• visit Penny Lane 

I have this idea that I want to call my kid Penny, or P for short. This was inspired by my surname being Lane, and when I get married and take the name of my husband I lose that, and my three year stint living in Liverpool. I’ve romanticised this idea and feel that it’s a gorgeous and thought-out name for a child of my own. 

After viewing a couple of houses with my boyfriend who’s aiming to move to Liverpool in the next month or so, my iPhone map app informed me that we were near the famous Penny Lane, the street that The Beatles track was written about. The street itself wasn’t as flamboyant as expected but the trip was necessary to feel like I had seen and been everywhere during my time in the city. With a couple of barbers shops, a tea room and a pub, the quaint and derelict nature of the street was what made it special; that it’s just your average street that a teenager fell in love with many moons ago.