je birthdays


I lose it at this line, tears building and wetting my eyes. Not because it’s from a favorite play or a favorite piece of literature, but because these words belong solely to him.
I stood in a wedding dress.
I stood right across from him, from that rising grin, and he whispered, So long as I may be living, I live with you. The strength of his vows beats inside my veins.
I reply what I replied nearly three years ago, “In spirit and in mind, I live with you.”

Dedicated to Shelby ♥

Bonne fête Montréal / Happy Birthday Montreal

Agagagagag…. It’s ugly, but I did not have enough time and I wanted to do something anyway. So… Happy birthday Yura! The sweater is a gift from Beka! I found the tiger thanks to @joodlepot, but I did not have time to restore its beauty to him too. Ahhh.


Now the French time, huehue joyeux anniversaireuuuuh ça fait tout pété de le raconter en français BREUF j’ai adoré Animal Squad (GROS SMOOCH POUR RABBITCRY JE PLEURE IL EST FLUFF) donc je sais que ça vaut pas un beau cadow en papier mais c’est en attendant  profite bien de ta journée COOKIE ;D <3