“Seeing you get upset because of Chiaki irritates me. I found myself wanting to do something about it and wanting to stay by your side.That’s what it means to like someone right?”

It’s a very pertinent question when Misaki asks Kanata why her, why does he like her, because saying someone you like her/him simply doesn’t fully encompass and explain your feelings for that person. And I’m so proud of Kanata because he realizes how important this moment is - that this is the most important conversation he has ever had with her because this is his chance and if he can’t be honest now he might regret it forever - and he basically describes the entire process how he realized that he liked her. From the way he talks about it, it’s as if it was something he couldn’t fight. As if it was completely natural and inevitable that he loves her. It’s basically his second love confession and he is so embarrassed and vulnerable and insecure because of how much he revealed, wondering why he even told Misaki about it (even covering his eyes and face, basically hiding them from her in total shame), but then he realizes that she isn’t rejecting him or laughing at him but actually thanking him and smiling because she is happy.

28 agosto 2016
Mirei Kiritani via #Instagram

“Vi ringrazio per l’attesa! Domani viene trasmesso il 7 episodio di #SukinaHitoGaIruKoto. Mi chiedo dove sono per l'estate e Misaki (frase non tradotta bene). Godetevi il 😘 #lanciodeldrone #veramentebello”




Itsuka kono koi wo omoidashite kitto naiteshimau, 2016, FujiTV

Opening of the first six episodes.