The Carbon Monoxide Brown Recluse Spiders and the Struggle 4! Xceptence, collaboration of JDSundeavors and Captain J. Moses, will soon be releasing their widely anticipated EP. We use the word “anticipated” widely.

It’s going to be great except for one thing. We still need a title for it. We’d like for someone else to dub this release, but…

How do you describe something you’ve never heard before?

I can’t seem to wake this old man up.

This is a song I wrote long ago, but I think it holds up. The Captain likes it, at least, and I do too. Kind of a sloppy run through, but I finally got the call for Casket practice. Always in a needless rush I seem to be.

“How do people know that old man’s not dead?!” demanded Someone’s Conscience.

(HSM) Hazardous Waste Management
  • (HSM) Hazardous Waste Management
  • The Carbon Monoxide Brown Recluse Spiders and the Struggle 4! Xceptence
  • unknown

I shouldn’t be posting this because it’s garbage. I really like it, but it’s garbage. This is a song called HSM (Hazardous Waste Management) by the Carbon Monoxide Brown Recluse Spiders and the Struggle 4! Xceptance. Captain J. Moses and JDSundeavors wrote and recorded, mixed and made this public in about a total of two hours. As always, enjoy!


Child {Demo}

I honestly had more planned for this video, but I’m having a bad day so far. I had a disturbing dream of guilt, and I can’t even remember my dreams that often. When I do though, there’s never a good outcome for me, but this was just plain old unsettling. Got on here and was inspired but tired of cheap software and a broken queue.

In a world where bright people sit in dark rooms, geniuses fuck idiots, and eating has lost its necessity, I give you a song about horrible parenting written by a single, white male with no experience other than witness. Wow, just saying that makes me wanna settle. But I won’t.

The song speaks for itself, and I can’t wait to play it in a band setting. I can’t wait to post things from full recordings. Lost time never appreciated, I’d like to just walk away.


WE have prepared for you, the viewer, a wonderful, short video series called At The Card Table. Created by myself, Jesus Moses, and the incredible, irresistibly cutie pie-ish  James Sanders, we will be releasing one video each day starting this Monday (1-21), and ending on the Saturday of that week. Prepare your socks for the reckoning. We’re going to shovel our shovelings deep into you via several of your facial holes, you intelligent beautiful generous friends. Stay tuned. Thank thank thank thank thank you.

The Carbon Monoxide Brown Recluse Spiders & the Struggle 4! Xceptance present their debut EP, "death of xenophobia as we know it, a crucifix for your daughter, terrible loneliness and the joy it fellates, broke my collar bone shouldering this sad feel, god fucked up, shhh, milk and honey inner body remedies, someone else come up with a title, please.“

Members: Captain J. Moses and JDSundeavors

Contact: impotent.ohms@gmail.com

Well, this is “The Mean Chair” demo. I’m taking it to those Casket Showroom boys tomorrow for some rehearsing. In a bit of a rush, late for a birthday bash.

The black-out at the end was not intended. My Mac got sick of me trying and saved power. So I did what you always do in that situation. I just don’t think my waste basket is strong any enough to break my window.

P.S. I promise I have songs that don’t reference tequila.

hey guys i’m gonna have my own website soon. probably maybe in months. everything happens seven times as slowly as i expect it to, but i did get the url meaningfulsports.com

i’m going to put a lot of art up there. mainly music, but we have some writing and sketch comedy too.

for now. 

also, we’re thinking about doing an Illuminati video about sports. sports is controlled by the illuminati. that might happen. we just have to do some more research.

idk. that’s some news. adios.

Weird Waves
  • Weird Waves
  • The Carbon Monoxide Brown Recluse Spiders and the Struggle 4! Xceptence

Is that a song from that infamous group, the Carbon Monoxide Brown Recluse Spiders and the Struggle 4! Xceptence?

That’s right. Check out this track “Weird Waves” by the cacophonous collaboration of JDSundeavors and Captain J. Moses

This is only a preview of their eclectic EP, destined to drop soon.


