie and Tina). Although there were fights and some misunderstandings, we managed to unite against evil and captured Grindelwald.
Oh, and the niffler escaped again. 

PS: Nie macie pojęcia, jak bardzo cieszymy się, że poznaliśmy tak cudowne osoby. Czarny humor jednak łączy ludzi. 


Conventions don’t happen as often as I’d like here, and this year I’ll be missing my fave because one of my faves is on the other side of the globe. So tbt Fan Expo TO a couple years ago where we were very sleepy “amies de DYAD.”

“You’re better off beating them up before you get beaten yourself, right?”

myself as Joshuu Higashikata
@capriciousgentleman as Jo2uke Higashikata

jedihafren  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity!

5 things ? Mmm… Let’s go for some nice memories from the last week-end :

Meeting some of my “adopted kids” for the first time.

Every compliment I got for my Jedi attire.

The Hamilton t-shirt I got from a friend, a early birthday present.

The game my husband bought for me while I was away. 

That beautiful pic of my daughter in Yuna someone took at the con :

… Je vidais mon vieil ordinateur… et je suis tombé la dessus. J’ai eu du mal à me reconnaitre (salut au collège je tapais des cosplays de personnage de livre, c’est Théo, (livre: le carnet de Théo))

truc très drôle: c’est a partir de la coupe de cheveux que j’ai fait sur ce cosplay que j’ai gardé les cheveux courts.

Message à tous mes abonnés français

Jeudi et Vendredi je serai à la BGF ( Bordeaux Geek Festival ) et en cosplay, je viendrais en Kazuichi Souda, alors si vous me voyez, n’hésitez pas à venir me faire un petit coucou, j’en serais ravie :D

Oh no… The people who made Equestria Daily want to make a similar site for Steven Universe… Oh the horror.

It’s not like such a site would help get lesser-known members of your fandom into the limelight rather than the same exact artists getting rotated through tumblr all the time.

No, the worst of all possible things is that it would be made by people who happen to be bronies. That there have been a few cringe-worthy posts on a site that can be accessed by thousands of different people.

Okay. Heaven knows that no other fandom does cringe-worthy shit.

*whistles while giving reminders of the WTNV fandom wanting to harass the ComicCon committee when they didn’t get a panel…

As well as SasuNaru fanbrats trying to force cosplayers to make out for their amusement…

As well as the Sherlock fandom calling Martin Freeman’s wife a bitch and a whore when she said she was uncomfortable with all of the porn featuring her husband…

And Supernatural fans /constantly/ making the actors uncomfortable by asking them sex-related questions at cons…

And half the Free! fandom sending Vic Mignogna death threats and death wishes when he ‘dared’ to cosplay as a character he would be playing…*