Dear followers,

I love to give recommendations (Korean or Japanese, movies or dramas), so always feel free to message me and ask for recs. But please let me know some of your preferences (e.g. which genres do you especially like or what you don’t like at all or some of your favorite dramas/movies) that’s a lot easier for me to recommend something based on some info. :)

I’m working on some general rec lists that will be published the following days.

Btw, if you have any recommendations for me, let me know! Here are some of my preferences for dramas:

  • I’m not very fond of historcial dramas (nonetheless I enjoyed Faith and I am now watching Empress Ki and soon Nobunaga Concerto) and sole medical dramas
  • I especially like action/crime dramas combined with some romance (e.g. Cruel City, My Beautiful Bride, Healer, City Hunter)
  • I’m all in for law stuff (e.g. A New Leaf, Punch, Legal High)
  • Another of my favorite genres is supernatural (e.g. Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, The Master’s Sun, Vampire Prosecutor)
  • I enjoy the following genres as well: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Melodrama, Romantic Comedy, Business/Politics, School/Youth, Family/Friendship

As for movies, I don’t have any specific preferences because I enjoy watching movies in general and don’t really care for genres as I do for dramas. (Basically because movies are just a 1-3 hour thing and not so dragging like dramas.) Some of my favorite Asian movies are: A Werewolf Boy, The Man From Nowhere, Mulan, Himizu, Joint Security Area, Our Happy Time, Usagi Drop.