You Bought Something Into The World

This is a song I wrote in 2006, when it was obvious from all the deregulation and mounting corporate interest that something was afoot. Well, here we are today to witness the result of such malicious acts from Congress on their own citizens, so this song more than holds up. I have faith the good folks in the streets creating opposition for the better of all of us will prevail.

On a more personal note, I woke feeling not so well. I’m not sure why, but then again it may be the screaming at 2:30 am that did it. My throat feels pretty thrashed, but hopefully it won’t hinder your enjoyment of this tune. If you enjoy it… And I hope you do.

Despite being a wreck
I got my 0.K. check
So what the heck?
Time to invest…


Drear frientrds.

“There’s a video of the brooklyn bridge on phone.”

I can’t “city grill 219-865-7000”

I can't 

“you’re a dickhead”

“it’s not fair that mines actually about something”

“uhh, now I’m pissed" 

"someone deleted my picture of the brooklyn bridge.”

“it’s not here anymore,”

“oh, here it is.”


I’ve been a bit distracted by the news about Occupy Wall Street in New York, so I’ve been kept away from doing as much with new videos. I didn’t sleep last night, just followed tweets and posts. Not to mention, unmentionable personal issues going on… Feh.
I still need a better battery for my camera too, but in any case, here is a demo for a new song I wrote. It may need a change, but it’ll be recorded in a full band setting at a later time anyway. I hope the vibe rubs off as infectiously on you as it did me.

Without further blahdo… Dedicated to those fighting the good fight on the streets…

Era Nueva

P.S. Don’t mind my face spasms. I just really want to taste some of that delicious mustache.


Happy Thanksgiving! 

For this special occasion, Captain J. Moses and JDSundeavors have collaborated to create this special holiday video titled “Pentagram Pizza.” It is part of a new project they are embarking on called The Carbon Monoxide Brown Recluse Spiders and the Struggle 4! Xceptance. Enjoy!

Present Day Truth or Consequence

They are memories that I can never let go

They were given to me by the life led

While I was off

Believing what I was told, to strive

I learned those lessons, only to be given aid

What’s the use of a well-placed chip on your shoulder

When someone leans into it?

Mashing another mess of crumbs, but there was warning

So I suppose I should expect pests

They are the sky changing its mood

An inevitable reaction to time

Time stolen without a trace

How do you even know you had it to begin with?

I’d rest my foot on your table if my soul hadn’t split

She shows me the glare that asks,

“Why should I?”

Because you love to see that struggle, Ms.

No brainer where mind is unnecessary 


“Tell me,” I announce, only bored of the same silence,

“Would you have me as your pet when I’m dogged out of home?”

Her baffled frustration

That’s what this pet will need to live

“Are you aware of your actions’ consequences?”

“They are the initial conditions I was promised,”

I reply without hesitance to the unveiled threat

Still hanging in the air

I will sacrifice myself to see the new day arrive in my eyes

I still need the sun

Despite it’s ability to burn


Sadie & The Preacher

Last night, I went out to unwind from my self-created hectic nature. Definitely needed it. However, when I got back Astaroth was just hanging around.

I don’t mind him chilling, but I got stuff I wanna do. Sitting and watching VHS tapes with him can be lengthy because he creates his own mix video tapes. It can be interesting, but lengthy.

So this morning I let him know, “Hey, I’m gonna be doing a few videos and recording later.” My implication of plans-already-made did not interrupt his Wheaties. He just kept watching what looked like spliced dialogue from Rain & Rain Man. Strange…

He was obviously ignoring me. “Well, I’ve gotta go eventually, which means you do too.”
He looked at me unimpressed with my attempt. “Seriously, you can’t be here when I’m not.”

He didn’t release his glare. “Fuck those Canadians from Texas!” He threw the bowl of leftover milk at my feet and evaporated into hot air. “That’s some real misplaced anger there, Ast.” Just then the Oprah episode where Tom Cruise revealed his insanity to the world spliced in on the screen. Tom should be more respectful to couches that aren’t his.


Here’s a video of me playing a song I wrote just about three years ago called “Sadie & The Preacher.” Enjoy!