I don’t care if you’re a Sidney Crosby fan or not… this new ad is bound to give you hockey feels (’: (bless jdornation for bringing this to light via her amazing new gifset which you should check out: here) ♥ 


LEXY MEET JESS. JESS MEET LEXY. YOU TWO ARE SO AMAZING AND TALENTED AND MAKE ME SMILE ALL THE TIME! & like, always say such nice things about each other’s gifs (NO NEED TO BE JEALOUS OF EACH OTHER’S SKILLZZZ. BOTH OF YOU ARE BRILLIANT!) and it is A CRIME that you are not talking/collaborating with each other and taking over the world (ok, well, the hockey fandom) with your Sid gifs XD

in summary: hiiiii I love you both and I’m so happy that we started talking to each other and you two should really talk to each other too (BUT DON’T FEEL PRESSURED TO DO SO BY ME. That’s the last thing I want you to feel!!)! AND EVENTHO I’M LIKE A GIF BEGINNER, we should totes do something fun like each pick a video and each gif it and see how different our styles are or something??? IDK. Just an idea because I always like to see how a vid can be edited in so many different ways and practise is always good and ok youtwoareperfandishouldstoptalkingnow byeeee ❤❤❤

i recently reached my next thousand and i felt like giving back (what even am i talking about) by giving a big shout out to all the cuties on my dash that i love very very very much! here is my family page and my blogroll for the rest. 。◕ ‿ ◕。 

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